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by SteveKardynal • 4,076,092 views

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this guy has no fucking fears you, LOL
and where did he keep the mic, in his hair?
He's my role model, <3
2:24 Girl on right = BAE Steve you da real MVP for posting this vid
hell yea dude both tbh but yeah :D
that ass though XD
Why does he have a nicer booty than I do?!
It mustve been awkward in the walmart line buying like 20 sets of bikinis.
+leeviseta pelaa Dude hes a little 4 feet dude with a neck beard, and he has many videos of many different swimsuits. Ive never bought like 50 fo anyone.
2:27, I'd tap that (solid black bikini)
i laughed till i cried , shit this dude is awesome XD
Ewwwwww  thats nasty XD  put some cloths on XD
Dude your way to comfortable in that lmao
"California girls.  We're unforgettable, right?"  
You have quite the courage
I love Steves videos he's my role model I watch all his videos
That's the dock from Gta V!
i think ponies are hawt too
Damn dude ur halirius XD u have no fear
Idk why i'm smiling at this one
This is awl sorts of YUS. its perfect. I think id be more weirded out by the camera then by him....gawd i would so hand him a tampon to see what he does with it.
"Can I have the biggest Weiner you got?" I'm snow done
One of the few funny people on youtube...😚👌
Did anyone notice that this is the same place in gtaIV ?
That booty is immaculate
"No, I'm on my period. I am afraid the sharks are going to get me." LOL
How does he hide his dick in those panties. Gawd whats his secret LOL.
ahaha tu me fais delirer 😂
J'ai trouvé enfin un français sur YouTube !
Literally no fear omg how does he have that much confidence 😂
he got some guts
that means you were starring at his D the whole video??
I happened to look at the right moment.
You actually have such nice legs!! XD
omg i love you thank you so much for making this xDDDDD I AM LAUGHING TOO MUCH
He gives no fucks whatsoever
I'm on the weird side of YouTube again
it takes a lot of balls to pretend you don't have any
I think they should make a movie called .. * Balls Of Steel * and he should be the star on it
I think I realise now. Steve is a cross dresser. An occasional one though.
Aww man I've got to take the biggest shit ever.. HAHAHA! Fucking hell, he's a proper legend.
JTFOO picture me pooping. 😂
How do you not die of emberasement?
His so attractive in bikini and dresses :D
2:12 when he says hay you can hear in the background PISS OFF haha
And he still looks better in a bikini than half the women. XP. Just kidding, everyone's beautiful in their own way, politically correct compliment.
Legend, I'd hang out with this dude...
Wow, this is extreme....
HAHAAAAAAAA i havent laughed so hard X'D
Jesus man. This dude has the biggest balls in the world. XD
Holy shit man after this you'd feel invincible Steve you absolute LEGEND
Love everything about this lol
Which beach is this? Its exactly the same as the beach on gta 5
Hahah OMG I adore you Steve
Can he fuck ny mom I want a brother of him
The Most Thing Never Give a Fuck!
He was the woman with a beard before it was cool!
Ma in gtaV c'è questo posto.. Che grande!!
You understand me :')
you are like that old man/woman from south park
This is the place in GTA V 
ахах,сука придурок)))В хорошем смысле 
Tobi van Knobi Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
this fagot should get transgender surgery 
2:26 the girl in the right is so hot damn
He gots balls of steel to do that
you are down af! lmao
What has happened to this world! I would say he has some big balls to be doing this but he really doesn't in reality... I would be scared to death if I saw him
this guy has no shame
Steve just became a laughing stock now. xD
You are to. Much!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
00:40 I swear that's the beach from gta 5
It is, that's Santa Monica beach
Have you ever been to Santa Monica
I couldn't resist faping, so sexy
I have the most shameful boner right now.
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