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Jurassic Park: Trespasser (Part 2)

by Pakeh • 5,653 views

This is a walkthrough of how to play through Jurassic Park Trespasser, which was recorded on

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There is some SERIOUS desync in this video. Also, what's up with the video? Was it just not recording right?
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Thanks for the walkthrough. I lost my original copy of Trespasser (and I'm not even sure if it would work on my computer anymore, not atleast with combapility modes), so this is a good compromise. Not to play, but to watch the game. The only thing which confuses me is your waggling with those guns. Is it really necessary? And why did you try to kill the Triceratops in the end? Did you think it suffered and had to be put down - it only had a few flesh wounds.
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@VergessenHeld I remember playing it (or trying to) back in the late 90s/early 00s when it came out and ... this is pretty much as good as it looked. Actually, this video looks better than I remember than game looking. It's at least got a much smoother frame rate.
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