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M60 - Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide

by Ahoy • 451,953 views

Facebook: Twitter: In this episode, we're covering the third LMG - the M60. It's a fully automatic weapon, unlocked at level 21. Originating...

0:10 "Get Some" - Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Anyone who runs, is a VC. Anyone who stands still, is a well-disciplined VC! 
"What is your major malfunction "
The mg3 should've been in CoD black ops, along with the bundeswehr vs. Spetsnaz in the Berlin wall map.
I would suggest the pun would be "$pr4y N Pr4y"
Hehehe yeah another M60 symbol is Rambo because he use this gun too?:)
Anyone who runs, is a VC. Anyone who stands still, is a well disciplined VC!
Now this is a quality video by Stu, unlike the bare-boned, slapped together videos that Stu puts out about Call of duty Ghosts.
He seemed to put alot more effort into the treyarch's games. Leads me to believe he preferd their games and didn't feel like killing himself to get the footage for the ghost reviews.
Yeah M60 is based on german MG42 thats i first i see in this machine gun but now there replace the M60 with M249 and M240 machine gun but M240 is use same ammunation the 7.62x51 mm because thats ah caliber that use in M60 why M249 is 5.56x45mm that same caliber use in M16 rifle in vietnam war?:)
I liked this LMG in Black Ops.  Very unique and powerful.
Hi Stu, i tried your loadout, perks and all but i thinks it's overkill
Yeah the first is M60E3 the light weight version of M60 that used by navy seals?:)
Hi Stu, i tried your loadout, perks and all but i thinks it's overkill
That's only type of "kill" there should be.
Yeah the first is M60E3 the light weight version of M60 that used by navy seals?:)
I heard that the M60 was called "The Pig" because it was always covered in the mud of the Vietnam jungles.
Your gay, go suck that penis
Stupid autocorrect lmg
back when not every attatchment was awesome, like in BO2 when every attatchment was good
+Griffin Faulkner In terms of balance, BO2 was far ahead of BO1 though. No contest.
This machine gun was used first in Vietnam war?
Yeah it was. There's been a few changes to it over the years (which should explain the fact that there's the M60 like you see here, and the M60E4 like you'll see in MW2/MW3) over the years. I can't really tell you what those changes were, but you could probably look them up.
It's funny because the M60's iron sights look nothing like that in real life (at least the rear sight doesn't)
I miss the jammer.. :( They should've added that instead of that stupid sensor nade that's useless.
am i the only one that thinks its funny that every comment in this chain got more then 40 likes
MAN stu your so quite in you bo2 videos your loud
Lol nice one. I referred to the M60 as Mark the Sexy. XD
watch this with capptions on its funny
Think you are being cool by mocking me? Awww hell no!
Seriously- who is disliking these videos? Haters, man. =/
لا تقلق، الناس المتسكعون
be tolerante! People like you are what makes humanity a joke
Achievement Get: Get both top comments on the same video
Put the grip on this big daddy and you've got yourself one of the most versatile weapons in the game. It can do long range, short range, shoot down air support, provide covering fire, and distract the enemy team as well. You're a human sentry gun with this in your hands.
"Get Some" Full Metal Jacket reference!
I got two chopper gunners in one game with this gun no attachments! love it!
Usually, I have Scavenger with the M60 in Jungle on Domination games. I always play the defender when my team has "Bravo". Plus, I like being able to have more than enough ammo for the M60. You never know when you might need it.
Black OPS is better because MW2 has too many hackers and anoying things like oma and commando knifing. Lots of people still play Black OPS but if i were you I would just wait for Black OPS 2 coming out next month.
You could of used an education it looks like. What the hell is dubble?
if you think that's quiet take a look at this video /watch?v=tTCcBOJA4vY
oh i see... you want to have a face war, in that case...: ^^
Usually, because we are good with it. It works in games too but if we need Artillery fire then we'll use it for that
should have brought riot shields to black ops...
Does Rambo uses the M60 Other than anything even a Handgun For backup
why are you even calling him "Sie" thats formal right? like you talk to someone you respect or people with a higher status than you.
I use this exact class! M60 with Extended mags (AKA Big Ammo), M72 LAW or RPG, with Flack Jacket Pro, Hardened Pro, and Tactical Mask Pro, and either Frag or Semtex, then Flash Grenade, Concussion Grenade, or Nova Gas with either Jammer, Motion sensor, or Claymore. That is the perfect sprayer class lol.
famas users hate it when i use the m60
wow you use the same things things I use with this gun :)
Aint nobody got time for that! I use my hands :P
I'm digging the subtle Full Metal Jacket reference at the very beginning
The M60. For when you have to kill every muthafucka in the room
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