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Duran Duran - Rio (With Lyrics)

by TheJukeboxRock • 216,081 views

"Rio" is the seventh single by Duran Duran, released on November 1, 1982. The song was the fourth and final single lifted from the band's album Rio, and was edited for its release. It was issued...

Huey Dennis Mock the Week
The World Cup in Rio where they play across the land, Oh Rio Rio, eliminated the Mexicans. :) :) :)
This is such a good song I think this song came out when I was like 3 lol
I am the last person to admit to liking duran duran, but I really like this song.
your name isn't Rio but I dont care for sand :D
I don't need to know you to know you're a stupid, ugly, hoe. kk BYE ;)
His name is Rio and he watches from the stands. (English will get it)
I know the feel, It's a great song to have stuck there though. Especially when you walk in the rain and dance to it. :)
okay so, duran duran is kinda awesome and even mentioning that guy here is an insult. and twilight? please don't jump off a cliff to get the attention of an undead boy
@Scampbell32 It is.. The episode is the Mr. Hanky Christmas special
Well it's nice to know I'm not the only old fart that digs this song, lol. I see another generation is liking it too... Awesome !!!
Much prefer the euro 2012 version 'his name is rio and he watches from the stands'
Little girl, Justin Bieber sucks way more than Duran Duran (who were immensely popular in the 80s). If you think that shitty faggot is better music than this, you honestly have horrible taste.
This should be the Kia Rio's theme song.
@cass71898 hey there ill help out all you need to do is go to the craft store and get some paper that you can print on then iron the picture straight to the shirt, that's what i did to my Christmas stocking, if u need more info let me know OK?
Well since they're not a "Great Band" and South Park Isn't gay, then I'll have to say your wrong. But if you wanna fight BRING IT ON. I got cap locks. Reply to my comment, I DARE YOU BITCH.
HAHAHA!!!!! That's Totaly how i got this song stuck in my head!! I LOVE THAT EPISODE OF SOUTH PARK!! I OWN EVERY SEASON!!! Her Name Is Rio And She Dances On The Sand!!! Santa! WOOT WOOT I LOVE TREY PARKER AND MATT STONE!!! THEY ARE GENIOUSES!!! THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD!!!! WAY BETTER THAT FAMILY GUY OR SIMPSONS!!(witch are still good shows don't get me wrong! :D)
Rio is my name in spanish my dad used to sing this song for me but of course he had to twist the lyrics so instead of her its his
I'm here because I like this song :)
I like the piano playing with this song in south park, it was a bit faster and nice
oh yeah much betterr ! dont be silly
I'm twenty and I'm here because of X Factor (Italy) ;) really like this song!! :)
Oh. I see Glee took the liberty of ruining yet another classic
They play this in the RentBoy Bar on Tranny Night. :D:D:D
Whoa... uhm... So wait.. uh.. if i like this song from duran duran your opinion is that i have no taste o:? Im just puttin dis out there cause i like the main line of the song....
Thanks to the MR. Hankey episode of South Park I couldent get the lyrics out of my head!!!
i don't hate him it's jstu annoying that people are saying that he's sooo much better than everybody and stuff like that. oh and btw, if you say that people who don't like twilight or like duran duran, have no taste in anything, a lot of people don't have a taste in anything. oh and don't tell me what to do and what people think of me. what the hell you don't even know me. just don't comment anything cos this is just annoying for everybody
HAHAH me too, the episode is "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" in season 3
good thing i heard this song on pandora
I'm not saying people that hate Twilight have no taste, HOWEVER people who like Duran Duran don't have taste, Not fact but opinion .And I wasn't telling you what to do, I was making a suggestion for the greater good if the world.And I'll comment as much as I want, But if I'm so annoying then why did reply to MY comment. God your annoying, this is why I avoid idiots. K thanks Bye ;)
i couldnt stand this music in the i thouroghly enjoy it.go figure:-p
controversial? how? I remember the 80's and I remember nothing controversial about duran duran.
WHEN DID I EVER SAY I LIKE JB. Not that I hate him or whatever but still. I don't give 2 FUCKS about JB but he's is STILL better then this shit. And I HATE the fact that people amuse I like all those Teen Pop bands. I'm more of a Twilight Person. If I'm gonna obsess over some teen fad it SURE AS HELL wot be JB or this SHIT band.
@ValkyrieScorpio thanks for noticing i just watched that episode when south park santa sang rio and i imediatley had to come and listen to this also who's your favorite south park character
Lol I clicked on this song and went on another page and there was a stupid ad and I was all "Wtf is this shit?" then went to youtube and facepalmed. Stupid ads. What we music lovers have to pay to get free music XD. Go Duran Duran!!
So jealous of my mom cause she lived through this great decade -__-
You know when people say it is the shit it means it's awesome.
My last name is Rios, && my math teacher played this song in class today because of me. ahaha,
Yea. That episode was great. Cant find a video of it on Youtube though D:
I have a male friend called Rio and I sing this to him to piss him off
This song should be in the next-gen Vice City game!
wow do you really have to be such an ASSHOLE? JERK!
LOL I know watcha mean, I remember when dirt was brand, I too loved this song in H.S ( I was a Jr then tho when this came out), Its just one of those timeless classics that you cannot get out of your head once you've heard it. LOL. Lots of great memories surrounds this song for me ;-)
Santa's version of this song on south park was awesome
I'm here because i the last time I heard this song was three and a half years ago on a mountain in the clouds. It's been stuck in my head ever since.
I'm here cause I love Duran Duran but I like GLee's version too (:
crazy....i told my mum i liked this song she said "no kiddin, me too!"
love this song love 80s music better tahn are shit music now aday :(
Duran Duran is my god.. <3 ALWAYS
takes me back to my childhood, best decade for mainstream music
What? I had thought most people were here because Duran Duran is a great band... not because some gay TV show/person/thing showed it to them.
This was on a video in my geography lesson friday and everyone was singing it- good times;)
i heard this song before and i didn't know if i really liked, but after a couple of times listening to it it grew on me. Great song!
man, this takes me back! thanks for posting it juke!
1 -Don't talk about Twilight cause i will go ape shit on your ass 2 - It was me and my friends burning a pic of him 3 - Stalker Much 4 - I keep coming back because a some stalker who likes this shit band and hates innocent teenage boys keeps leaving dumb ass comments. 5 - Then what's a good love story to you O Wait I don't care. I almost forgot, good thing I caught myself hhhhm. Thanks Bye ;)
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