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Summer Outfit #2 : Night Time Look!

by ciaoobelllaxo • 147,693 views

.:. OPEN ME FOR MORE INFO!! .:. My Outfit: Blouse- Lace Tank- Charlotte Russe Jeggings- Pacsun Belt- Guess Shoes- Purse- Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac (Black w/ Silver Hardware)...

Thats fine if she wants to tease her hair til it looks like a helmet!But everyone has right to say what they want so why cant that girl write she doesn't like the hair?You can write what you think but she cant because its not a compliment?I dont like the hair and im not jealous.I can get my hair teased like that if I want to but hell no l will never do that.What annoys me so much is that people write "nobody cares what you think" but obviously you do because,you answered and you seemed upset.
Hi Meg, just wondering where you live???
holy fuck you're fucking pretty.
Hey girly, I was wondering how tall are you??
you are gorgeous and your hair is beyond perfect <3
I looove your shirt! where did you get it??
Your fashion sense is perfect!
i LOVE LOVE LOVE :) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the music <3
I love the whole look!! Perfect :)
Make a video off that beautiful hair :)))))
meg , you are so pretty ! i love your outfit videos, keep them up <3
LOVE that top, you are so beautiful meg. This whole outfit is amazing ♥
Woww. the jealousy on youtube.. its a sick thing. do your thing and be you meg. dont listen to these fools! if you like something or a certain style no matter how "old" it may be, do it. dont aknowledge others stupidity.
I doubt you even know what "ghetto" really is. You should stop throwing that word around. SMH.
I don't think her accesories look "ghetto" at all..very pretty outfit...
You're so pretty and have awesome style. I will never understand the popularity of the hair poofs though.
Idk if she is trying to look like Tracey, but I do agree. I think she looks amazing without the poof...I really hope one day she gets over this look. But I love her either way. Lol
Some of Therese haters on here are just jealous cause you are gorgeous!
This is an amazing outfit, thanks for the inspiration :)
So gorgeous!!! You should do more of these!!
Buttons on the back of the blouse r so cute
loved this ! mascara routine ! <3
i totally agree! but i still think she would look 100X more gorgeous if she didn't tease her hair so much...i mean, hey - she's unique and good for her, but she's such a pretty girl, i hate for her hair to be such a distraction from the overall person she is and what she has to offer :)
Love the outfit, your look really pretty! And I think that the outfit would look really cool with a ponytail too! :)
Where did you get your necklace!!!???
are you naturally very skinny, or do you have a strict diet and exercise regime? would love to know, you look gorgeous x
You are so pretty it's insane. If you don't already model, you should definitely start and get some money out of how gorgeous you are. Wow. :)
You're very beautiful and your outfit is really cool for a night out :D
i agree. her hair would look so much better if she just left it alone
do you hate your height or something? those shoes are overkill
Meg, you look awesome, and I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! Im from Jersey and I love my hair to have height and I dont care what anyone says, Its my style, they dont have to wear their hair like that!! I live in Florida now and everyone always knows Im from Jersey!
I LOVE your hair personally. :)
Wow! I love your backyard! Nice outfit! I love the pants, color of the shirt, & RM mini mac.
despite what others think I think your outfit is amazing! it expresses YOU and what YOU like. I'm from Michigan and yeah we don't wear the big hair all the time but I'm from somewhere different. Keep doing your thing girl, I love this video and your outfit !
Fan girling over here! lol, Thanks for replying! You're my favorite guru, so it means a lot<3
she is so beautiful but the hair and jewelry just looks tacky
has anyone told you that you look like a brunette twin of the old christina aguilera, how she looked in 2000?
as tracy says, the higher the hair the closer you are to heaven :)
I personally love your teased hair, I think everything about you is beautiful!
i love you stlye!! what would u wear for school?
i luvvv u gurl biggest fan ever u r soo gorgous and pretty!
okay?.. i wrote that 2 months ago @britneyparrish
You look great! Thanks for the video :)
love this videos so...... much. Can you do more hair tutorials and a hair care routine!!!!
That watch is awesome! Cute outfit
Girl you look amazing! You have to do a diet and exercise video!
Love this watches. But belt is so bad. :( You are beautiful. :))
i was wondering if you could do a video on how you do your middle part with your hair straight please:)?
Please come check out my channel :)
last time i checked you wear your hair the way you want it. if you dont like poofs then good for you, dont wear them. but meg pulls them off and she obviously likes them. its called personal preference. it doesnt mean shes copying tracy. she looks good
I love her hair, if you don't like it you should stop watching her vids or just keep it to yourself.
love this outfit :) fell in lov with wedges n th mint blouse
Can you do an OOTD on the pacsun shorts with the green bleach spots on them. Been waiting and hoping you would show those bad boys off :)
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