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8 min buns - butt workout

by Passion4Profession • 3,386,221 views

P4P Web portal: Best buttocks workout. Get perfect buns in 8 min. Are your ready for this summer ? Let's to train your body. We are proud to alert you that the new...

It works, but I have to keep pausing the video to get into each position. How they expect people to go from floor knees to back then to feet within 2 seconds god knows.
Am I the only dude who's watching this?
Only Women can do this or mens can also build their butts?
Are you kidding me???  Where are the "human" chicks???
Did this once and I'm still aching on the third day. Will plan to do this twice a week.
im only in my 2nd break and im sweatier than a nun in a cucumber field
oh my gosh that made me laugh
I just wana say ... 1,2    1,2   1,2    1,2   1,2  1,2   1,2 
that made me laugh so hard hahahaha
On my 3rd day I'm already seeing changes my underwears are starting to get tighter lol like im serious
i am very enjoy this workout 1,2 1,2 1,2.. hehehe
hii does this exercises makes my butt and legs smaller
I'm on my 5th day. Yeaaa! My thighs and legs were aching as well as my butt. I'm afraid that my legs would look bigger. Just wanna ask, why my legs ache?
because you did lunges, which also works your thighs. Your legs won't look bigger, they will look toned and have defintion though. 
you can do this exercise 2 times a week, when this comes easy you should pass next level ;)
If i do this exercise, will I lose weight? I only want to TONE... I do NOT want to lose any weight. Thank you - please someone reply.
I think that usually it is low to medium intensity cardio exercises that lead to significant weight loss. Working the muscles will have you burn more calories also, perhaps resulting in you feeling more hungry around your workouts, but as long as you eat to satisfy your hunger, you shouldn't lose weight through toning alone.
how often do it to see results?
well u should do this 3-4 time a week ,like once in two days ,and well depends ,from 2 weeks to a month ;) but I already feel the results :3
Hi Restye Filip :) How's ur result? Butt getting bigger or tighen? I need to know LOL =)
Vault 13's exercise program
1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will do these everyday twice a day and abs work out let see what will happen, so tired on my first day..
This is one of the most intense workouts ! If you do it properly, it'll hurt in places you've never hurt before the next day! thanks!
Yah. Check out the playlists in their channel
Anyone know the name of the app so i can do level 2???
I've been doing this twice a day ever since January and I'm sore but defiantly works RNs !
And does it make your butt smaller
will this make my butt smaller or bigger ?
instead of lunges I squat! that makes it more intense for me
This exercise is great! I downloaded the app so I could get level 2 which just adds more burn. Anybody asking how often you should do this, I'd say almost everyday for nice quick results.
The app is free and the workouts are free if you wanna watch a video before (some are just actually free and don't require watching  video though).
how often should I train?
So has anyone done this and seen a difference? Just wondering of this worked for anyone
I began to see results in about a week. I do this twice a day everyday.
looooooooooool haha haha
Holla! Have you read about Cobrian Ripped Abs Workout (search on google)? Ive read some unbelievable feedback about it and my cousin told me they had great results with it.
I have a big butt but i wanna make it bigger and tone it more. Will this make me lose weight and lose a lot of the shape in my butt?
I've been doing this for about a month now and so far, it hasn't made me lose any weight but it has toned and lifted my butt. Besides this exercise in particular isn't that difficult.
can this excercise makes my butt smaller?
does it help butt become smalll..?
Does this make your butt tighter and smaller or does it lean towards more of a Kim Kardashian kind of rump?
I 've just try to do this exercise for the first time, and I got very tired, the speed is so high)))
At first i cant evn feel my legs jeje wel ima try it
thanks. I take Booty Boost Extreme pills and they work for me to! Love em
i like the music, or beats to it... Makes it better than just a robot voice, and gives better flow. I find myself fast forwarding through the recovery :D
how often should ypu do this
Plz need exercise for love handles
Super ćwiczenia dla początkujących lub dodatek do innych ćwiczeń dopiero zaczęłam, ale nigdy nie jest za późno żeby dobrze wyglądać......
haha I love the ending music
They laughed when I told them I would get ripped with \"Xraggy Muscle Max\", but then I showed them the results. Go and Google Xraggy Muscle Max to see their reaction. (It was epic!)
PO tych cwiczeniach poszerzyły mi sie uda a nie powiększył tyłek :(
Does this exercise help in loosing fat in butt, 
HealthyChick Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hmmmm....should I add 8 min buns to my routine too? Gotta round it out! LOL 8 min buns - butt workout
Daria Ashikhmina Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Those hip extensions are the worst!
Great workout. Please also check out my channel for more workouts to lose weight, tone up your legs, bums and tums and also nutritional tips. Simple, fun and easy methods! Thanks for the support! x
I love this when you have 'your own teacher'. Great video!
do u know the name of the drink? i live in uk so theres no walmart n i havent come across such kind of drink
I felt that one. I'll do this everyday for a month.
Is this for legs aswell? Or just butt? :)
I been using this video and it's great ! I see the change
What are you supposed to do during recovery time? Just stand there? Lol
Can 13 year olds and up do this and do it everyday?
Anybody try skinny squirt or Sensa?
6 and a half minutes in and I am tired like fuck X'D Wow.. I'm gonna try and do this every day
everyday for 2 months.. You can't read or wtf? :D That makes 7 times a week.
Great video. Stopped working out a while back but now I'm back to get toned
ok im trying this now i only feel buring in my thighs and calves. Am i suppose to feel it i my butt to ? I would very much appreciate a response. someone please email me a response
I think there's some sort of drink that's made for muscle soreness so you won't be sore afterwards....check out GNC or Wal-Mart...I'm going thru the same thing-I think it's normal(:
is there something for men?
how many times a week did you did this exercise?
The first time I did this, it felt like forever, but now it doesn't even feel that long.
good workout, day 1, im looking for a good back exercise to strengthen it, can anyone help???
this is the 3rd time Im doing it, I do it once a day and the difference starts showing. my butt and thighs hurt like hell but worth it!
just wondering can guys do these workouts
Her mouth gets on my nerves looks like a duck face lol but great exercise nonetheless
Idk why but I like the beat c: until STOP!
i think the transitions were too fast
Yea, I came to that realization, after the first day XD I couldn't really move from my bed, without whining in agony. I did it again today, after a break and it feels better. :) I will give it a rest, every second day and then continue. Thank you for telling me ^^ Have a nice day.
i laugh at this more than i actually work out lmao
Yeesss hunni... now I need a mASSage fa
I did this everyday for 2 months and i must say my but has gotten round and firm,,!!
Omg I love this work out because the music ! :)
no squats??? bullsh1t everyone knows that squats are the king of legs and buts
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