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July 18: Accio Deathly Hallows (no spoilers)

by vlogbrothers • 1,783,927 views

Buy this song on iTunes: Song lyrics: I'm gettin kinda tired of this prepublication media blitz they've...

think of all the things that happened directly because of this video: vidcon, the fault in our stars, project for awesome, millions donated to charities, scishow, DFTBA records, crashcourse, subbable, 2-D glasses, mental floss, lizzie bennett diaries and the whole nerdfighter community... and really, that's just scratching the surface
Wow. You're so right. This is when the Vlogbrothers became popular. Good job Hank, JK Rowling!
+Ashley Meijer Thank you Harry Potter!
holy shit he's a fucking time lord, this came out before the last book right?
He must have used a time turner to come back to the past and create this video... No other explanation
these were all fairly popular theories online 
Wow, there were some fairly accurate predictions here. lol 
Why does everyone find this so odd? Harry Potter (such as the plot points Hank mentioned) is often really predictable and cliche. And the horcrux thing (which is also really cliche, in the way that the villain and the hero are linked, and one needs the other to survive in some way or another) among a few others, were common fan theories at the time on forums.
But... but like 4 of his theories came true...
In an earlier video he predicted mitt Romney running for president.
I think the harcrux was a pretty common fan-theory at the time, as was Snape being a double agent.  I'm not positive, I was 10 at the time, but I remember arguing passionately w/ some friends that Snape was somehow a good guy. I WAS 10 AT THE TIME!!!!!!!!  OH GOD, I'M GETTING OLD, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Seriously at this age, Riddle had at least 1 horcrux.  What am I doing with my life
I wonder how much Hank freaked out when he read that Hedwig actually did die...
And just when you thin it can't get any better... Hank, live long and DFTBA
No Spoilers? Harry's Brain is a horcrux?  Hmmmm... Interesting... 
Yeah, I just found it funny.
There were no spoilers, just speculation from before the book was out.
I was trying to play this song, but because it has g chord I can't. I have a 6 cm by 3.5 cm big hand. Is it even physically possible for me to play the g chord? If anyone would know it would be nerdfighters...
I skipped this video the first time I watched through their videos a few years ago because I hadn't read all the books and didn't understand most of the song. Now, having just finished the Harry Potter series two days ago, I can fully appreciate how amazing this song is. And I must agree with some of the other commenters that Hank must be a time traveler.
How did you know of these events? What- How- Are you a time lord or something?
Its crazy how accurate his speculations are.
I come back here when I feel like being nostalgic and in need of a hug or a good memory. Excited I was here (under a different account) when it all started. Warm fuzzies for sure.
i wonder if jk rowling has ever seen this? and if she knows how much awesome stemmed from this one song going viral...
It's funny. He says no spoilers, but, well, you know.
+Claire Dillon I know. I looked at the dates. He also said the dates repeatedly. Like pretty much every episode. I was just joking around.
Happy 7th birthday Accio Deathly Hallows.
this video changed my life because it was my first step to becoming a Nerdfighter <3
I still can't believe he fucking predicted so much of the book... yer a wizard, Hank!
no spoilers huh? Well you called a few things or almost called a few things.
i just realized you predict the death of hedwig!
I feel ya... I thought accio was "AK-kio" You were SO close with the book predictions! 
It is pronounced Aksio, since it comes from latin, and most likely like that. Plus in the audiobooks (came out before the movies), Stephen Fry pronounce it Aksio. So yeah, that's how i think it should be pronounced, so Hank Green is right.
+Pascale Audette OMG! Stephen Fry does the audiobooks? I've missed out!
So, does it count as 'no spoilers' when the predictions are correct?
yeah because they were ideas floating around the fandom when this came out and no one but the people who had the book before it came out (rowling and editers and the like) knew what was going to happen.
+Daniel Kirchner I actually knew that. I was being silly. :)
He's so genuinely stressed out at the end. Poor boy.
It matters if Snape is good or bad it matters to me give me book 8
happppy birthday to this song :)
I always read it as a-K-io. That is also hiw Daniel Radcliffe probounces it.
This is the song that made Hank a rock star. I wanna cry.
This is surprisingly accurate seeing as it came out 4 days before Deathly Hallows did
Yeah me too. I was only 7 when it came out
You managed to predict so many things! Wow! :)
So now I feel stupid pronouncing Accio "AK-aio" in my mind. Also he was nearly right about both the book predictions in the song!
You'd think that but you'd also think the creator of Avatar the Last Airbender would have done the same with the Characters' names
+Roenazarrek M. Night did that to make it seem more asian. I watched the interviews before the movie was released. that was his reasoning.
its pronounced Accio (A ss ee o)
I found your comment Bwahahahaha
I counted 2 correct predictions (spoiler alert for the weirdos who haven't read hp) hedwig being killed and harry being a horcrux.
and he predicted snapes unbreakable vow
wow hank told the future harry was a horcrux
I cried after reading the books
OMG how did he know all this stuff before it came out?! HES A WIZARD
I always pronounced it a-CH-io. Is that wrong?
I haven't seen the movies by the way. Only read the books.
I'm a potterhead all my life and believe it or not this is the 1st time ove ever scene this it's wowed cause Harry is a horcrux and hedwig does die....hank is a timelord
Well, technically harry isn't a horcrux, for a few different reasons. There is a JKR quote about it.
7 YEARS LATER AND WE GET TO FINALLY SEE WHAT HAPPENS <3 So fitting for the next couple of weeks! <3
Hank Green Used Fore Sight!
Daan de Bock Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Supervet. Zeker als je +Hank Green al kent van +YouTube 
OMGosh! He knew about Hedwig and Harry being a Horcrux! Whoa.
I love this song so much it could actually me cry
holy crap you published this on my birthday! What the hell.
show us the tardis that you are using for those on point predictions!
As a new nerdfighter, I find it funny to be watching this at the same time Deathly Hallows 2 is on TV.
Today, the number of the views on this song is about 100x as much as your videos.
Whoops, 2 numbers are reversed.
remember that time hank predicted literally every big reveal in the seventh book
Very impressive predictions Hank! Omg this song is made of awesome!
I find it weird that there are less views on this than subscribers to the channel. I thought that this was like essential nerdfighter viewing
I don't know, but last time I looked they were gaining like 2000 a day
A quality song for harry potter fans...
((+Grace Chaple I have strange charm stuck in my head. I was listening to Ellen Hardcastle at a swim meet today and someone was all like hey, you must like hard core rock because Ellen Hardcastle sounds like a hard core rock album. Boy were they wrong.))
I thought that the book came out on 7/7/07; why is he posting a video about the release after that date?
It actually came out the 21, which is why he says he cant wait until Saturday (the video was filmed Wednesday the 18) :)
"Voldemort killed Hedwig just for yuks..." Excuse me while I lock myself in the bathroom to sob. HE DIDN'T HAVE TO DIE
If you turn subtitles on for this, it's so weird. It thinks 'I'm getting kinda petrified, what would Ron do if Hermione died?' is 'some game high no pantomime mom do with her Miami dire among them.' 
I swear, Hank can see into the future...  AMAZING song Hank!! Harry Potter is my life, vlogbrothers is my life, I'd say that's a pretty good mix right there. Honestly though, Hank you really are creeping me out with these predictions...
that is terrifying... He predicted both Harry being a horcrux and Hedwig dying.
Gosh he's a physic!
*psychic -but yes, yes he is
Darn I always seem to spell that one wrong!
+Hank Green do you you have a time turner that goes into the future
Haha funny it ends up mattering so much whether Snape is good or bad! #thetruehero  
This was written before the book came out. They aren't spoilers, they are predictions.
And seven years later I got to see Hank perform this song with his band in a club in San Francisco. I bet 2007 Hank never thought that would happen. 
Is it just me, or was he getting really emotional toward the end?
This is so weird, I was singing along the entire time thinking that this was the first time he posted this...
I'm pretty sure he did a cover of this but with added commentary after having read the book, but I can't find it. Does anyone know where it is?
And harry was a horcrux
He guessed that Hedwig died and Harry's brain is a horcrux!!!
You're scaring me, Hank.  We need to see your tardis.
Hahaha it was my first vlogbrothers' video, it's amazing to watch it again!!! :D
Looks like JK Rowling took some ideas from the video... Hedwig and Harry being a horcrux...
I don't know... She DEFINITELY did some last minute revisions...
And this original post was definitely NOT meant as a joke...
This was surprisingly accurate... and great :)
I love how it says "no spoilers" and there kind of were spoilers...
Yea he, but this was before the book came out.
Oh goodness, this made me sad when he mentioned Hedwig...
ikr hank is physic  
I can't believe he was right!
feeling all kinds of nostalgic with this tfios movie madness going around right now. i remember when this video showed up on the front page of youtube all those years ago and i was introduced to the vlogbrohers. kind of missing the old theme music too :(
Wow, it's actually terrifying how accurate his guesses on plot points of the book are! Hedwig, Harry being a!
Just made the saddest face at "or if Voldemort killed Hedwig just for yucks." I'd forgotten about Hank's predictions.... and I'm still not over Hedwig.
He looks like the creepy guy from Buzzfeed. Yeah.
OH MY GOD. Thank you for pointing that out!! (I LOVE THAT GUY AND I LOVE HANK TO SO THAT'S REALLY COOL O_____O)
+Danielle Adonis +Faye Pazon -- Ze Frank? ZF inspired John and Hank, and they even have a video or two with him as well.
If he had known about his future music career....
He didn't mean to put spoilers in anyway... wow, he is a good guesser
This was the DAY BEFORE my birthday!! How unfair!! It could have been my ACTUAL birthday!! So close D: 
ah, the history of our people.
so, I've just completed the 2014 nerdfighteria survey, and nostalgia came over me... This was my first vlogbrothers video. Found it on that very same day. Thought it was funny. 
Oh my god, all of his predictions were like spot on...
That moment when you guess the ending of Harry Potter
7th birthday to ADH. Wow what 7 years has done.
Oh wait no, I was 12, daaaanggg
No spoilers? You gave away two HUGE parts of the book!
This was was written before the book.
what is the first vlogbrothers song posted?
+Westerlywick you started off by answering the wrong question
No, the first one was the Helen Hunt song, which inspired Song Wednesday.
"If voldemort killed hedwig just for yucks"  oh the feels... I remember back when I was like 9 years old and this book came out... Holy shit I was 9 years old!? It took me 4 days to read that book. And the feels... they are all coming back
My first vlogbrothers video. Brings me way back.
lol voldermort did kill hedwig and harry is a horcrux!
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