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The Evolution of Dad Dancing (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon • 3,682,396 views

Jimmy takes you through the evolution of dance moves used by fathers everywhere. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy...

Anyone knows the name of the music? I just love it!
Sounds like a slow jazzy version of "Hold On" by Santana. But agreed! I love it!
I do "The Clap and Shake" and I'm 16...
hahha the clap and shake be up in church
Yes, in the black churches
I've seen my dad do more than half of those moves!
yeah I father dances more than your.....( yeah i know that one too !! my father has the bigger one yablah ! )
When you realize you're dad does all of them
...that smiling face with that wig and those glasses....TOO FUNNY!!! great Jimmy
I dance those moves now and I'm NOT a dad, dam!!
Ive never seen my dad dance... ;-;
Those would be great moves for dads at their son or daughters wedding lol.
im a 16 year old girl and i dance pretty much like this
Thanks for the I can dance like a pro
Wherever did they find this graceful creature?
Qlix Photography Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
I have seen this at so many weddings it's not funny!
The beat is so dopeeee 
Hit the nail right in the head with this one hahahahahahahahahahaa
honestly, the clap and shake rules! I'm 21 and a girl and I do the clap and shake ....  proudly :D
whew, brutal video to sit through
thi..this is evolution!!
In honor of Father's Day just around the corner.... (PS: Our favorite is "Wrong Macarena")
Does anyone know what the music is? 
jimmy looks like jeffrey dahmer in this 
U Unsworth Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
This is Dad dancing
Does anyone else think he sort of looks like Red Greens nephew just older lol
i need a soundtrack to this!
Jimmy Fallon is the coolest white boy on primetime TV!!!!
the 'random pointer' had me in stitches. So true.
The clap and shake is soo hilarious, I've seen many dads doing the same movement
My uncle, who raised me. Love him to death. Did some of those moves fused together while jamming to CCR! I miss him.
Whats that beat from???? Its killing me its an oldie but what? HELP!
Check out this video on YouTube:
the clap your hands and shake seems more grandma-ish to me.
I had a Spanish teacher that looked just like that
Minha esposa faz aula de dança, bom, eu não posso ficar atrás. Então encontrei esses passos matadores para acompanha-la! Rssss
Does anyone else think that he looks like Monroe from Too Close for Comfort, here? Lol. Jimmy J. Bullock. Hahaha. :)
My dad=Nordic track lol
My boyfriend dances Slippery snake, that hurts :-) Lol
Man you're killin' me dead especially your nordic track
I thought Jeffery Dahmer was dead.
The Tonight Show is very funny! I wanna one program like this in Spain! :)
He looks like Jim Bob Duggar, if he were to ever dance. #19KidsAndCounting #vasectomy
The "clap when you want to" is my dad's entire repertory
I don't know whether Jimmy Fallon has a nice feature to be disguised as a woman too. He looks sweet on Mom Dancing! hahahah. in this video, he looks like he came out of the yearbook!
My dad does the clap and shake... all.the.time. hahahaha dad was mexican, we know how to dance
I can't count how many times i've seen his dancing videos. they are hillarious!  i love history of rap and #hashtags too.
As a man with a father, I confirm these are all historically accurate.
People SERIOUSLY found this funny???!!!!
This is the best in the dance evolution.... hilarious,,,
my god.. i go half those moves
Woo girl is annoying all the freakin time
What key is the backing track in?
I must already be a dad cause i already do all of these at mormon dances o.o
I lost it at the "Wrong Macarena."
Jimmy looks like a young Nicholas Cage here!! lol
damn!! he got the moves
My Dad stayed at the first one 
they gotta do a new one with obama in it 
Clap and shake seems to look pretty crazy, my personal favorite
omg i can so see my dad and a lot of other dads doing this bahahahaha
This is just to funny I love it
That outfit is too perfect!
My real name is Emily
what's the song ?????
I think it's just the roots improvising! 
Hey guys the song is great. somebody please tell us the name of the song please...
You had me at 'slippery snake'.
David G Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Now I can really say am a Dad !
anyway to get this sound track people its seriously cool
The wrong maccarena is so funny :))) i just can't stop laughing
Paul Fogliani Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
:D my grandfather and i always dance the "clap and shake" TOGETHER! (sometime with my friends too) It's so funny xD
Jimmy not being mean because the first part u had my dad but did u steal that from your dad?
Daddy, try a dance move😂
My daddy never danced like that LOL
clap hand and shaaaake :))
I love the Elbow Factory... (Lip Bite Bonus)!  
Atul Aloke Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
lol Jimmy, i somehow strangely like this look on you!! :)
This is my dad when he dances lol
''The clap and shake'' is my favorite!
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