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Epic Shake Weight Prank

by RomanAtwood • 15,018,016 views

Please share this video! We had a blast making this.Come join me on FB for extras! and Instagram - RomanAtwood Song Available HERE!!! -...

The guy sorta looks like Adam Sandler.. just a thought
I was thinking Chuck Norris
All you mother fuckers need shake weights!
The last left was carrying Fifty Shades. Lol
1:18 Man:      -"What is he doing?" Woman: -"Probably masturbating" Man:      -"That's gross" Woman: -"DEAL WITH IT"
American's have part of the sidewalk as private property? Guess that means you need to walk on the road then huh ? . . 
1:06 that is not private it is a public walkway
Lets bring back another shakeweight video!
2:30 Is it me, or is that lady watching him do the shake weight, while having a FIFTY SHADES OF GREY book?? Okay, now that's funny.
hahahh i saw the shake weight in south park LOL didn't know it existed who comes up with these ideas? lol
Whats wrong with fifty shades of gray i have never read it or herd of it
oh c'mon what's the name of this song?
It's a kind of fuckedup that +RomanAtwood doesn't gives the answer...
I love how the old lady at the end of the video was holding a Fifty Shades of Gray book. LMAO!
Am I the only one who noticed the lady at 2:33 had Fifty Shades of Grey in her hands?
Maybe I'm to innocent but I would not think anything if I saw him.
The lady in the end is reading Fifty Shades of Grey lol
fifty shades of grey how ironic...
people are such pussies nowadays fucking perverts... i would just would by and not think anything
only phaggots say "douchebag"
 and now the endless life cycle of faggots...
God, some people. Besides, everyone's looking at them like they don't do it too. Were humans
that was the funnest one ever
I actually saw a homeless dude in DC gettin all freaky with it lol
What I found funny was the last lady had fifty shades of grey in her hands.
LOL people really think he's going to be wacking off in public view.. haha!!!
I'll take 5,000,000 youtube subscribers over a job every day of the week
i dont know what funnier, the prank or that lady at the end holding fifty shades of grey lmfao
Her fantasies are coming to life lol
0:25 jonah hill at 21 jump street
anyone else think that the cop at 0:28 looks like Jonah hill?
wow all humans think about sex 24/7. I would just walk by like none of my business
I'm glad the shake weight has found its purpose
2:33 she is holding 50 shades of gray
If i saw this, i'd find it hilarious
That was TOTALLY EPIC!!!!!!
0:22 that cops just loveing the porn he is geting for free love the vidoes
you are the best prankster on the internet. Your'e not a douchebag like most of them that are assholes to people with an excuse that "it's just a prank"
What object he used to prank ?
🙈 Sport frei🙈
0:16 - Umbrella girl pissed me off
That is actually a huge example for "Don't Judge, Fast".
That woman at the end looked disgusted...she was reading fifty shades of grey. -_-
Anyone else notice at 2:30 the woman was holding a 50 shades of grey book?
0:24 thats Fedor Emelianenko plus a couple of pounds
i don't know what the woman at 2:30 is so shocked about. she had the book 50 shades of grey in her hand! 
I gotta get me one of these shake weights
That book at the end was Fifty shades of gray haha
you know when it's an old romanatwood video when dennis has hair ;)
Pretty Funny, might make some cops day or might stop them from preventing real crime with ur stupid shenanigans
Cops don't do shit beside fuck with people so stfu.
как называется эта фигня трясущаяся?)) 
The last woman has read worst things than a guy jerking off in the book she is holding ("60 shades of Grey")
Dennis looks way different with hair!
Thing about the people who are all die-hard anti-joke chickens is that they're too embarrassed to acknowledge they assumed the worst, so they just want the joke to go away. Or something
Too funny, you sir have balls of steel
lool so funny ;) , pls do more shake weight prank :D
Check out this video on YouTube:
He called it his property. It's a f****g sidewalk bish
This prank is good
Look like he gonna go to jail?
What song is used, and don't tell me to use that itunes crap, doesn't work here in Europe
NOT Darude Sandstorm, I think it's called Get Down but I forget by who
I'm dying of laughter
That lady with the fifty shades book is an idiot..............cant believe shes only on the first book!!!
lady at 2.32 was reading 50 shades of gray... so she was kinda already in that mind set.
Haha that lady at 2:30 comes out to that sight after reading 50 Shades of Grey, beautiful.
The black chick at the end was carrying Fifty Shades of Grey which makes the video even funnier.
Though honestly, does it work? The shake weight, is it good for a workout?
2:28 what a cutie in the Moo Moo dress !
Why did Dennis go bold he looks cute lol
So the sidewalk is privaye property now? Wow i cant just....
looks so bad lol you guys are horrible!
is fedor emilianenko a cop? 0:20 lol
Any one else see the last person carrying 50 shades of grey
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Why is this in Romans channel if Dennis did basically the whole video.
That is the nastiest workout ever...
his on a public sidewalk talking about private 
Roman sends the hello for Brazil. watch all your videos.
What you see is not what you get - LOL!
Do we need all this frecking pranksters wasting everyone's time ?
Everyone has such dirty minds...
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Clint Udy Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
It's private property and people are passing by it
Who is the black guy doing the shake wieght prank
3rd and High in Columbus?  That's tame compared to a lot of sh$t I saw while at tOSU.  
Dennis looks like a younger version of that guy in the Expendables.
anyone notice the last woman was reading 50 shades of grey?
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