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#Minecraft 1.3 Minecart speed bug

by MINECRAFTdotNET • 11,887 views

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i was messing with you,i wanted to test a thing I got.I got a dislike too
you dhould do it downhill on power rails with the speed bug :)
you just wasted 4:27 of my life
——————/´ ¯/) —————--/—-/ —————-/—-/ ———--/´¯/'--'/´¯`•_ ———-/'/--/—-/—--/¨¯\ ——--('(———- ¯~/'--') ———\————-'—--/ ———-'\'————_-•´ ————\———--( This is what everyone thinks of when they see your comment.
please* don't*. Maybe you should consider English lessons.
You may be, but your definitely not the first viewer...
hes not very good at his glitch
"A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system" "A bug is the common term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system" i did look it up and i am right :p
i did before but i never post it another one i found where sticky pistion quickly push and pull a power rail duping them
I offer high quality videos on my channel as well. I'll check out your channel if you promise to check out mine. promise? PROMISE!!? argharghagagaaghgahaghfzhsjy!! no but seriously...
I'm sorry for the dislike but that is not a bug, it is the minecart behind pushing the minecart in front wich multiplies the speed by 2. So it's mathimatically possible! (Please excuse any misspellings.
im still subscribed. because its MINECRAFT. not because of that videos
But a glitch is a fault that is exploited to the advantage of the user or to do something you are not normally allowed to do. A bug can be any kind of mess up, but a glitch is a bug you make use of. A glitch is a subcategory of a bug. Kind of like all flowers are plants, but not all plants are flowers.
Yet again may I say how do these low quality videos get on when I offer a HD video of my olympic stadium gets turned down
wow....the like/dislike bar says that dislikes are quite's me and other is free not for ppl like you ! Obsessed to dislike the ppl that don't like ! I didn't dislieke becuase I am troll !
Theres a way to go faster than this and is way eaiser. -.-
Thanks, but i think i'll stick to powered rails.
By the time do 1 of them u already got there with power rails
why do you think the nazis did burn all the books they found. because nazis didn't give 2 shits and a fuck about grammer... just like me!
its not a bug its a booster its very easy to do there are a lot of ways to make 1
ikr! what the hell does this have to do with minecraft? and a fuck country??! what!?
Buy the time you get the glitch to work you can have everything you need for powered rails...
i am gay. people i love u all <3<3<3 gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
its old like universe i used it on alpha :)
Just spam click carts onto a powered track next to a block!!!
OLD - it can be done since Minecarts Exit.
yes, right next to bulgaria, and right above the depths of hell... its has quite nice scenery and is known for its extensive soil made of paper =3
i prefer to do it with power rails
No its not....research before replying thank you.
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