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Does evolution disprove God?

by theapologetic315 • 703 views The truth is, I love this question. So much of our culture has been brainwashed to believe that somehow evolution disproves God but we are going to look at...

I think evolution would show proof of something,..  God?... I'm not sure.. But something, sure..  Christianity?... NO. 
Why the fuck do people call people that believe in evolution evolutionist there called scientist,I hate putting ist on words
And you're comparing the vast complexity of evolutionary biology to a mousetrap? A MAN-made item?
Did you JUST compare primitively similar DNA (an ape to a human) to a fish turning into a tomato? WTF it just keeps getting worse. Sorry, I truly kept an open mind when I watched this video - I was interested.
Are u retarted ur talkin abt traps . Traps arent alive the dont change . If u have an old one . Liveing thing evevolv to adapet not becus god .
@Chuck1863 ahhhh. Ok, I appreciate you filling in the blanks. See, what you're doing is playing a semantic game. Since time began at the Universe there was "never" a time it didn't exist. The problem is that "never" itself refers to a moment in time- not time itself. The same can be said about the word "always" which refers to a place on the continuum rather than time itself. This begs the questions how time began and nothing comes from nothing. Therefore something had to create everything
you say that we just parrot everything we hear and you go and do it. you really need to do your research dude. search the web about evolution and learn all you can then youtube search evolution and learn everything you can. educate yourself on all of it
if a person is handicaped they most likely cant have a chiled caues ther DNA has a change that makes him/her inactive to other peopels DNA... same thing with for an exampel a fish if it gets a DNA change it cant interagt whit other fishes... i get that its big salmons get the mates and its in that way it change but that woulnt make a new creature it would just make salmons bigger
kinda disproved yourself how many different types of mouse traps exist; just do a google search, there are many variations, made of many materials, only the core elements persist just as do features common in all animals and plants and the groups that persist within them.
I'm not religious but trying to compare religion and Science stuff is just asking for trouble.
@Chuck1863 Dude, what you're saying isn't coherent. E=MC2 illustrates that time, matter, and space are intrinsically connected (hmmm, 3-n-1- sounds familiar). Cosmologists agree on this point. To say that time had a beginning but then say that Universe could have always existed w/o being eternal is a major fallacy of logic and reason. Im not willing to accept such a huge contradiction.
that mousetrap argument, made no sense.
you said in the beginning that you shouldent say things like "one guy once said" but isn't that exactly what all religions do? Following what some guy once wrote or arguably what jesus once said (if he existed). I belive Jesus might have existed and i belive he was a great speaker and person, but I do not belive he was the son of good.
@Chuck1863 Here's the problem- an eternal series of events is impossible. IE: if time were eternal (as you implicitly suggest) today never would have arrived bc there would have been an infinite series of days before today. However, today is here. Therefore time is not eternal. As such, a First Cause is required and since the laws of nature do not have the cause for themselves w/in themselves the only solution is God.So in light of such a strong argument, why continue to deny Gods existence?
lol Macro-evolution has never said a cow turned into a tomato, sweetheart. Energy is never ending, I believe the deity (I prefer not to humanize my deity) created the energy that started everything. But I still believe in macro-evolution does argue that the deity exists because without something to create never ending energy, energy simply wouldn't exist.
@bvespertine It seems based on your comments that you're not familiar with these simple arguments. Please do some research and come back once you've familiarized yourself with the content.
9/10 you pissed me off. couldn't watch all of it, too retarded.
and yes i would like you to predict changes in over 10 billions combinations of DNA structures. You try to make sense of chemical reactions in the body that change how a person reacts.
@Chuck1863 In a naturalistic worldview, cause and effect assumes the existence of time. So it can't apply unless you're comfortable assuming that which you're trying to prove. If however the cause is outside of time- which God claims to be- then we can have a conversation. Its great that you're using logic but you're premises are not substantiated. Not that that's a bad thing- we all have to start somewhere. But this conversation was settled centuries ago by a guy named Avicenna (a Moslem).
Why do ppl like you class, for example, all dogs, wolves and foxes together as a "created kind"? Because they all have features in common. But so do all carnivores, all mammals, and all vertebrates. So, why are dogs a "created kind" and not mammals or vertebrates? They can't all be "singly created kinds." I have seven words that make your notions smell like feces kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species. Groups within groups within groups...that's evolution!
I believe that the theory of random evolution is false because it is mathematically impossible. Think about it, the earth is estimated to have had life since 3.5 billion years ago and that is not nearly enough time for enough single celled organisms to change in a way that they would be able to reproduce. To think that single cells could have randomly evolved into all of the wonderful life alive today is simply ridiculous and dismal.
The metaphor of the trap doesn't relate to human beings because a single cell is a living being just like a human or animal. It has all the parts needed to function properly but that isn't what is changing. It's how the trillions of cells interact with each other as an organism. Together they have their own functions but they don't need each other to function properly, only to function as an organism. In this case it would be like another mechanism being formed by the mouse traps, Make sense?
"How does that prove there is no God?" Glad you asked - it's not up to the atheist to disprove God. Quite the reverse, the burden of proof is on Christians because they're the ones that claim something exists with no tangible proof 2,000+ years later. Unless you want me to say there's an invisible purple T-Rex behind you - surely I'd be just as correct.
hey to your mouse trap theory the reasons why evolution occurs its to becoming higher on the food/mating chain. The mouse trap your saying is perfect already so why would it wouldnt is the answer
I tried. I really tried to objectively watch this video and consider refuting arguments. It's just too ridiculous. I made it to 6 minutes. I had to go when you started talking about fruit flies turning into watermelons. I don't care if it was tongue-in-cheek -- it's still insulting to those of us who are TRYING to follow your invitation to open-minded discussion.
well, how is your swedish? Remember that you americans speak one language and I for example speak swedish, english, spanish and japanese. Futhermore, perhaps you should look over your own writing. It seams overly simplistic and childish. You didn't even answere my question....
I don't think you should be commenting on such a subject like this, for one, you seem as if you have the education of a 3rd grader with the grammar choice you've chosen.
also your views of changing organism makes absolutely no sense. Of course a fly won't turn into a fucking watermelon. No one is saying that they are claiming that let's say the fly is changing it's functions to be more efficient as a fly so it will be able to survive better. This is observable with viruses, FFS. A sample of viruses are exposed to a killing agent, most die but few survive out of the few that survive, they reproduce to form more resistant viruses and that pattern continues.
IMO evolution and god are two different things, i think that we view god the same way a forest would view a lightning bolt setting it on fire, to it its the act of a sentient being with a greater view or purpose, but in reality its just an unknown force acting by itself, changing things the way they change things, the same way the lightning bolt set the forest ablaze out of simple power not will or intelligence.
Evolution has nothing to do with god...
Talk about "Parroting". You obviously have never studied biology or critical thinking. Your argument is quite sophomoric. Remember, to believe in something as true with no evidence or past experience is gullibility or as you would call it faith. Evolution is a fact and has been tested, observed and has made predictions in other fields. Oh yeah, and it's falsifiable too. So, if you have all the facts, the ability to prove it wrong and experimentation to go along with it then "bring it". Then you
@Chuck1863 haha! You are tenacious!! I like that. But no, the universe ages and is therefore is not outside of time. Remember E=MC2 confirmed that space, time, and matter are all related to and dependent on each other. Also, not every god is recognized as the first cause. The Mormon God needed a creator as do many of the Hindu gods. Subscribe to my blog, the link is in the desc box. I'd love to hear more from you but we can write more on wordpress, or make a video response :)
to an awesome explanation about irreducible complexity and evolution
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