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SlyFox's Swiping Saturday | Ep.5 | First Kiss,Pokemon,Mouth Farts

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 206,170 views

Hey Homies Remember to leave a like to show your active support :D! Official SlyFoxHound & Stuck In Your Radio's Shirt Store Follow all of...

These give me a happy feeling when I'm sad. I love you slyfoxhound
This is how I found you!
I think when he said fart out your mouth is that you talk shit
+samanthariener eddie....
2:58 WHAT KIND OF QUESTION WAS THAT?! Here's a question for you.......what was the first scary game you ever play ( if you played one)
His voice changes.
Sly can we see some more old stuff like this?? I love the fan interaction, not that you aren't already great at it
haha tell me about it! I was so stoked when I saw it and thought I may have influenced him just a bit :)
You should do one of the creeper on tje dirt block and you sang bolavord of broken dreams
U actually fart out of ur mouth it's called burping
Farting out of your mouth is possible... It's called burping.
when are you going to make more minecraft marrige???
Adam not Eddie... SLY's name is Eddie... Sky's name is Adam
sly could i be in one of your videos plzzz lol or minecraft because it would be my dream so plzzz sly anwser and let it be yes
1. Do you lick the poop off butt plugs or suck it off? 2. Does doing either cause you to shit out your dick? 3. Did my questions give you a massive, hard, vertical erection that burst through your pants and invaded your own ass hole? 4. Does shitting out your dick taste good?
What does eddies tattoo look like?
Q: what if you loved a girl all the way across the country and she was willing to kiss you BUT she can't leave state and you need to either ride a pegasus sh*ting rainbows and will humiliate you for possibly the rest of your life or you can not go
Q: how do you spell frubendruben in your made up language
When the gas doesn't come out of ur asshole it comes out of ur mouth
dose puppy chef like to dance with puppy cop
Do you like One Direction? (This popped into my head so why not?)
I think a mouth fart is a burp also Sly where were you born?
Bring this series back please!!!!!
I think by farting out of your mouth is burping
Can you play pokemon White 2 plz
what 6 pokemon would you have in your party one being a starter and one being a legendary,
Q: Did you and Miss Slyfox break up?
Sly you should not have admitted you were a virgin. Some crazy fan will rape you now. O_O RUN.
I agree! One has to play Pokemon to get it XD
Please describe each of the creatures in one word! :D
Sly I totally know the feeling and yes when I play the game and turn it off it stays in my head all day
I use to be blonde but now dark brown but I have a lot of blonde moments
does puppy chef hate puppy nurse (in the puppy pool party thing he was attacking nurse alot)
everyone can be a homie Homie unite
Do you have a tattoo??? Because in the vid when you turned around there was something on your back that looked like one well, if you do what is it ???
His ex used to call him a "sly fox" and he loves dogs.
Q: do lucky charms marshmallows have crack in them?
Do you ever like visit the homies who are like your "biggest" fans???????????????? Love you!
Do you need to wear eyeglasses or is it just for funzies? c:
Q: did you ever get into a fight if so explain the details??? :3
Do you talk to any other commentators such as tobuscus, captainsparklez, chimneyswift, Etc.?
if you were a girl what would you do ? And what would you want your name to be?
Q: Is Sly your real name????
dude.... nice job..... just nice job... but i have a Kestion for yhu. Have you ever had slappy sex with your pillow/ stuffed animal etc.
Do you have a steam? And sorry for the name
hi sly what is your real name iv ben wondering this for ever pleas tell us . lice this comment if you want to know toooooooo
SlyFox how come you dont play teamfortress2?
i remember this series, you should start doing more of this
Yeah, of course, you kissed a fucking horse with plenty of goats. And if it was the same day, you bettet should've gone for some breath spray
Sly has a tattoo at the back of his neck lp look
Leave a like if you cry every time.....
his assistant, she does the camera in vids like this.
@mrrebourne half right, his girlfriend called him sly fox. And his favorite game, metal gear solid, has a team named fox hound. Together makes slyfoxhound.
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