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MW3 Comedy Killcams - Episode 1 (Funny MW3 Killcams with Reactions)

by speedyw03 • 1,332,336 views

Funny MW3 Killcams with Random Reactions Second Channel - My Twitter - MW3 Killcams MW3 Comedy Killcams MW3 Funny Killcams MW3...

1:04 "Daily challenge: Win 0 Team Deathmatches". LOL
The video froze for me right on that part. I had to for a double take, cuz I didn't think I read it right
This was my favorite series of all time.Please bring it back #MW3ComedyKillcams  
Deluxe has always been a stud.
right in his cerebellum. correction cerebrum as the cerebellum is at the back of the brain not the front
The Crew all use the same intro's, all voiced by Jahova.
1:03 Win 0 TeamDeathmath games?
And I quote "Stop bragging - it's not cool" WAH WAH WAH. if your gonna whine, play by yourself in the bed.
you shoot and use a throwing knife at almost the same time
1:04 Win 0 TeamDeath Matches? WTF LOL
Lol 1:05 Daily Challenge Win 0 Team Deathmatch matches
That was good material. I found myself so baffled observing my buddy move from being a loser to a ladies man. He began getting girls overnight. I was amazed. He pretended he didn't realize. He then smiled and told me while he was wasted. He told me he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you'd like to learn about it... He's on a date now with a beautiful girl... Where are the most useful movies online?
I'm about to watch all of speed y's videos all over again, starting with comedy killcams 1 (which obviously was today)
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I am pretty sure it was one of the daily challenges because it counts down to zero and gives you the message when it gives you the xp.
Is this like one of the only episodes where every gun he's using isn't gold? xD
wasn't that nobody epic's intro too?
Uh kid at the end you're not cool either
Exactly one year ago... today...
Stop bragging your not even cool 😂
Not supposed to be good, theyre supposed to be funny
SP33dys #1 viewed video....... umm k impressive
anyone hear the little crying girl
0:33 " Right in his cerrybellum." Actually the cerrybellum is in the back part of the brain so the knife didn't go into his cerrybellum.
The game was brand new then, it was probably a bug
win 0 Team deathmatch 1:04 o.O
how do you win 0 team deathmatches
2:08 to 2:12 "stop bragging your not even cool" lol
If only I had better daily challenges like that....
7,00 people have small penis's.
probably the only "funny" one I had, was that recently I saw a proned sniper and I tried to aim for the head, but since he was on a hill, I just shot his ass instead. I think a few people laughed when they saw it since it was the final kill.
lol, look at that daily challenge that he completed 'win 0 team deathmatches
I dint put this comment to be cool, Did you know I noticed now that I was in top comment xD
723 people have erectile disfunction
644 ppl have a small penis lolol
It was a joke. That's a direct quote from the video.
1.06 win 0 kill team death match games? da fuk
Being cool doesnt matter what matters is if you can do a 0 degree pro pipe
stop braging your cool if he kne wwho they were
1:06 daily challenge win 0 team deathmatch matches WTF?
Daily challenges: Win 0 team deathmatches. ??
Stop Bwagging!! Its not ewen coowl
I m chinese and i know i dont have a big penis, do i still have to click the like button?
1:04 Daily Challenge Win 0 Team Death matches
my penis is small is i dislike this clip
Did anyone see that challenge for wining 0 games
i like your daily challange, seems legit
U know when mw3 camed out it was too many haters xD
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