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Firing Line - Cody McEntire

by ThrasherMagazine • 113,200 views

With skate prodigies in every town, it's tough to come up these days. Cody Mac has done it the old-fashioned way, one trick and line at a time. New videos daily at

i tre flipped that tripple. gotta go back nd get a mo fuckin big flip 
need some peanuts with that butter?
does anyone know what supras hes waering
i favorited this video before i even watched it
not to rag on THink, but Cody should have his pick at any board company because he's so good
@judakris14 where the fuck did dolphin come from?
dude cody mac can do way more variety of tricks than bigspins
Anyone know what shoes hes got on? Please tell me thanks
i replayed that hippie jump so many times its not even funny.
one of the few firing lines without a tre flip
he does have the pick of alot of board companies. but think keeps it real. its not all main stream and shit thats why he held out so long for think. shit hes been ridin for em since i can remember.
Filmed by Justin Bieber hahahaha
hmm how should I start my line..? huge hippy jump.
you know he has good style cause he crossed his arms before a hippy jump
Go look at his double rock on the website
hey sk8osk8, theyre the supra thunder low jim greco pro model
one of the best styles iv ever seen right here
The hippie jump was very misleading...
@felixdljkra yeah that was pretty legit. I can't even lie at first when I watched this I was like "this isn't that good" but after I watched it again I realized that heel was pretty beast...
holy shit i cant do that with my teck deck.....
wish i could push switch like that
he could have snuck up on you with that hippie jump
thumbs up if your viewer number 323!!
WHAT.. THE.. FUCK... switch heel!! that thing looked pretty gnar. was it like a really long 2 flat 2 flat 2?
My friend fucked up his ankle here and screamed like a bitch WATCH IT !!!!!
pause at 0:13 it looks like hes doin a switch heel down a never ending set
this guy is so good. but whos iller corey kennedy or him?
@pooFU hard to compare, while this dude has more flow and always goes big, corey kills it tech wise and is just more creative so not really a good comparison.
wow, he can even hippy jump with steeze
@KyleNavares Haha, yeah, with some extra reason to be cheerful, like he's on his way to his girlfriend's, or he's just been told he passed the exam...
press 5 a bunch for an itchy butt
what supra are that pleaseeeeeeeee????
@bladerboy069 im not talking about the hippy jump. talking about the heel smart one lol
Cody Mac has done it the old fashioned way, one yo-flip at a time
omg that place sounds like it has some smooth ass concrete
@TheRealSefron bro... i go there all the time. You know hogan?
@sp33dwobble bro man jeetz relax whats wit the animosity your mother not jerk you enough times in the bathtub? you zero.
hey sk8osk8, theyre the supra thunder low jim greco pro model
McEntire is waaaayyyy toooo underrated
dude must have been a leap frog champ as a kid
nice hippy jump and Sw heel , like it
@DaWhiteBoySk8 there is only one Hippy Jump in this and it's at the beginning.
came to say this. i saw it years ago, and am still surprised he hasn't become bigger.
thumbs up if you can do that hippie jump...
soo smooth looks like he was just trying to get somewhere on his board
no back big spins,what kind of show are you you runnin here?
@judakris14 cause someone disliked it. think with your brain.
most underrated skateboarder
bigspins or not cody mac will still be my favoirite skater
even that hippie jump was steezy . . . damn!
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