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Firing Line: Ryan Spencer

by ThrasherMagazine • 30,770 views

With a spot this smooth, Ryan only needs two pushes to nail a sick four-trick line.

my homie from oahu!! yea ryan!
every line that brandon westgate does is a firing ash burning blazing skull fucking line
i like how he rides for foundation, but always rocks that toy machine hat hahaha oh and the fact that he fuckin rips is cool too lol
because you don't know what you are talking about....? lets see you go something better
i hate when i have to restart my videos due to advertisements
why do ppl give a fuck about wat gasfacevictim thinks just cuz hes thinkin sumthin different doesnt mean that u should act tough when ur hiding behind a computer screen. im not sayin i dont like the line. it was fucking awesome im jus saying that cussing at some dude ur never gonna meet wont get you anywhere....
Massimo is definitely Legit imo
Holy clogged feed on the message boardss
I It just me or does every line have a kickflip variation
its funny going through comments and seeing nothing but arguments haha. there's no arguing with this guy's line!
It is my opinion, but just look at his style and the speed. Jaws' line was pretty crazy but Ryan definitely has a better style
Dude I was stoked when I saw this line, I dont understand how you can criticize this!
I hope I can get this good one day :D
not the most tech line, but you gotta be fucking good too pull it off and even better to pull it off with as much class as this guy.
@nicbbc Tum Yeto everything?
jjjjjjjjjjjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem zoooooooooooooo trips
Your such a little bitch. I'd like to see you do half of that. and sorry that his name is too bland for you. not everyone has an exotic name.
I know you did read it, what I don't know if you're crying sorry if I hurt your feelings little girl.
i love watching this guy skate! ryan is the shit !!
"Thailand many different place"?? what are you trying to say? I'm pretty sure that does not make any sense. Please if you can't understand english be quiet.
Blunt slide was perfectly landed 360 flip was steezy and smooth 7/10 Pretty bangin Plus 3 points for having a cool name an additional 10 points for Ryan Spencer who actually skates rather that some fat pathetic kid who sucks at everything specially skateboarding who goes on youtube looking for skate videos which in the end he realizes are too good but can't help but feel anger and rage toward them because he doesnt have their talent at skating so he makes gay "critics" like this Total score : 20
I liked his tre and I want to see you front blunt that in a line
Oh i would love to see you do the same fucking line and rate it.
lmao ur right didnt tought of that even if i always do that haha
wow i hate him for bein so good hhaa
No matter how early he ollied it would have been a really short bluntslide. Damn your lame
I'm sorry who is the successful sponsored skateboarder again?
a lil secret, i ride 87a durometer which reduces your pushing by 80% at least... i can t go back, but if you ride smooth surfaces as seen in this video all the time then it doesn t even matter...
its because he was going fast. at least he isnt a faggot skater like sean malto or nyjah who skates at 3mph...
So is the bland name thing; and what about the 180 switch overcrook 180 out? You didn't say anything about that. I thought it was pretty sweet though.
how the hell can anyone dislike this video my jaw dropped the whole time i was watching it!
That was some right at the start... Niiiice!
Yeah not really, you either have a good style or you don't. He has a good style. And speed is not subjective? Speed explains why his bluntslide was so short. Go do some weights dickhead
Okay let me rephrase this so you will understand. Your a troll online, and you couldnt do one trick in this line. Upload something of you, on your channel, thats in anyway better than this.
he trolls sooooo many skate video's its unbelieveable
That Gasfacevictim guy trolls on every thrasher video, if he spent his trolling time skateboarding, he could probably do this line...
Fucked up that the only dude who feels the same way about this line as me is this fucker pattycunningham. That's my fuckin name lmao.
you're getting trolled dude haha this guy is on every thrasher video thinking of stuff that always gets people riled up
watch the video. see a tre flip. look for a comment about it.
Every time I see this guy in videos or at a skatepark or something he seems to be rocking that same orange toy machine trucker hat
He obviously hasn't considered the fact that it's called 'Photo'shop.. Not 'video'shop
Ryan Spencer is fucking sick now, just watch his WTF part. I might be wrong but I predict a move to anti-hero in the future with a style like his
Your a fuck, i think this line is sick. It was fast, and clean. His style is rad. Why you gotta hate?
nope, the response "you're gay" got more likes and approval than any other weak ass comments you leave on otherwise good skateboarding videos. what Im actually getting at is, you're really gay. thanks
that line was classy as fuck, i wanna say you can probably send it in and see if it becomes one, i'd check thrasher's website if i were you cuz that line is definitely worthy of being a firing line
The whole damn line was steezy as fuck !
Your "official stance" seems to be with a 10 inch dick nestled in between your buttcheeks.
Has to be my new favorite firing line
Ryan Sheckler....Ryan Desenzo....Ryan Spencer...Ryan Pfanner...Ryan Mcclung ...Ryan Gomez ... And theres more !
Skateboarding isn't about how good someone can make a trick look, It's not about popularity or really awesome names, and it for damn sure isn't about doing what the people want to see! Real Skateboarding is about expressing ones own self and having fun in the process. The fact that we all do each trick differently is what makes skating great! It gives excitement and variety to the activity. And it's people like you who are judging one hell of a skater like this that are fucking up Skating!
Guys, honestly, I think the dude that was "rating" this firing line was just trolling on the whole Street League thing and the way they rate tricks. It's a YouTube comment, don't take it so seriously. haha.
all of you in the comments are immature i just watch the video nod say thats sick then click use even commenting...
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