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How to EAT a FLY - Ray William Johnson

by Ray William Johnson • 5,855,254 views

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Those kids need some orange cool-aid on their lips, and of course a cellmate
you orange flavor motherfucker 
God, it's two years after this was posted, and that last video STILL pisses me off. What the fuck is wrong with people?
+Fjolltzu While it's true that there are a LOT of douchebags from America, I just want to point out that I'm an American and if I were ever that rude to someone as a child, I would have been smacked for saying such things. I think it's more fault of the lenient upbringing for children nowadays. Parents are too scared to hit their children or discipline them properly if they do something wrong.
+MsTheCommentator Well Finnish speaking kids are even worse they talk trash on you if you speak one more language than Finnish....I speak Swedish and Finnish perfectly and my English also very good i allways get called out or being told im a '' Hurri '' wich means someone that speaks more languages than Finnish 
I can't fuckin stand middle schoolers.
If I was in that bus I would say to those assholes to shut the fuck up alot of people have problems.......fuck those jerks
I have the sudden urge to hit those kids with a fluorecent tube. If there's one thing that makes me genuinely angry, it's those types of assholes. Fuck those little shits, whose very lives are a waste of organic matter.
It's videos like that that make me wish that teachers were still aloud to hit students. Too bad that most parents were too focused on being their child's friend and never disciplined them.
Some people just need a pat on the back.. from 1000 yards away...
I would beat those kids if it was my grandma
If it were me on that bus, it would've been a whole different story. Blood will be involved, so will hacksaws. UPCOMING NEWS: A geeky Mexican murdered 3 children w/ a hacksaw and a telephone wire due to the kids harassing a nearby bus monitor.
You're all talking about beating the sh*t out of those kids. That's wrong! I would find out who they are, investigate their lives, found out their weaknesses and sufferings, those things that make them cry 'till the headache makes them fall asleep....and do everything to humiliate them, make their life miserable, make them live in psychological pain. Think for a moment what is more painful? Some punches on your face or having nightmares everyday of your life? An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.
Or just break their legs.
Such scumbags. filth who are going nowhere in life.
I would literally kick those childrens ass. If that was my grandma Oh my god they wouldnt even be alive.
Although my grandma would kick their ass.
The first video reminds me of grand theft auto
I know kids at my school who would bully that lady. I'm in 8th grade.
хаа русский чувак в конЦе))
+Lochlan Casten the Ukrainian is sooooo different from Russian
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They should have raised 5,000 dollars to kick those kids as*es
+Kamran Younis Ok. Glad to know you aren't stupid and thinking that by as*es meant assassinate.
i feel so sorry to that bus monitor damn i would slap the kids so damn hard their buts would be blue!
Anyone else on Ray's =3 marathon?
he has got to stop putting those hot chicks at the end of the videos, it makes me wanna fap
One of those people who wanted a shout wanted a T-shirt too. What a dumb ass. Not only do you not deserve a shout out or t-shirt but how can he know your address, your size or even which shirt you wanted.   
I am actually to pissed off to comment any angry thoughts towards these kids.
Go to hell @xXLethalReclaimerXx
WHEN THE BUS MONITOR WAS BEING BULLIED, I HAVE TO SAY THIS ONE THING WAS FUNNY AS FUCK! XD "When I cut you... like the whole value meal will be coming out, McDonald's." LMAO!!
I don't. I try to be entertained and that came up. It's not that that stupid brat said it, it's what he said.
I won't strawman your comment and say that you condone bullying or something along those lines, but some of their jokes weren't that clever and they even stutter at times and insulting someone because of their looks to the point where they cry isn't funny in my books, so I'm not judging you, I'm just sharing my perspective.
Poor woman... I feel so sad. Stupid kids ><
idk why but when that fly went up the straw i spit on my screen as if i was swallowing it.
I do wonder after reading through the comments how many people would actually do something too those middle school runts.
That's just wrong what those kids did. She held up her self control so dang well! Wow. Those kids need some proper talking to... or slap, that works.
Those kids in the last video should stop wasting the air on this earth.
I agree with ray, I think that their punishment should be more fitting... They hurt the lady's feelings, you know what else hurts? Fire. Yay for justice! XD
I don't know even what to say about the last video. I am so upset I'm speechless. However I'm glad people are judging this in the comment section, and not just judging them but also judging how no one on the bus reacted. I noticed that which made me think this was a viral ad (stop bullying campaign, perhaps), but sadly... I hope she went to some nice place and had a wonderful time <3. Also Ray and the whole =3 crew should be proud for having such compassionate fans ^^
Hey RWJ can i get a shoutout! i used the VAG-Blaster9000!
That poor woman. Those kids need a good slap off the ass (X100,000) cuz they are idiots. No more than idiots. If I put swear words into these comments... Oh boy.
Thumbs up if you're a new zealander
why didn't anyone  stop those kids no one on the bus   no one did anything , pathetic people 
i would have taken a fuckin baseball bat and broken each of those kids faces with it if i was her
I think she was probably pretty happy taking the 650k lol
I thought that grandma would go back there and crush those little fucks, I was kinda hoping for it
i am ashamed that im a middle-schooler
Poor woman. That video really made me sad. 
where the fuck were the other authoraties on this bus, like i don't know teachers who can get them suspended
+Alex Lioce ohhhhhhhhh, right you're probably right because i forgot what we're talking about.
What the fuck is wrong with kids making fun of people who take out there time to look after people on the bus
here's to make ur life easier: DON'T give me a shoutout :3
such nice middle schoolers :)
Misha didn't tell you anything bad , relax 
does anyone know what happened to those kids in the last video right now?? maybe they get arrested by the cops for doing something else? maybe they're already dead? maybe they're in hell? anyone? no seriously though i wanna know what happened to them atm, maybe they fail school or already a drop out
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Those kids on the bus... JUST BE QUIET U BULLIES
Man, I hate middle schoolers too........ And I am one
Those kids are dickheads
I wished I had never seen this video now that poor lady.
Eh most kiddies these days act like 20 year olds...but what anyone can do about it :/
+ OP  In my school, you respect all adults, or you consider yourself expelled.  Theres to many kids like that nowdays (as you said).
Those kids are stupid
They removed the Bullying vid
In the middle of watching this, the video actually paused and I thought it was ray f***ing with me again
Kill those kids wait hold on.... They are dead already
give those kids doses of concentrated Sulfuric acid in their ass
I'll kill all 3 of them with a gun but thats just me though 
those kids need to respect people better id hate to see how they treat there grand parents
Their grandparents probably beat them like the pussies they are. Ahh I hope so anyway, I know I would.
Hey Ray Can i get a Shout out?!?!?!/ My Mom Killed my Dog D:
We have a place for people like that it's called death row regardless of them being kids more like demon spawn
I'm a middle schooler and even I think that's sick. I say take those kids, punch holes in their toe nails, tie strings through them, and hang them from ceiling fans.
The kids on the bus sounds like there drunk
I am now ashamed that I am a middle school-er. Thank god it's my last year as a middle school-er. Fuck middle school and its students. Almost there High school. 1 year to go.
4:53 who is the new T-Shirt girl? 
I swear to god I would kick their teeth in.
If anybody liked that last video just send me a friend reqest on ps3 and I will fuck your ass up and troll you while playing gta 5!
Atleast you not as bad as those kids on that buss
Hey Ray. Ray. Hey Ray! Raaaay!!! Give me a shout out! Come on! It's my unbirthday!
if she was my grandma i would beat the fuck out of them i am not even going to care if i lose i would beat the fuck out of them
Man, they really lack decency, respect, and discipline.
If I was there when those kids were bullying that woman, oh they wouldn't even know what had hit em.
if I was their I would grab their small intestine out of their mouth and their large intestine out of their ass and use them as a skipping rope, then kiis their ass and throw them out the window in the middle of the highway
that last one was fucked up
these kids r unbearable
Middle schoolers are so immature
those kids are assholes man bitch slap day ass
he gave me a shout out:)
I don't care if it is embarrassing, but I love you for mentioning NZ!!!! Subscribing forever!!!!! Xx
Ray gave me a shot out
man when kids were in elementary they were all innocent know when middle comes they become little demons
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