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Left 4 Dead - The Movie (Part 3) - Official Trailer

by ColinandConnor • 1,240,360 views

There's less than 24 hours to go on the Secrets of Aperture Kickstarter! If you haven't pledged yet, then now's your chance! Watch Left 4 Dead Part 3!...

one good trailer in a very long time
Why don't you make prat 3 aboot the military guys and the 2 people
Does anyone else hate fast zombies?? It almost feels like aside from the military and certain well organised cop groups no one would survive a fast moving zombie apocalypse especially not 4-5 random teens. 
i just started watching and it FUCKING AWESOME i would recomend it so much !
I wish it did came out😀
The witch scares me a lot at that game
1:51 .....dude was that a witch??????.....Yeah, I need to see this, XD
I found out that was 1 whole year ago! but thanks
i dont yjink they will either now tbh, hope they do
I can't believe the teaser gets more views than the actual official trailer. XD
Wow Oh my god that's amazing you have to actually make a movie for that and I mean Hollywood the video game was crazy just imagine the movie!!!!!!
i like the song the name of the band
My great grand kids are gonna love this
where in the name of fuck did you get the money to do this and the people?
think of it, the walking dead has Thousands of dollars to work with and these guys probably only volunteered as like a fun thing to do so don't criticize dude!
Left 4 Dead Part 3 is up! Watch it now! Thanks for the wait guys :D
You fucken bitch this shit is fake!!!
im starting to yjink there never going to post it :/
Well good god can't find any left 4 dead 3 shit up in this bitch
damn i would pay for that movie :P
I think left 4 dead needs some real Free roam!
Прикольно снято молодца!
Rule Number 1. There MUST be a Girl with an Ass like a Goddess
my birthday is at 27.9.2012 please make me a good present upload part 3
DAYUM these graphics are so awesome!
dot have left 4 dead 3 ok you asshold
I can't see that. And if its non profit, they can do what they want.
What is the trailer music called?
there changeing people every time
como no la cage como resident evil silent hill alone dark
if you need some names for the left 4 dead 3 characters i got some Kate,Brad,Ryan and jason
how telecharger left 4 dead 2 windows
WHOA MAN maybe he was talking about this movies teaser trailer no need to go full diva
option b: this automatic rifle on full auto pointed at your head ...
They should of done girl girl girl boy
Is this the real trailer? It looks cheesy
It says left for dead part 3 not left for dead 3 @ Alexander mercer
everyone donate to their portal kickstarter movie!!! link in description
I think Ricky Daniel and the solder guy with the scar from part 2 where in 1 and 2
Not bullshit there makeing it it comes out 2014 when thay get ther buget plus the game lfd3 when peroderd u get the film
Why is such a shitty film taking so long, The Walking Dead takes a year and produces great drama and zombie killing and this takes, 1 and a half?
Guys why so many hate comments? I mean those guys must be the ones making up the 160 dislikes, but seriously, as firearrow97 and xtinaartistry says, they HAVE LIVES. And I expect they are working harder and harder on it every day! So what if one year has passed!? That's one less year that you have to wait!
best nyer-smpai tercirit aku nengok
is there going to be left for dead three already?!
Wait vavle making a part 3 game BULLSHIT
like if you pressed play more than once
But if they shoot him, who will fly the helicopter? :D
the trailer seems to have like 10 times more views than the real movie so far lol
People are saying "I've been waiting two years for part three when in theory they haven't as. After part one they waited for part two so way to go exaggerate but still a year has been too long.
In a left 4 dead 2 map where there is a concert while the l4d2 team goes to the concert area you get a glimpse of a bus escaping. my guess is that if valve makes a sequel to l4d2 the new characters you play are going to be the ones in that bus
In the last one everyone but him and a woman died. Presumably the woman died and he survived and met these three people. As for the two soldiers who rescued him, I guess they moved on.
Like they would do the video if it wasn't for us to watch it...As for me, i saw the two other videos some time ago and came here for part three...ok it's not here but it seems that the first trailer was posted on january 2012, then this one on june 2012 and? Where is it going? Anything done yet? Are they still alive? Any news for us? And you say "they don't deserve to be treated that way" bitch please, don't hate people because they love the work they've done and want to see more of it...
Imean should have been in part 1
what's that at the end? after the credits, there's a guy with a lighter for like half a sec.
thought they were announcing a new game.... cool video but i cant lie to you, im disappointed :-(
➥ You guys rock! Keep up the great work :)
Oh my god, THE RIDERS! You actually even used the Riders' music! Nostalgia!
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