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Ethiopian music - Yezina Negash_Gedamu

by terusew1 • 2,951,295 views

Yezina Negash - Gedamu

Naaaaaa ahe ahe ahe yazzzz engedi yager lej
Hi everyone! I've just discovered the fantastic music from Ethiopia and Erithrea. I know there are serious problems between the two nations, but I won't talk politics. Please, can someone give me advices and/or links about the Story of 'POP' music from these countries, and who are the best Artists to hear, and so on? PS: I'm Italian, hope there will be no problems about it . I LOVE your music, and I'd like to visit your countries.
+Hossam Ali lol, really did I have to wait for your 'advice' to study history? I said I WON'T, not I CAN't talk politics...
when you read the Italian history you can found the answer by Italian view but her YouTube you west your times however ,the politics its not meaning negative thing but from deep hard i hope the Italian stile continue mangers earthiness  because no owner for this land its counter for mix tripe  
I love everything about this music! The lyrics, the dance, the gathering, the beats... all bring tears and make me miss everything about the old times!! Love and respect to you and Ethiopia!!! God bless
love this song unfortunately not able to understand it but  it is very soulful  love from india to my Ethiopian brothers and sisters 
Leo Allen Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
i wish i were ethiopian 
konjiye neger nat ethiopiyawi mehon hull gizee yakoral bexam I love you all from tx dallas america
Beautiful music, people and dancing. What more can be said. Playas going to playa- haters going to hate.
i miss Ethiopia ...!! mother land .  no matter where i am no matter how long it will take , i ll be there one day . 
nice song god bless u
mona bahman Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
I am still loving this song
Really i like it ............................
Like This song   I love more  b/se slow motion & the message is clear understand  
Terefe Mekonnen Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
I LIKE YOUR VIEDIO. can you do more  sound
በጣም ደስ ይላል ዋዉዉዉዉዉዉዉዉ
hey ETHIO MUST ,you are quite expert on voices  ...ha ha
እረግ እናናዬ እህ እህ ገዳማ እሰሰሰሰሴሰሰሰሰ
This song I love more  because I am Ethiopian
mr maroccans, i am surprised by Your comment. And i found out that sousie traditional Musics resembels ethiopian traditional song specially the instrument. For those of who intertested surch for Fatima Tachtautke.
You did a great music ,I am not fluent speaker of amharic but this song flows smoothly and I can understand it with no doubt,and you have sexy ladies ,keep it up ,                   Eritrean Norwegian.
you don't need to say you; we are alike and the same people Habeshas so say WE
This is the best contemporary cultural music in the horn of Africa!!
Gigar Solomon Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Do you know that the original singer is from Tiembien, suck on that you resist bastards. Ethiopia is the big picture hear not two stupid nationalities. 
what a song am Eritrean and cant hear a word she is saying but i feel like the angels are singing just for me. 
Great music with great lyrics
beautiful, awesome, lovely
I love the waz she looks the camera she has some thouching sens beside here natural unbleivable voice wonderful
betam yemral zefen anchi demo tamriyalech yezina konjo
I iove her songs eyes. Face every things in her
What fascinating traditional music, I am proud of you !
for reference its :..... ~ AMARA ~ people and NOT -> AMHARA???
Gedamu is the best of Yezina Negash
the dance goes back thousands of years.they was the only africans that didnt get put in etiopians cxoncider themselves black
Yes We are 1000000000000000% Blacks no doubt and we love it & proud of it <3
Lben serkishiw >>> Thank you for that beautiful song
eskiskitaw betam !!!!!!!!!!!!
Sumayya Selassie Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
love her songs! 
It really sounds good. Nice music 
+Drius Tushemerairwe dajt
Dante Tsadique Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I love this traditional music.
This is the best of Yezina Negash. After I listened this music for the first time, I tried to explore the musics of the same lady. All her music are very good................. But Gedamu is the best of Yezina Negash. This is really one of the best three musics in the year 2013!! Congrats!!!
the entery of this song shows the loney life in the west no one to come except an empty door and four conner facing you, that is the life our life in the Europea, this song brings tears to my eays going back to a family of people and surrounding, how i miss sa and ethio.......
ትክክል።  ኣሜሪካም እንዲሁ።  
god,she is so nice,no words
Hi ...sister..i loved your voice and all instruments....good song..
is the best so i liveyou
love this song man! keep coming back to hear it again and again though the Kenyan in me don't understand a single word. Anyone know which website I can get translation for it?
Dear Musilete, Glad you enjoy this folk song. One can drive pleasure out of this song at different levels. Understanding the lyrics, no doubt, enhances the enjoyment. However, the folk lyrics in this song, as in many other great Ethiopian folk songs, are of sublime poetic expression and as such are untranslatable. This may sound drastic.The only way to appreciate these and other Ethiopian folk lyrics is to be born again as an Ethiopian!!!  You can be reincarnated as an Ethiopian if you wish and you wish it hard! I assure you that it can come true! I already know of many reincarnated Ethiopians from other lands and cultures!  It is a colourful and mysterious place...this Ethiopia. I hope I have persuaded you enough. If that is so, I would love to have you as one of us even of that means I will have to wait a bit longer for your rebirth. After all, Ethiopia, they say, is the cradle of mankind!!
Dear Musilete, As most Ethiopian music are love songs, this is no exception. She begins the song by saying she ran away from her parents home because she fell in love with this guy. (This becomes the CHORUS)  From here she digs deeper in to slew of other social, sexual and personal issues which will be lost in translation if I try to do so.  AS music is the universal language of man kind, I my self listen to a lot of music from MALI and enjoy it immensely with out knowing the lyrics.  Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.
Fikr nesh 3 le Dagem Tishme gebzhalhu
Nice instrumental arrengment but her voice is poor
How did I get here,I'm a white Englishman,she is beautiful.
Oh my God!! My fellow from Eritrea doesn't listen Amharic? Good for you.
i hear a lot of amaharic music and what i meant was i cant understand amharic plus if anybody that is from east africa dont listen to amaharic music they dont know what they are missing. amahric music is the best i.e from east africa
asmera sami Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
naturally and suitable voice yezina negash
best music.Yezina benatish indezih bicha zifegni,dimtsish betam new yemiaymrew
Nice Song. I love it. What does Gedamu mean? What does it mean when the singer rolls her eyes and looks up towards the ceiling? What's the name of that dance and is it difficult to learn? What is the name of that string instrument that is playing?
hello Yezina I love your song so much.sle Belay yezefenshewu song its very beautiful I'm lucky I heard that song million time.thanks for shearing. keep singing .
WOw, so many racist comments for such wonderful music and talent. You can clearly see her ancient Queenly features, all of them. This music not only brings tears to my eyes but It makes me sad that us Africans around the world allow ourselves to be divided and conquered. The rabbit hole is endless in trying to piece together our vast ancient history. I will not give up searching for as long as I live. AFRICA UNITE.
if you are going to be a prick, at least get your words right! now go choke on a dick
This is the real Ethiopian indigenous song and i like it, natural colors n deep messages
this is almost the soussie music from morocco
hope Animal Come up Ethiopia......anyway
@toobeenatural the dance is called the Eskista and I learned it easily and Gedamu means honest
i love ur voice & rythm keep it.
she sing about that she miss her love she want get it back her love cuase she is sick of her love.
When Ethiopian people roll thier eyes when they're dancing, it's like a challenge to other dancers. (kind of like a dance off!) It's also a filrtatious gesture. Hope that helps!
Abeba was the founder of modern Ethiopian music clips she has invested too much money better than other musicians even better than the famous Teddy afro excluding the new TIKUR SEW
cool lady, great voice and amazing delivery !!
Thank you my Sudanese bro, We love our Sudanese brothers and sisters. listen to this music "/watch?v=WEFuMChkOHQ" @ youtube dot com. Sorry youtube forbid me to put URL of the music. So you have to search for it using the quoted string or using this string:"ABINET AGONAFIR (AB) - TALGA ELDUNIA FAREHA". Hope you will like it. VIVA SUDANESE THE GOOD PEOPLE
@foniinfo. Agent provocateur. You have a sewer mind! Who are you anyway?
She used to be a cashier at 7Eleven Dallas Tx
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