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Spartan Push Up (300 workout)

by Passion4Profession • 2,499,156 views

Spartan Push Up: advanced exercise used by the protagonists of the film "300" to train the chest muscles. This exercise requires an advanced level, we do not recommend using this exercise for...

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This is SPARTA...'s push-up!!!!
Not for beginners? This is easy as fuck!
I kiss floor 16 times trying to do that,all what grow was my mouth after i french kiss it trying t switch hands
After 20 push up of this workout i went down like a warrior
Breathing is wrong. ''To push up you bread power in to your blood'' and down you bread it out. For martial artist, he pushes power out, so the breath out, bread in to concentrate the power before releasing it. Study the breading while you are passing in time through the day doing various things. Body knows the best.
Really? I've read and heard that you should exhale when contracting the muscle(s), and inhale when you extend/relax the muscle(s).
+wamporeycidulgb I just started home exercising (putting all my trust in these bodyweight programs) and I natrually breathe in when contracting my muscles. Even tho I tried doing it the other way around like you said
looks like the dude from GTA4
Niko? No it doesn´t
I personally use an Android App to count the number of push ups and it gives me the limit per day. You can also try it here
looks easy af i'll start doing these   Free to play strategy game in wich the profit  in -REAL MONEY-! Marketglory is a "paid to play", or just playing a game where  you gain virtual money used in the game, but they can also be converted to real money and then picked up.
I got the breathing right but the push up.. thats when i almost stop breathing
For those struggling to build muscle stick to a strict routine doing weights every other day at least(1-2 hour sessions) as allowing time for torn muscle to repair is what builds them up to be bigger(get 8-9 hours sleep a night). Protein shake actually does help as a supplement and i would recommend it, use water with it, not milk(as much as it tastes better) as your body breaks water down easier therefore the protein along with it, take the protein after the workout, also keep training hard, pushing yourself is the best thing to do to show improvement, for benching minimum sets of 8 reps is ideal(but keep going until your at that point, don't over do you still need to put the barbell in it's stand). Also it takes a long time to build up(many months not 1 or 2) if you don't stick to a strict diet/routine, If you're not dieting then it will take longer, so expect to put the extra time and effort in, to save me writing reems i'm gonna end it here, if your not tired after a workout your not putting enough effort into it, keep motivated and keep working out and you will improve, gl to all!
i have a question i dont expect to see results immediately from doing this but do you have the average expectancy to notice any difference in muscle tone like the week span
I got the breathing right but the push up.. thats when i almost stop breathing
It's comforting to see that even the CGI push-up dude has sagging manboobs.
I need work to do this push up
im not ready for this yet but i will soon :)
StudyMartialArts.Org Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
SMA Fitness - Spartan push ups - Coaching Keys 1. Start with a good hand position 2. Create a neutral spine 3. Maintain shoulder alignment - elbows at a 45 degree angle
Good exercise , for boxing
can people post how much they were able to do, i wanna compete.
Liza Anderson Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when other normal people build muscle  easily using \"Xraggy Muscle Max\" (Look it up on Google).
Done deal I did 100 of them on defimystere30jours 
Bro Thank You for this video P.S. It's almost the same as a push up 
Not there yet but I waill be:D
emin gürdal Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Alisson Bobato Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
otimo exercicio
dude i love this channel
Cavid Eyyubzade Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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Sk. Stef Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago (edited)
commencer hier 5x12, ché mal ! :-)) Spartan Push Up (300 workout)
1 jour sur 2 donc normalement demain c'est good pour recommencer; enfin normalement ;-))  faut que je me bouge, un bail que je fais plus rien et la quarantaine approche doucement mais surement ^^
ouep elle approche... :-\ pareil 1 jour/2 (normalement)... faut que je me ressaississe là! y a du laisser-aller...
i always thought this variation was more flash than substance; sure it's a bit harder than a regular push up, but it's still pretty easy. basically guaranteed that actual Spartans would have done harder variations than this.
I don't want to know more. Zeus and the gods be praised!!!
i lost 37 lbs in 6 weeks bro, with hard diet and with hard exercise, but i have built some nice muscles too, not only burnt fat. sorry for my spelling haha
congratulations. I am still recoverig in hospital after trying this spartan push up.
i can do this with my cock master advanced level
hey anybody know any ways to help me???!?!!?!!? honestly i dnt even know why i try anymore apparently ive been told even up to stress can affect you so if thats the case i should just give up,but still i need help i weigh like 150 and im not in horrible shape,but i cant get no better or i just cant add on muscle mass its a big problem with me and i dnt kno y,and worse i can't even make what muscle i do have pop out or give any real definition or swoleness im just tired of not being noticed help!
im doing push ups for more then 3 years, started on 15, now im 61kg and i can do that 20 times
You should download Funny Jokes app from the Google Play store. We need new people with fresh jokes. P.S. If it were a virus, it wouldn't be in the market. Plus no link is provided.
...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......lissen man.......iam spartan and for a 100 generation before of my grandfathers ,,,this exersize comming up of your brain and is not spartan exersize.,......just you are user the our famus name to get atraction and how nows what more,,,just for the history,,,,,,,mister the spartan exersize is prohibited for any one if is not spartan from sparta and from greece,,,i hope that is clear to you ,,,,spartan exersize,,,,,,;)
Better say goodbye to that rotater cuff.
PFffffffffffff u dont need to complicate it youst push ur body up and down no need to relocate arms and put em in position nicly straight from ur shoulders trust me
Thank it will help a lot for triceps
Burning fat means cardio. Get your shit straight
If you have been trying to bulk up, you should Google "Max Muscle Extend". That can help you get the body you deserve.
I was able to do one - ohh Yes!
That's got to kill your wrists though.
Wow that was an excellent workout. Im 14 and this is the first time i have felt my pecs on fire.
Well this guy defies gravity.
Awesome. I had some trouble favoring my right side but this should help
lol just did 30 straight and i barely workout prity lame if u wanna try a real hard pushup try the shaolin pushup or planche pushup thats the real deal i cant do either one of em xd
stick to a paleo diet and your tits, and rest of the fat, will melt away.
I don't really want to get ripped, but I am curious as to which of these chest workouts is the most effective and fastest at burning away my embarassing man tits :<
I did. And so can everybody who trains with all of their heart.
I just tried them, not really that difficult, but then again I do anywhere between 100-300 pushups a day. Clapping pushups are harder.
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