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Mitt Romney Likes Music, Including This!

by schmoyoho • 807,508 views

The Songify app ON ANDROID:\ iPhones: Some people have asked if Mitt Romney's likability, or lack of it, will...

Good Brasil Jundiaí SP !
+Aerk I don't know why, but Abraham Lilcon is my favorite historic character. AND I AM NOT EVEN AMERICAN!
i don't get this: he likes twilight...but he hates vampires. ???
He doesn't personally know any vampires, he doesn't hate vampires
BRUH. "I like grits."
I like your face.
mitt is a ROBOT cause he sure ain't a fucking HUMAN
I gotta say, as the child of a family that runs a buisness- being able to fire people is priceless. When someone starts whining baselessly and accusing the higher-ups of laziness when they themself arent doing their job, not being able to fire them becomes a serious, serious problem- one bad apple spoils the bunch, and when you've only got 20 apples and finder fees for new apples is several hundred thousand dollars, you really cant afford to have any further apples spoiled, if you follow me.
+nessesaryschoolthing It doesn't matter how I word it, you're going to find something wrong with it. Mongols raiding is not a social issue. Social - Of or relating to society or its organization. Drugs and or Mongol attacks are not a key feature of society or an organization. You could argue that anything is a social issue. A man shoots someone in a coffee shop without being provoked in any way. A coffee shop is a social place. Our country makes a lot of action movies with violence. That makes this a "social" issue, let's increase gun control. See, now it's a social issue. I think I worded it as eloquently as I was able to.
+mattsrabidhamsters I think a military to protect against the Huns is exactly what I would consider a key feature of a society in as much as you can't really have a society without it... that isn't being set on fire. Or trampled. If action movies actually cause more violence, then that would be a social issue. Nothing scientific has said that, so it is not a social issue in that respect. We've certainly had problems with writers and the like not being compensated for their work. We get into strikes, lockouts, people can't get to work, now it's a social issue Movies start being used as propaganda for oppressive parties, inspire young men to die for a bad cause, now it's a social issue Now answer me this: if you say I can make anything a social/political issue, where do you draw the line on what is or isn't?
+Atrail Grady He got reelected for another 4 years. The first 4 years.. and then another 4 years
Thank you captain obvious.
Nope he likes Twilight.
I love humor. I like jokes as well as things that are fun.
Are there more Twilight fans than haters? I'd like to see the poll numbers after he dropped that comment.
Seeing your ads everywhere!
He likes Twilight but doesn't like vampires. Weirdo.
Him: "I like Twilight" Me: Wierdo
What's up gangstas! It's the M.I. Double-Tizzle
Yeah. If I remember right, it was part of a list of things you'd never hear Romney say
So.. Palin is worse than Obama but better than Biden?
"I'd like to be able to fire people"
Totally agree with u...okay u might overreact, but still, this man is damn creepy! He's like a robot *brrr*! But actually everyone knew that Hitler wanted a war and that he hate the jews cuz he relesed a book about 6 years before they elected his party #just sayin Still, America pleeease don't vote Romney, we all now what happens when the creepy white guy has the power! o0
So don't mess with lakes! ("Mess" is blacked out on the video) :D
He meant that Palin was the object listed between Obama and Biden. How was that not obvious from his comment?
That's a lot of likes.... Now what do you REALLY like?
Then again, Mitt tied his dog to the roof of his car, among other things.
So, basically he loves everything but elderly people that need Medicare, and 47% of America?
Imagine where Obama is going to hit you next? Your wallet and any future job you might land- say at mcdonald's?? I'm Lovin It! By the way- Mitt Romney is still .....Rich!
So If you didnt slander Mit Romney cus he is evil, you are evil?
he's in team the wolf guy (can't seperate them lol)
In the last debate he said he likes (loves) teachers. WAY TOO funny!
Romney IS EVIL. All that is needed for EVIL to succeed is for the good to do nothing. If I did nothing I would be like those Germans who stood by while Hitler gained power even though they saw EVIL in him. Those same Germans suffered for their lack of action. On the other hand so did many who tried and failed to warn the people of the doom they would suffer if Hitler gained that power. What Hitler did for Germany I am convinced Romney will do for the United States of America. Do we deserve it?
Imagine where Obama is going to hit you supporters next? Your wallet and any future job you might land- say at mcdonald's?? I'm Lovin It! By the way- Mitt Romney is still .....Rich! Never heard of people getting a good wage from a dirt-poor man that started a business that failed! Much better is the one who works and can afford a servant like someone with a housekeeper, lawnservice ,. can afford. Hope -n change-all thats left of that is very very little change in your pocket Ho Ho Ho M Xmas
well twilight isn't about vampires so it works out.
I'm surprised he doesn't like Obama! He likes so many other things!
this song was published on my birthday lol
On January 20th, he will be known as "President Romney".
I'm not sure what Mitt Romney likes?
Videos like this ALMOST make me like Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney likes this video.
oooohh... so that's why people don't like Mitt Romney; he likes twilight!
dude please ask to be on ERB you vs Darthvader is every youtubers dream!!
I may not have liked him as a presidential candidate, but god he's perfect for songification.
True, once he said he like twilight that was it.
I like Twilight? No wonder he lost.
I'd really love to know in which context does a rich old white man say "What's up gangstas? It's the M I Double Tizzle." I'd love to know that almost as much as Romney loves lakes. And that's a lot.
He likes Twilight but he doesn't like vampires???
he didn't get elected becose he said he liked twilight :D
Obama gonna drive this country into the ground
He likes twilight but does not like vampires? lol xD
He came to Michigan, but they Obama won that state. Ah, irony!
When Romney says he loves something, I think he actually means he wants to destroy it...
Yep, I totally agree, Romney is eeevil! But dude I´m German ^^ and they teach us in school so much about him so that our generation never let something terrible like that happen :(! U know, he actually menationed that it´s the jews falut that the germans have no work and that they have to kill them and fight the russians to get their land. That´s what we don´t understand: how could people vote somebody like him, and if I feel very sorry for what my anceastors did (ok my mum is polish)!
he likes things that are fun...who knew?
he likes twilight? he's not getting my vote.
"I don't like vampires personally, I don't know any" I don't know any either. :/
I know that's what he meant, I was just saying that Palin is below Biden.
0:25 and this is why he lost the election
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