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Maria Sharapova imitates Andy Roddick

by castawaykrissy • 3,671,243 views

Maria imitates Andy's serve at the 7th Annual ARF event. Please do not post nasty comments. I will delete them. My 12 year old daughter regularly checks out my videos to see the comments. I would...

she is cool, just shut up. u go and win all those tournaments!
her height is 1.88 shes is really tall
Sharapova is the best player ever!! And she's funny too!
somehow i dont think sharapova is going to beat roddick in 3 sets...
chokeabitch is lame. I hope he loses bigtime
lol....she actually gained a few points in my book for this....too cute.
i would let maria play with my balls anyday..
so you mean that there's a lot of tennis player morons?!! dumbass!! it's her renvenge to roddick!!
i agree, but i think shes still got it in her to win wimbledon but she'll hav to get past Venus and Serena - that game was ace - did u watch it?
Shes pretty...Shes pretty lanky too..Good tennis player tho..surprised she aint number 1 anymore
that was actually pretty funny...its kind of nice to see maria smile on court.
she's not funny...she's trying to be like djokovic but she cant do it at all, its embarassing
I like it! (and i'm not a Maria fan). Djokovic's imitation of Maria at the Aus Open this year was the best I've seen though. Had me in stitches.
oww that's nice :):) is good for masha ;)..ı said it because of her beauty..
I'm not gay it just doesn't excite me to watch women hit balls 50mph and 5 feet above the net each shot its just not entertainment. i don't expect you to understand. I'd expect you'd watch anything to get cheap thrills over women.
only andy and novak are allowed to do this
marias serve impersonating roddick is better than her real serve
Funny video. Do it one time for the ladies, Maria!
and what does that mean? everyone is saying that sharapova would beat roddick, no fucking chance...
i think she's a great player..but not so great when it comes to imitating others..djokovic is way better..
good onya maria,a good sport no doubt.
i prefer to watch djokovic imitate her than this.
shes going to fall off now, instead of training shes gonna go into "hollywood" and prob never win another grand slame again. Williams sisters still amaze me with how good they play despite being in the public eye continuously now
LOL! yeah sure, KAMPV1091. i wish he was mine too. XD. and kaiserkawaii, there were rumours and some speculation and some people spotting them hanging out together, but they're denying it, saying they're just good friends. Well, you be the judge! =) *psst, i think they were dating. can't be sure about now*
Yeah, sure if she pulls it together Maria could win wimby, its possible. Yeah, I love Venus she's always in top form for Wimbledon! Was some good tennis in the final versus Serena! Great match!!!!
because andy roddick imitated maria too
djockavic changed his name. "No more joke" Now hes Jockitch.
Zippy is true. There is a reason the men and the women r seperated. The men hit much harder. Even though Sharapova is a great player, i doubt that Andy would even lose a set
that's so great. i love how all the players imitate each other XD
Hey, Andy imitates Maria too! I think Andy and Maria will make a good couple! XD I mean, they're both very social, bubbly and beautiful people.
Intelligent, strong, beautifull, elegant, classy, competitive, and on top pf all that... funny. Could she be the perfect woman??
oooh she is soo nice soo adorable
ok if it is not funny to u is ok, but to most of people they fuound this realy fun. She has good playing tactics and she can get better with time....and depending how old Maria will be when she decides to retire of course Venus has more tittles, she is way older than Maria!
sorry, but Djokovic has got you beat girl.
Yea, i would say in a 3 set match, sharapova would be lucky to win 1 game.
Yeah, she's spending too much time with Novak, picking up a few bad habits! I think Novak's funny though.
do you have a reason for hating her? cause just blankly saying that for no reason makes you sound arrogant and childish
exactly. i dont understand why i have 4 negatives against what i said. its quite obvious that the worlds best male players would destroy the best females... the woman couldnt deal with the extra pace they would have to face...
shes just pissed off cos he always takes the mick out of her
I do hope your kidding. As a USTA Ranked Player I'd like to inform you A. If the two played I seriously doubt It'd be a 5 set match. B. Sharapova Is a great player. Fantastic really. Beat Roddick? No chance in hell. Roddick Is a good player. Not really great but getting there and with plenty of time left. But between his serve, his conditioning and his style of play. There is no chance in hell he would lose to Sharapova.
oww that's nice :):) is good for masha ;)..ı said it because of her beauty (KAMPV1091)ı ddnt say bad thng for masha :):)
let the girl have some fun, she stills play good, u can judge her game base on one slam!
haha it was actually pretty accurate
that wasnt good. but i enjoyed her efforts. ppl seemed to like it and thats all that matters
Maria is really great and funny
I just saw that on TV about 10 minutes ago. I was nearly on the floor!
She didn't stick her butt out like he does!!! Great loss for us guys!!!
Oh man. This made me laugh. It's great to see Maria having a laugh. I'd have loved to have been at this event. Sharapova is the best!
She totally imitated him. That's really funny......
no way, the guys have too much of a physical advantage, they hit harder, Roddick's first serve is usually like 130mph, most of the women's first serves are just around 100mph. I think Sharapova is better on the women's circut than Andy on the men's circut, but there's still no way it would go 5 sets, or probably even 4.
it was about time!!!revenge on novak and andy :D
yeah but sharapova's famous, people care more if she does it
apparently mileyfan is a big buff guy. love the name
YH obviously for that outcome roddick would have to play and serve unbelievibly bad. But i read a like that sharapova was practising with a big 6ft4 guy named ryan sweeting u might of hard of him, he has a huge serve and he said he was suprised at how strong she was, she won 6-3 7-5, i'll send the link when i can find it
just cuz youre gay doesnt mean you need to hate women.
then they could play a mixed double. like sharapova/djokoviv vs. roddick/jankovic or so. that would be more interesting than the weird maria vs. andy topic here.
The one thing wrong is that the ball wasnt travelling fast enough
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