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Happy Wheels: Episode 27 - Synchronized Moaning

by CaptainSparklez • 391,064 views

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I have been playing pokemon for 5 years and ALWAYS press a when trying to catch a pokemon XD
I tell my friend he is an idiot for mashing a and b
Hey man, holding b + down helped me catch a lot of pokemon back in the day!
I have Never played pokemon and I am 13 Ever!!!!! !
What is the point of the coins????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
your episodes are so funny XD
the coins are like the finish you get it and win
I think I figured out why it takes so long for the servers Maybe its because of where you live??
i don't play pokemon, so i don't know what you're talking about.
If you play pokemon on this channel I will love
At 8:15, did anyone else visualize something perverted with his sexy moans?
I do the opposite because when I catch pokemon the second I press a button the pokeball opens and the pokemon escapes.
But the cheat code ababababa auto-catches it
His sister was the fat girl
Was I the only one who noticed how he moaned after he won the throwing level? Yes? Okay
No, CaptainSparklez, I stare at the Poké Ball.
If you release your dialga/palkia in diamond/pearl, you get an epic shiny OP arceus, try it. (The guy i replied to is gullible, so I wanna see how gullible he is)
i allways used to press the button when it rocked xD this is why youre my favorite commentator
I always use to rapidly click A or B or both or none i know crazy but also i ALWAYS would follow the movement of the ball rolling with the left and right buttons of the D-Pad and in my mind it helped lol
I would hold down B and press the d-pad in the same direction of the Pokeball. Ahh, good times
Guys do not like the spam bots.Dislike the spam bots they spam and usually have hidden viruses if they lead you to a link.
look at the tags " These maps are super hard why do you want to torture me"
yeah it does because if my brother couldn't do it i would try my wierd way of doing it and most of the time it does work
still waiting for you to sing"still alive"
You should probably give it a try. Relive that stage in your life where you would just wake up on a saturday, watch cartoons and play computer games ALL DAY. And then regret it on sunday.
Lol, back when I played pokemon I pressed a for no reason when capturing pokemon! :D He is PHYCHIC
Whenever I REALLY want a certain Pokemon, I close my eyes, cross both my fingers, and turn off the sound; but I've never tried spamming the A button, but I may try it now. :)
haha I always did that in Pokemon
I press A, B, L, R, U, D, and once I also turned the game off accidentally.
i insanely tapped a and b really fast and i thought if i did it enough i would break my game boy/ds
Someone who knows chugga and captiansparkles
Haha, the Dad was flapping his arms like they were wings! LOL! 7:05
I think catching a pokemon should be determined about how loud you scream. Chuggaaconroy would have no trouble with that.
Close your eyes and listen to the moaning
0_0 at 5:50 his legs are moving too... du du du du
You gotta love the name "Synchronized MOANING" I just love how hes so funny :)
Am I the only person that realized tha actually turning the DS helps in the newer Pokemon games for damage, damage reduction and catching if done correctly
Wow, that just blew my mind, he's right I did do that during Pokemon....
if you flung yourself to the left you would have made the secret level
HAHA at 5:50 as he is in the air he says i dont think that was very good. He was right seeing as he landed right next to very good. What a coincidence.
i press y on the ds and <-- on the gamboy
lol i do that in pokemon all the time my brother tells me button mashing doesn't help
5:49 lol his legs were moving by themselves
Programmers have searched the Pokemon Red/Green/Blue ROMs and found that in Pokemon Green and Japanese Red alternating between 'A' and 'B' give you a 25% higher chance to catch the Pokemon while the Pokeball is a rocking back and forth.
um... if you hold down and b it makes it a higher chance of gating cought :P
I did that aaaall the time when I was a kid.
4:35 ...its like watching a turtle...YOU CAN DO IT TURTLE!!!
terminal velocity, ha, this is happy wheels
Yes I have repetedly presed a button every single time I tried to catch a pokemon.
the Levels made for you are so complicated because the people who make them are some of your biggest fans, and they want to impress you (:
on my Pokemon game, the button thing actually works. I've tested it I AM NOT LYING OK
I'm telling chimney u ran over susan and cletus
Omg I hurt my thumb so bad when I would spam the a button trying to capture a pokemon xD
yes i do press a but for some reason only in the pearl version i instinctively touch the touchscreen i dont know why
Hey captainsparkelz i beat the level at the begging or your show you keep trying you will eventually get
OMG your totally right about the Pokemon thing!
CaptainSparklez i hope you didn't sell out if you know what i mean :(
Mashing the A button for pokemon is just us attempting to ascertain our control over a random chance algorithm, usually in a pointless display of futility. This is similar, just with the physics engine.
there were 2 people. that isnt an orgy, thats just sex.
7:02, looked like the character was flapping his arms to fly like a bird?
Instead of pressing any buttons I would throw my GBA in rage at suicune getting out of my last ultra ball in Pokemon crystal. Great times
Da g-force too damn high, the people can't afford to live, cause g-force too damn high!
i never have done that pokemon thing cause ive never played pokemon
I have definitely done that :)
its true whenever I play pokemon I do always just keep tapping the buttons thinking it will help when I already know it doesn't :D
Am i the only person in the world who does not know anything about pokemon?
I would rapidly press a and hit the d-pad in the direction of the poke ball
07:04 to 07:08 mid air nipple rubbing
do the throw yourself again! the secret passage was at the beginning! there was an arrow on the left wall!
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