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Intern Game Of The Year Deliberations - Day 1

by Giant Bomb • 8,427 views

THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. Giant Bomb Interns Daniel. Perry, Matt and Steve begin their battle to find the ten best video games of 2011. Here there be interns! Beware!. If you like this, maybe...

@avenger00000 I would of agreed with you about Nick, however the meta-game stuff he did was excellent. Watch the meta-game playlist - it's, imo, some of the best content on this YouTube channel.
lol, who gives a fuck about what these twats think?
Daniel, you've a perfect radio voice.
I can't listen to this how can you can consider a game for game of the year if you didn't even play it long enough to have a proper impression. It doesn't help that I didn't like L.A Noire even a little.
@TheRealGiantBomb Still, "Mr. I Didn't Play That," is annoying. Not even sure why he is there.
Why does Kessler wear such little glasses?
Kessler will one day take his rightful place as Ryan's understudy.
Portal 2 is not a "crazy" game? You guys need something checked
So first off Dan mentioned Reboot so i love him.Secondly this is the Giant Bomb /Muppet Babies hybrid i have always wanted.Muppet Interns? Giant Bomb Babies?
MVC3 is shit. Mortal Kombat was the fighting game of this year, and this is coming from a die-hard street fighter/KOF player.
@ShowNintendo You took the time out of your day to type that comment, and presumably watch some of the you do?
Forget videogames - where is the latest Chilicast?
Are these going to be made into podcasts?
@redwingsfan1516 Maybe because they just don't think so? Subjective and all that. Personally, I thought BF3's visuals were pretty boring.
@rmanthorp I found LA Noire funner. I feel like people say they love Portal 2 just because it's Portal.
You had me..until uncharted 3 and then it fell apart...speaking of its bad mechanics and neglecting Skyrims issues is absurd...I love both of them though lol
Why is Cartman wearing glasses?
The podcast room needs more Shaq.
Do Khajiit have claws? Are they hands or are they paws?
I just found this. I am far too excited about it.
why is uncharted 3 being called the best looking game of 2011 when bf3 pc is much better looking
I find your lack of Saints Row disturbing.
@CTaran i believe you mean one day take his rightful place as Ryan
this sooo fucking weird like its a younger version of the GB crew i dont like it :(
good cast of people, just give me a intern ben in there as well and its set. i could give 2 shits about nick
No time to watch this now, but there better be some Dark Souls all up in this.
I feel like Kessler is mini-Ryan, Daniel is mini-Brad, Perry is mini-Drew and Steve is his own brand of GB man.
You guys talk to much about stuff that isn't enjoyable to listen to
Oh gosh.... these idiots... Kidding... a bit...
@scubasteve2050 Camera was in the same place as the levels/timeline, so Dan was checking those for time and to make sure no one was peaking.
I don't you think you should be allowed to affiliate yourself with Giant Bomb in any fashion if you don't like Bastion.
Why is Daniel constantly staring into my very soul?
Where can I download this podcast?!?!
The interns are quite funny actually.
Only interns who matter there, are Matt and Steve. Matt, Steve, Ben and Nick are the best interns at Giant Bomb.
I think I'm alright with these guys, but GB without Brad, Vinny, Jeff, Dave or Ryan is so bizarre.
@icetrey87 I don't know how anyone can say Mortal Kombat was anything but most boring fight game with an decent story. MVC3/UMVC3 are superior to it in all the important ways such as characters, fighting system basically anything other than story mode. KOFXIII is also really good.
YES. KESSLER. Where is the Fear Gauntlet.
@sputtyknollsoft I was cautiously taking it one step at a time :p First understudy, then Whiskey Host Supreme. That's when Kessler will grow the ritualistic Ryan Beard. No sooner!
@ashuramaru you can pay him to read books to you.
LA Noire over and Portal 2? The fuck?!
@bigpileofpuke Little glasses look better on bigger guys, or else you get reminded of Drew Carrey. He ruined it for bigger guys.
stop looking into my soul daniel
I think the guy on the right should check out the Kinect, or just jogging in general.
Remember Muppet Babies? This reminds me of that. Also rusty farts.
Rule # 1, never look into the camera!
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