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Techno Kitten Adventure: AMAZING Indie Game w/Nova

by UberHaxorNova • 1,298,166 views

Remember to like the video! More to come??? DOWNLOAD HERE: Song from the credits of the game: Frisco - Sea Of...

I unsebbed from James ages ago, but i remember being around while he uploaded this and this video and this game does NOT seem 3 years ago o.O Like, that just does physically not seem possible, that's so weird XD
+Yaser Al-Sokary Yeah but we're on the internet and most importantly YouTube, it is very very very rare to come across a nice comment lately XD Oh i have never liked Toby and for that reason, oh people who are like "O my god i found out he smked an nw i am unsubbin bcuz smoking is nt kool" get a life :')
Ah nova's old intro.. brings some nostalgia, back when gassymexican was a creature, then they all moved into the first creature house, but they are not as nearly as good as they were before the second house then the office. But goddamn nova's old intro brings back some feels.
+GreenLeafForever I feel you. It's so extremely different now that it's not even enjoyable anymore. I miss the 2012 creatures. Nowadays it all seems forced and too professional.
+Jake Torrance Yeah... i saw one of nova's more recent episodes and something seemed off... at least in comparison to the episodes I used to watch.
uberbaxornovas old intro my fucking god
+The United Marshmallow Federation to be honest, ive been relaxing a little, considering it was valentines day
The old intro and everything, I'm going deep down into memory lane tonight
I fucking love this game but I already unlocked ALL the characters
I cant believe this was the first ever video that I've seen of nova, if I never played techno kitten I would've never been a fan of James or found the creatures.. now I'm obsessed with YouTube game commentators. I've been a fan of James since 2012 !!
Hard to believe this video is coming to 3 years old...
4 years later and it's still a fucking fantastic video. Good shit m8.
I miss techno kitten ;(
The first real series I ever watched of James, I will never forget these days.
These were the days. I miss it when he just played a bunch of random games like this. Please come back to this someday :D
Can anyone link Gaben to Novas first video? There's a knife in store for the first scrub to tell me.
4 years ago I remember this coming out. ;-;
Flappy bird except way better
I personally feel novas best series were his random games that he played out of nowhere, like this one. I wish he'd do it more often than he does now :(
Just believe ... in da rainbow
This game should have become popular instead of Flappy Bird.
Too many tough cunts who can't admit the game is fun and the music is good. Sad to see so many 'tough' people afraid to have fun
Nova knows DDR stuff. We need a creature DDR marathon.
this is like eargasm therapy
this shit.. never gets old dances to the music
Watching in 2014. I honestly believe James was truly fucking happy playing this.
Is that Borderlands music in the intro? XDD
Three years old...fucking christ.
The time that the beat drops is when it's all Colorey and shit
This is one of my many favorite games you've played :)
What type of music is the soundtrack
+Emma Skeria He was asking what genre. I think it's like techno or like ddr or some shit XD
The old intro! I Mizzed U sew munch!
The first video i saw from nova
The time that the beat drops is when it's all Colorey and shit
Thank you for this game!!
6:30 every stoner playing this game
ahhh the game of where you can get seizures ive played it its fun
Nova: Oh Rainbow! How Pretty. Nova Kitty: Runs into Death Circle. Nova: WHAT THE HELL KILLED ME?! Make all the ADD and ADHD people play this xD
I wish he kept this intro </3
The song is Sea of Love-(Hixxy Remix)
i'd lose my god damned mind
i want to be i teh game
Ive played this game and i sucked at it, if you litteraly never tried drugs....just play the game to feel the same way
this game soo easy i have it my high score i 134,675
So that's what it's like to be high.
I still remember the old weird intro for nova XD
this is basically flappy bird, but a lot better
+pontarn00 i will look for you... i will find you... and i will kill you...
does anyone else wanna watch nova play DDR or is it just me?
How is dat game hard.. I finished the whole thing already..
Really? Because you cannot actually finish techno kitten adventure. You set high scores and unlock different kitties. But you don't beat techno kitten adventure.
Imagine being high asf and playing this ?
 they hade to be on drugs when they made this
This is the type of game u would play if u where on acid
This game is fucking amazing, but i think i had a seizure somewhere in the video lol
This kids is how you use drugs
Me: Just wait for the drop... MWAHAHAHAHHA
I got this game and my eyes hurt like shit
this is like highschool all over again 
This is cat flappy bird with techno music
Nope, flappy bird is this but without techno . 
This game is amazing, trippin with UK Hardcore in the background! XD :D
Ignore...all...outside...distractions... Bl
this makes my eyes hert
You can get it on Apple iPad iPhone or the other apple things cause I have it on my iPad that I'm plying on right now
The games tricking you but look what's going fast and what's going slow ok
I remember these videos going up. Jesus christ, I've been subbed for a while lol
My eyes are barfing rainbows
i got it for free on my tablet :3
yet it costed 99¢ for full version lol
In the beging preppie say zoom in to cat it look like a nip
the download link DONT WORK
This intro was so good
And now I have a migraine
Just fapped to this
this game is like the techno music from DDR mixed with hallucinogenics/ techno internet. 
268 People had seisures
:/ nova have you pleyed soust paurck stick or trueth
In case your wondering, the song is: Sea Of Love (Hixxy Remix) by Frisco
Was the comment posted 3 years ago??
if you have ever played this game, its like a fucking intense flappy bird with kittehs and techno music
Friends at my college showed me this today, and it's so beautiful. <3
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kitties
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