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yes budokai 3 needs an online mode plus more characters would be nice.
Can't wait to be Cooler and use Sazor blade.
budokai takes much more skill to play in tenkaichi all you do is spam the L2+triangle attack....and all the transformations do is give you different attacks
Tell Walt Disney I said you won't like what they did with your shit >:D
:( How come for vita but not 3ds? i need a good naruto / dbz game on it.
I wish they had done a Burst Limit 2 or sth.
Weird that Budokai 2 wasn't in. And no online is kind of a bummer. Will still buy though.
Me too; mostly for BT3; in my opinion that was THE BEST DBZ game until now... Great cinematic experience combined with some of the best and most balanced fighting. I would LOVE BT3HD and would buy that at the price of 2 of this HD collection.
you defintely won me over with your opinion and the way you stated it compared to most ppl who just say Budokai is better. I prefer Tenkaichi 3 because it is the closest simulation to the actual DB universe.
budokai 3 is the best DBZ game ever made.. :))
Why Tenkaichi 1? I always thought the first to be the worst of the series. Tenkaichi 2 was great much better than the first I played that more than Tenkaichi 3. Instead of cutting games out they should really just include all Tenkaichi's f they ever do consider making an HD Collection.
why they dont just remake the f*king budokai tenkaichi 3???
Why not a budokai tenkaichi remake? AGHHH
Thank god they brought Budokai back, even if it is the old ones. We need a break from the crappy Raging Blast and newer games. They just messed up the controls and the fighting... These DBZ games were great, you could use abilities whenever you want, as long as you had the Ki, and the combos weren't too long.
well i understand but its just not a collection you know what i mean. if it was then why didnt they just put all three that would be worth my 60 bucks
Will any of them have online???
Aw,dammit. I was hoppin for budokai TENKAICHI HD collection =(
Okay, I have a problem with this. Where the hell is 2? And why come out with one when 3 covers the same story? Why not come out with 3.5 where we can have online ranking matches? I am super excited for 3 coming out again but this is just silly.
@TheSingletonHOD Think about it, The Only change from 2 to 3 is practically story mode and more people. 2 Is not that important and woe take longer
lol nvm about my comment so at the end of the video :D
buying this for the ps3 since theirs no online it should only be for ps3. ID buy it cause i saw blue ray. and its 40 bucks course ima buy it but at the best quality.
cuz u know...the highest res. isnt 1080p its actually 2000+something just google it and do it on pcsx then ull get amazing results
the graphics kindoff remind me off burst limit
cuz they messed up the beginning in budokai 2 nappa and raditz were on earth at the same time
Just got Raging Blast 2 and it looks like i won't be playing that game for a long time after i get this HD Collection.
fighting games should strictly be 2d with 3d animation
Raging blast 2 is my favorite Dbz game,Ultimate tenkaichi and DBZ Kinect can burn in hell lol
they should put the teen goten as super saiyin 2 on their
i hope they at least add some new characters that would make that much more awesome
hey dude ps360hd2 do you live in japan and if yes which city in japan do they interview naruto storm 3
well tenkaichi 1 wasn't unique like budokai 1 was, so i don't know what they'd do
When they see the success of this remake maybe they'll realize it's time to make budokai 4
they said if this sells well they will and then think about budokai 4!
Nah a Budokai Tenkaichi 2 & 3 collection, 1 realy wasn't good imo
fuck this should have been Budokai 3 and tenkaichi 3
Budokai tenkaichi 3 was the best dragon ball game in the series in my opinion
Lol why no budokai 2? Aha, still w/e I'm happy that instead of making new crappy games yearly, they decided to release HD collections of old ones. Now we need the tenkaichi series HD and I don't need any more dbz games in my life xD
Well that's stupid Why's it only 1 and 3> It should include all 4. -___-
There is a budokai HD collection and budokai tenkaichi HD collection!
maybe if they had another go at it? they could do better
That's a badass cover for the game lol DBZ 4TW!!!!
well i think we can declare tenkaichi is more like the actual show, but which is more fun just comes down to opinion i guess.
Ok now im happy but wtf happened to Budokai 2? :/ They could add a 2nd disc, i wouldnt mind to pay an extra.
Nothing Can Replace DBZ We Miss You!!!!!
(Not the one you replied to) Tenkaichi matched the style of DBZ. Also, why do you assume "Street Fighter"...? SF is a 2D Fighter while DBZ:Budokai is not strict to 2D & is 3D. While I played both of the series, I prefer the Budokai series & it's like those type of 2D/3D Fighters & is more fun than the Tenkaichi series. A great DBZ fighting game? DBZ:Budokai series. A great DBZ simulator fighter? Tenkaichi (or the recent ones). Since I enjoy a fighting game & enjoyed the show, I'd go for Budokai.
yea it has but its not budokai it cant be budokai hd collection with infinite world
vita is basically a ps3 with lower graphics so they would be able to do it. 3ds' dont have good analog sticks and doesnt support these games cuz the 3ds cant run very fast fighting games because of the lack of buttons.
i'll always like tenkaichi 3 the best. then maybe budokai 2 or 3. tenkaichi 1 and 2 weren't that great to me.
Lol, dude. It's an HD collection, it's not supposed to be better than newer games.
thumbs up if they should use do this with ultimate ninja
@detectiveconan8 Actually Ultimate tenkaichi had ssj4 gogeta
If its not playable in 1080p I'm not getting it.
because budokai 1 and 3 were ten times better. The only thing good about tenkaichi 3 were the amount of characters.
The cover is hot! Mighr get cause of cover lol.
These are the only dbz games I like
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