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星智美 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
arcade game dora :o
Jamie Nicholls Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Bekijk deze video op YouTube:
Alberto Tobías Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:dora
what is the opening song called? my niece and i are trying to figure out what game/anime is came from
who the hell in there right/unright minds would make a dora the exoplore game???
you guys shouldnt put bad comments my sister waches this stuff u guys are being a bad influence
@duh11112 The song is from Inuyasha (Inuyasha - Sotanshi)
woah. 55 stars pretty amazing. this game would be amazing if you played while stoned.
Dora's like "Look at all these mega awsome stars!" and Boots is like "!"
I am only watching because of costin
I was expecting more from the company.
Dora...Stop f**king around and get a GPS
i wish i had parentslike dora they let that bish go any where
lol@dannygalgano thats fucked up im sorry messed up lol
whats the song in the opening called
For the ones who have kids, its a good game!
my IQ was droped 30% atfer i watched this video
dora ist scheiße und di ist berihndert ... sis was watching this and...I just realised...HOW CRAPPY DORA GAMES WERE!!!
@duh11112 from INUYASHA, fate and love. hehehehe, my favorite. :3
i found this game i beat it in like one day
this is awesome!!!1 my little cousin is enjoying this!!!!! HAHAAAA SHES laughing!!!awwwwww!!! tHANKS!!!
@duh11112 It is road to zanarkand from the FFX ost
The Game is merda(is creepy...) Its a
inuyasha backround songs in the beginning <33
Take a look at this video! / watch? v = 1wInFs1Rp4Q
your 19 and you still watch dora?
Wow that game's pretty easy,right?
lol I was over here tryin to find start lolol
How did I get from the 20th century fox logo to this?
uhhh i umm i have a umm a kid on my umm lap
yea i kno doras is really fat lol my little sis like dora and sehs really fat
@duh11112 Its from Naruto, I Think Its Natsuhibushi..xDDDDDD
thanks for making thiis video my lil cuzzin loves this show
Game boy advance, the person is using an emulator which is illegal.
thumbs up if you dont even have a baby on your lap ;)
thumbs up if yu have a baby on yur lap
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