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Knife Fight Deathmatch

by BrandonJLa • 2,277,368 views

Watch as Brandon, Niko, Sam, Ben, Freddie, and Jake engage in mortal knife fight combat!

I was expecting some crazy Wolverine shit, run, slide on the floor between your opponents legs and knife them in the nuts. 
"I think I gotta go to the hospital." -Sam 2011
I love Brandon's westside story refrence
this is the girliest knife fight ever.... X3
Freddie just has some geneticly wired kung-fu, it's obvious.
The very first man party
At first I thought that they using real knifes
what knives are these and were did u get them
Funny how fit they were then, now they ARE SO FAT xD , except Niko
throwing knife scene was funny, plus the phrase "do u like the taste of steel?" was hilarious! xD
Jake looks like Bruce Wayne
LOL. This must give a great message to kids. . .
whats this music`s name? plz tell me
+Sil3ntKilla01 no your wrong its Dafuq - Shitstorm
01:53 brandon chops nikos dick off
lol they all really did look like they were in westside story
The good 'ol days :')
do you like the taste of steel? is the best part lol
yeah from the early games not the new ones or the shitty films
LOL Sam is throwing his knife (Good Trick)
thumbs up if you got the westside story reference right away
FREDDIE WINS! Ding ding ding ding
freddie holds the knife like a pussy.
that is not a death match, that would be first blood, lock em in a room, with one knife, two enter ...ok jk
where did you get the fake knifes? what kind are they?
Is jake the guy who normally has a tash in the other vids?
pu$$ies.  why don't you use REAL rubber dildos?
I guess they don't want to because people would call then names like "gay," when they may not be.
+Laura Keeping I think they prefer the name homosexual.
The first hint anybody has that Jake is a law student.
dang they could've poke thier eyes out
Freddie looks SOOO thin in this video.
I hope those knifes aren't real... >.>
+ReyRexion MMOS Sarcasm, I feel sorry for your ADHD
U r just the most retarded user on youtube!
If I was in a knife fight, I wouldn't fight the guy, I would just disarm him of his knife and throw him on the ground. Just like George Clooney did in Three Kings.
So you'd basically imitate something from a movie and use it in a real life scenario....#SeemsLegit haha
It's better than almost getting yourself killed and shows everyone that you're smarter than they think you are. Plus I like to practice such moves, thinking they may become useful in a real world scenario.
hahahahaha looks like their trying to smack bees out of the air
Whats the name of the theme/battle theme theyre using?
LoL, we did west side story this year at my school, I played saxophone and the macbook in the pit.  
A kid named Ben at my school looks exactly like the Ben in this video…
I have seen lots of their episodes and this one made me laugh the most!.
people saying the would pull out a real gun.... I think they missed the whole point of the video
there are also 2 kind of people i hate bullies and you
my thought were "shank,shank,shank,shank!"
both of the winners wiped off theyre finger prints before they ran off lol
*Brandon is referencing West Side Story It is sad when people have to be told that. lol
This gave me the best idea ever
Ya'll should check out CKM for some awesome knife defense!
How old is Jake, he seems pretty old.
Is that the stab to the chest or the drop the soap stab?
Fill in the blanks. _ttp://_ww.Type youtube here .com/w_tch?v=SXZjhHwndOE
Don't you do it too? What's the point of growing up if you can't be childish sometimes?
Am i the only one who's wondering what happened to brandon.
you should make a other Knife Fight DEATH-MATCH
yeah and they get a mil or more each video. nerd? so what? they got skills and have videos to prove it.
1:37 Sam awkwardly reaching for the knife and not getting it
They said at the BEGINNING that they weren't real
I've seen the movie that that quote was from
nope 87 (Don't start a chain im serious if you guys do im spamming all the comments) so SUCK IT
da fu?? i dont know what you said but i know 1 thing... no
"you like the taste of STEEL" *throws knife* LOL
Nothing like Raiden vs Vamp from MSG4 :L
o.o it would suck if one was actually real
if i could just come up with crazy ideas to have fun with like you:(
Haaaa every one looks so compared to their recent ones lol.
I'd just pull out my IMI desert eagle... and shoot both of them from 2 blocks away.
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