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Sleepytime Story For a Christian Hitler

by meridianfrost • 6,001 views

You know the argument well. Putting it to rest feels like singing. Subscribe! Thumb! Drink arboreal libations! And leave me a comment.

Hitler was never excommunicated by the Catholic Church.As for Stalin, he spent a few years in a Russian Orthodox seminar. Great place to learn how to manipulate the masses and style yourself as ' Father of the Natiion '  One autocrat, Stalin,  replacing another, the Zsar, I've only just discovered your videos, keep up the good work
Stalin just hated just everyone.
This is incorrect - read the Bible and you will find that the evidence is against such an assertion, if my god is the God presented therein.
You have obviously not read anything Hitler wrote. You read some website and then you claimed to a e read his stuff. He flat out said Nazi ideology and Christianity are incompatible. I read the conspiracy theory's about the Catholic Church funding hitler. You have a lot to learn.
"my university education in natural sciences" So, why bother going to church then if you seek an education? "I guess listening or reading more than Zeitgeist would be too much for you." So, you claim to be this intellectual who has this great education but you fail to see religion for the revered hoax that it is? "Christiani­ty is either all about faithful altruism, or a dick hateful God who sends deniers to hellfire...which is it?" What the fuck are you talking about?
I'm an Atheist and I'm a German and I think the idea that Hitler was some sort of Christian Crusader and the Holocaust was "The Inquisition Part 2" is first of all ridiculous and secondly very American. Americans tend to forget that not only Jews got killed in the Holocaust. Many minorities like Gypsies or Serbs, most of them Christian, were also targeted by the Nazis and their allies. Also Himmler, Hitlers right hand, successor and chef ideologist was an outspoken enemy of Christianity.
Yea well he definitely wasn't atheist, I can tell you that much. You are aware that the reason people make these arguments is in retaliation to the religious pinning these atrocities on the minority(Atheists) that they have been persecuting and repressing for centuries, right? Atheists are not going to commit genocide, so people need to get over themselves and stop distrusting us already.
What an invaluable analysis. Gonna save this one for future theistic disarming. Great insights. Thanks Meridian.
Yes, agreed...But, many killings are tied to marital strife, or affairs of the heart...answer, end all relationships? Of course not. It would be hard to speculate about what would happen in absence of something that has been a historical constant since recorded would be pretty foolish to do so, as there would be no way of proving the speculative comparison.
Part 1: Please, read what I actually write before replying. I didn't say Hitler was a Pagan. Himmler (you know, Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS and Hitler's designated successor) was a Pagan. Himmler was very clear about the fact that he considered Christianity a Jewish cult he intended to replace with a new Pagan religion befitting the "Aryan Master Race". Would Hitler have made him his successor if he would have been a devout Catholic? Also both of them were outspoken fans of Nietzsche.
The fact that hitler, in a joint statement with other top nazi officials said "nazi socialism and Christianity are incompatible" is proof that he wasn't a Christian. He did speak of religion while he was still trying to obtain power, but after he gained power, he killed catholics, burned down churches and persecuted Christians is proof he wasn't a Christian. Frankly, it doesn't matter, but I ask you to quit lying
Robespierre was some deist. Furthermore an Atheistic belief system is not the same as an atheist belief system(which doesn't exist), the only reason it was "atheistic" was because it involved rejecting a god, but Buddhism can be a godless religion too. So of course there is ATHEISTIC religions, but there is no ATHEIST religion and the main difference is that 1 adds on a bunch of beliefs which have no direct relation to Atheism :l
Comment 3: Religion in Germany is pure lip service and tradition. There is no conviction. People halfheartedly follow the bigger rituals like having babies baptized or first communion because that is just what you do and you get presents. Even the Catholic priest who prepared me for my first communion told me that the stuff in the bible is mostly poppycock and that the Buddhists are just as right as Catholics. A hand full of pro Christian quotes from Hitler don't mean anything, believe me.
New Atheists are typically considered those who tend to follow newer atheist authors rather than older ones (such as Russel). The newer atheists are those primarily who follow in the footsteps of Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, etc. They are typically more vociferous and "evangelical" in their writings and messages. For Reign of Terror, look up "Cult of Reason," "Robespierre," and "French Revolution." I definitely understand what you are saying :-)
Wouldn't Stalinism qualify as a full-fledged religion, though? It had holy scripture, priests with exclusive access to the one truth, persecution of nonbelievers, an inquisition, .. and nowadays the Russian Orthodox Church produces icons of Stalin wearing a halo.
All I hear is you mentioning how he was either religious, or he was religious :P Paganism is a religion, being occult is usually something supernatural, etc. You can sit there and say that not all Theists are bad, but EVERY theist I have asked: would do ANYTHING if god wanted you to, they say YES! So if god says "kill all children", they will kill all children. Crazy atheists are not going to convince other atheists to kill all children, sorry but that is not possible :l
I hate that "holier than thou" attitude that some Atheists have. I agree that Atheists can do horrible things, plus Atheists have harder consequences due to them having only themselves to blame/thank for both the positive and negative things they do. HOWEVER I think we can both agree that atheists will never amass an army of atheists to genocide theists, and that the people who think we are going to do such is probably going to be the first ones to attack because they think it is self defense.
Dude, I think you want to lump all atheists together, because it enables you to view us as 'those people,' instead of the individuals we are. When you do that, you end up arguing with a label instead of a person, and that's one of the problems with these debates. Atheists are guilty of it too. You are so predictable, I say I'm an atheist, and like the non-thinking person you are, you immediately assume I'm a Dawkins worshipper. I guess it's just easier, huh?
I don't know, sounds like your fuckin' angry! Hahaha. What's wrong, Jesus isn't pulling through for you, maybe you aren't praying hard enough? Remember, god works in mysterious ways! Hahaha.
So you know crazy people. So what? So do I. The page I listed showed actual quotes from church leaders to Hitler at the time he ruled. That is called proof. I haven't lied about anything. Just because you refuse to accept facts doesn't mean I have lied. Same with whatever book you are mentioning. I never said I read (or didn't read) any book. Now you are just making thing up to try and prove your point. And you're failing terribly even at that.
I do not know what Christians you could point to now as being very brutal people. As for the this 'Christians still kill people today who they believe "sin against their god".' Who are these 'Christians'? Besides, that whole sentence make no sense. Christians sin against their God all the time, so these 'Christians' would be killing themselves and all their friends.
Refutation to the (false) idea that Stalin killed because of atheism: w w w(dot)atheismresource(dot)com/2010/stalin-killed-for-political-reasons If you did a little research, you would see the truth, not the propaganda you have been led to believe. You still have provided no evidence, while I have. As I said: Proof or it didn't happen.
(Cont.) religion they did these things. The same reasons that any leader goes to war or kills. Tribes/countries/states/people/cities go to war for the same reasons they always have. Power, or need, and a lot of times both. Humans are humans regardless of faith, and all have the same failings as any atheist.
I claim to be intellectual because I am...I spend a lot of time reading and talking to others, have completed numerous degrees, and as a humanist I don't like ignorance...especially prideful ignorance. Why do you claim to be this intellectual who cavorts his reason yet is clearly inconsistent with logic based on your "hearsay" argument? Read a book yo. You've claimed Christianity is is it both...I want to hear your take on Christianity...I'm ALL ears about it.
"we forget Christianity was exactly the same" - only the followers of christian religions want the inquisition and witch hunts to be forgotten. Although you and I would not agree on theology, we would agree on a lot.
Again, you used a nonaccredited and unapproved website. The academic arena would completely reject any information you got off that site. The undeniable fact is, the church was not a threat to Stalin, and thus he persecuted the church, killed clergy, and demolished churches, purely for atheistic reasons. Nothing you have said refutes any of the facts. Your best bet now is, admit you lied, you were wrong, and start acting like an adult.
Christianity is not about doing the right thing anyway so your argument is fundamentally fucked from the get-go. You are supposed to be an altruistic and obedient servant to god without question-Doing what the church tells you he wants whether it's morally right or wrong. It's embarrassing when an atheist knows the religion better than you do, isn't it?
Pardon me. I assumed that by simply mentioning the crimes, you would take the energy to see these claims for yourself through this new invention called "google". Anti-Abortion Killers: Eric Rudolph, James Kopp, Paul Jennings Hill, Scott Roeder, Michael F. Griffin, and Peter James Knight. Killer of gay people: See Uganda (which was supported by major US Christians), and many, many more School Shooters: How's Timothy McVeigh for you? Beat up Muslims: See the EDL and other racist pricks. cont..
I don't find it terribly relevant what Stalin's personal beliefs were. What counts is what he did and said. I wanted to point out, that religion isn't the only thing that makes decent people do (or accept) evil things. Many decent people accepted (or denied) Stalin's atrocities because of the ideology they adhered to. Communist orthodoxy, starting from Marx' valid criticism of religion, led to violent persecution of religion, which was just as irrational as was burning witches at the stake.
"hell, we're the reason you even have a channel on youtube! " Christianity is the reason MANY of us have youtube channels... What does that tell you? "The only impression you are leaving is that you jump to mockery, ad hominems, vaguely informed opinions, and parrot only the worst of youtube atheists...." For example? (I work alone)
God "has an amazing plan" isn't in the Bible yo...and yes, God does work in mysterious ways...and one that are imminently reasonable and logical. I insist it requires faith...not the type of faith you seem to think it does. What is prayer anyway? Children talking to their father?, it is the thing good little self-righteous people do in your mind...seriously dude...who do you spend your time talking to and WHAT do you read???
"so your life isn't my business but you know all my secrets?" Huh? "No, you're just an angry little bigot on a self-righteous hypocritical rant because you were probably hurt by someone or many people or had friends hurt by people in the have I...get over it." Nevermind the juvenile insults, refute my claim that the church only wants your hard earned money.
Bingo, All of the scumbags in question did what they did to hold onto their own power & influence
If this guy taught a class, I would take it. Very enjoyable, and humorous.
I never said anti-theism was irrelevant, sorry if it sounded like that. All I have been trying to say is that you do not have to be atheist in order to be anti-theist, and that it is bullshit that the religious want to pin such atrocities on the minorities they harmed for centuries :l
Comment 2: If Germans would really be anywhere near as religious as Americans, we would have all those different sects and churches too. There are no German Baptists, no German Mormons, no German Methodists or anything like that. All there is is Catholics and one brand of Protestants. Why? Because nobody gives a shit. People call themselves Catholic or Protestant because their parents and grandparents did, but virtually nobody goes to church. Sorry, have to write a 3rd comment.
I don't think the anti-theist aspect of Stalin's ideology is irrelevant. The end goal a was the creation of the "New man" (новый человек), whose only loyalties were directed the party and the communist cause. To this end, all means were permitted, and existing loyalties had to be cut off. E.g. Siberian shamans had to be killed, as they were traditional leaders of indigenous peoples and led anti-Soviet insurrections. So, to some extent, anti-theism was a necessary component of Stalin's politics.
Part 1) Look at the Soviet Union where I was born and grew up. It can't be debated. Stalin, an atheist, wanted to wipe out christianity, solely due to the fact that he was an atheist. Atheism was his only motivation. The Church was not a threat to his power. The Church never tried to kill him. The Church prayed for him and for the prosperity of the nation. It was the fact that he was an atheist was the driving force behind his actions.
I think it's mostly the religion's fault, because it requires faith and it demands total power. these factors combined with a book that is severely multi-interpretable, lay the foundations for the way of thinking people whom embrace these believes have and when there's wars and rape and murder going on in this book, the line between right and wrong start getting blurry. it is only in the last stage of this analysis that your point on dominion comes in view, for people ARE inherently bad, P's
This guys a crackup and very well informed and really good at putting his views across.
Dawkins just told the atheist wold to "mock and ridicule" the religious. This Reason Rally thing was about organizing politically. "Theism on the other hand..." well we KNOW they are whack jobs, why would we ever want two whack job groups? Escalation of the rhetoric is bad, those that justify it with "well the other side is worse!" are simply stupid! Dawkins is stupid at best and at worst, he wants a martyr. Sad thing is, I think he'll get one.
At 3:00, read Mein Kampf. He's killing Jews because Jews stoned Jesus.
I disagree. Non-belief in eternal damnation would open the door for at least SOME people to do things they would otherwise not do if they believed they would be punished forever for their act. It's unfortunate, but that seems logical to me.
There is tons of documented evidence that he demolished churches and kills catholic clergy. I love my mother, but she is athiest and I'm not, so hitlers mother has zero relavence. I see you won't quit lying, so I'm. It sure why I keep responding. When people start calling names like you do, it's a sign that they have been routed. To back to school. Start studying, and in many years you will be at my level of knowledge. I gave proof for my claims, and you haven't
I'm a poor graduate student my convert denomination hasn't asked for money from...but actually speaking to someone isn't good, you have to play the little victim who is an ex-christian (Catholic???? I'm still betting on this) who is angry. You can't answer my question until weeks later???? Seriously dude...get a life!
What are these well documented comments?
I should also point out that you have invalidated the above argument if what you are saying about altruism is Hitler was neither altruistic nor did he follow what the church said (thereby tipping YOUR hand as most likely a former Roman Catholic)....Hitler might have SAID he was a Christian, but according to your deffinition he could not have been. Thanks for your help! :-D
Atheists and black people also were killed during the holocaust, just because he was anti-theist somewhat that does not make him atheist! Would you guys stop with pinning it on atheists! Hitler probably hated Christianity for the same reason MUSLIMS hate Christianity, because they got the "wrong" way of looking at the creator, Hitler had "perverted" the christian god as seen with ideas like god having a favorite race :l
"Atheists are not going to commit genocide" - Atheists are people, people suck...this has been my consistent statement. People do bad things and can justify it with anything...religion, philosophy, state, etc. Just because you are a theist or not does not automatically make you morally higher than others. I tend to distrust people when they have attitudes like some of the New Atheists who seem to have forgotten the Reign of Terror and other such things.
Yea but there will always be believers, because you cannot break down an unfalsifiable claim. I mean obviously religions like Christianity are falsifiable because of the contradictions and outdated info, but religion will probably always exist. I mean bad guys will always exist, the day everybody is educated, that is also ensuring the bad guy is just as educated as well making them more dangerous. That is actually one of the philosophical points to think about in a society full of geniuses.
You haven't pointed to any Christians, only given me a list of unpleasant things and then claimed, with no supporting evidence, that Christians do all these things. Seeing as all these things are against the teachings of Christianity, I rather suspect you could not give much evidence that Christians do these thing, or that any people who have done these things were Christians, or that this sort of behaviour is more commen amongst Christians than elsewhere.
People may have said, 'I will kill you because you believe in the wrong God (normally Muslims have say this). The Crusades were actually fought to resist the expanse of Islam. The League of Militant Atheists certainly did unpleasant things because other people believed in the God that they do not.
"and one that are imminently reasonable and logical." This is why you people donate to charities uh? Also, like I say, everyone else is a sinner but it's ok for you to seek medical attention and get an education. Not very faithful are you? Hypocrite. "WHAT do you read???" 1. You will not ask the questions and 2. It's YOU who needs to do some reading-The bible, all the way through.
Part 3: Please tell me that you at least know who Nietzsche is. I've said it in a previous comment and I repeat myself: I hate that the Theists want to link the Nazis to Atheism. That is BS. But it is also BS to turn the thing around and rewrite the Holocaust into a Christian Crusade. Everybody who has any idea of what a place Germany is and was back then is baffled by this weird American fight about who gets to rewrite history in what way. Both sides are wrong.
Part 7: When I said "his actions said something else" I don't mean the Holocaust and the War. Those were in principle perfectly compatible with Christianity and what real Christian criminals and mass murderers did. What I mean is making a guy like Himmler his successor and being OK with his plans to replace Christianity after the war. If you don't try to rewrite history to make Hitler a Crusader, then OK, but many participants of this discussion do and that is what I'm debating against.
Ask ANY christian, they will tell you that they will do ANYTHING almighty god tells them to. Christians honestly believe that anything god commands is in fact good, so if god came down and proved his existence and then commanded everyone to sacrifice their first born children, they would DO IT! They would do ANYTHING god says if they are CONVINCED god wants them to do it. Only religion can convince good people to do bad things :l
Bad people will definitely always exist. One thing though, if everyone is just as educated as the bad person, I'd say it would be harder for them to actually do bad things. When the bad guys are smarter, they can take advantage of others easier. When people are more educated, they can see through the intentions of the bad guys better. So, I don't agree with your point there. I'm no philosophy major, but that's just my guess.
" I have called you out on being an ex-Catholic and you responded emotionally and without reason..." How did I respond emotionally, you're the one getting upset here while I'm laughing. "or am I going to have to tell my female friends they have company in the kitchen? (Yes, I'm bating you :-D)." Go ahead, and while you're at it. Tell them how as a man of faith in god, you're threatened by an atheist. Someone whom the bible says the god you worship will punish eternally. Faith?
To say that atheists don't kill in the name of atheism is just plain wrong. Where I was born and grew up (soviet union), I saw athiest leaders impression people simply because they weren't athiest. My parents can tell you about how leaders before I was born did in fact kill people sold because the leader was an athiest, and the victim wasn't. There is almost no belief, opinion or ideology that one can't kill another over, and atheism is no exception
Part 2) I know people who claim it's been proven that aliens built the Pyramids. The fact is, it's a conspiracy theory, and the website you use as your source is only further proof that I'm right and you are wrong. So lets see. You lied about hitler being a catholic. You lied about the Church funding him. You lied that people can't kill in the name of atheism. You lied when you eluded to the fact that you read butlers book. What else are you going to lie about?
How am I failing to demonstrate faith? Do you have ANY clue what "pistis" means in the Greek???? No, you apply a fideist definition which is highly alien to the term and call it good...but of course, that is anachronistic. So you don't think that reason was given to us by God for the use of science/medicine...I do both dude...go to church to pray, and see a doctor...the way you seem to understand Christianity, you think babies come from the stork.
"You have nothing as well.....not impressed. " I have nothing? I'm an atheist, it's you people who bring it onto yourselves by accepting Jesus Christ. You're not impressed? You're the ones failing to make the impression!
The pact with the Vatican happened. And please, citation required. Show me where he implies he doesn't like Catholicism, because I have a feeling where you might be getting that one from, and it isn't what you think it is. Don't just say "read the book", give me a quote.
"I do not know what Christians you could point to now as being very brutal people." The ones who bomb abortion clinics, kill gay people, shoot up schools, beat up/kill Muslims, terrorize and kill their own children, and so much more. Christians deny basic civil rights, treat women like cattle, use threats of violence to get their own way, ruin lives, kidnap children, and worst of all believe and spread the idea that their god is going to come back and kill everyone who isn't like them!
You deny your claim by saying he believed in an 'Aryan Christ'. No such Christ existed and is an idea created by Nazis to suite their own beliefs. Hitler new this, Hitler did not believe in Jesus. Hitler also did not believe in any power higher than himself just like all these other evil dictators who have many killed, which is why they do it.
Sorry I don't see the rejection of absolute certainty by atheist, in fact I see the opposite. As far as what you are expected to know, no Agnostic expects you to pass 'I don't know' that's where the evidence leads. I don't assign a probability or compare the probability of God to that of Dawkins well fairy's. There's simply not enough information, and never will be. If the first cause was intelligent, then one action could result in existence as we know it, and everything would look the same.
Proof and evidence. Show me transcripts or other evidence that these people attacked "in the name of atheism". If you can't, it never happened.
Part 4: It seems Americans always need a religious explanation for everything and are just incapable of accepting that most of Europe is truly secular and people live their lifes without religion and without religious reasons to do stuff. Already at the beginning of WW1, when the American President Woodrow Wilson talked about what Jesus told him to do, the European politicians and press called him a lunatic. Even back then, decades before the Nazis, Western Europe was pretty much over religion.
Like I said, I'm an Atheist and I hate the Theistic attempt to put a swastika on Atheism, but we also can't just turn the whole thing around by 180 degrees. The "Nazis = Crusaders" narrative is baffling to Germans (including Jews living in Germany) because it is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of German mentality and culture. The Holocaust was a racial thing, not a religious one.
secondly, the catholic church may have not endorsed what Hitler did but they failed to deem what he was doing as wrong and cowardly. If you don't believe me then look it up.
I never said I did play the morally righteous card...human beings are messed up regardless of whatever religion or lack thereof they follow. "Some of you" is not me, so stop your ignorant broadbrush strokes....get out, read more, talk to people more, and maybe try to talk to someone face to face...I doubt you'd speak to someone like this in real life. Yes, I'm an obedient sheep who has questioned, researched, doubted, keep digging yourself into a hole.
"I'm a fellow human being with an actual educational background in biblical studies..." If you had left out the term "educational", this statement would have credibility. I believe the appropriate term is "doctrinal". "you come across as pig-ignorant of the field." You chrissies always come across as wilfully ignorant, pig-headed hypocrites because christianity is about faithful altruism.
religion isn't the cause of mass murder. It's merely a justification and background for it. The real causation of mass murder done in the name of religion is man's insatiable thirst for power and conquest. Even if religion wasn't part of humanity, there would still be mass destruction. Look beyond religion dude. Taking religion away isn't gonna simply take away that drive to destroy.
But it should be clarified, that still does not prove he was an Atheist, Anti-Theist/=/Atheist. Nobody is claiming that the religious have never been persecuted before. Stalin could have been Deist for all we know :l
No one killed "in the name of atheism". People who were atheists did evil things yes, but no one actually killed others because of it. No one said "my non-faith in a god has lead me to kill". A Christian can kill someone and not have it done because of their faith. They could just be crazy or sociopathic. But most times people of faith kill because they believed some part of their religion commanded it. All atheism is, is a non a belief in a god or gods. That's it.
you have yet to show any evidence hitler was a catholic. I have given evidence that he wasn't. I gave you a direct quote from him and other high ranking nazi officials. Hitler being an athiest doesn't mean atheists are all like hitler. Each person, reguardless of their beliefs, acts alone. As for hitler being raised by his catholic mother, as provn, it's meaningless. I was raised by my athiest parents under a government hostile to religion, and when I turned 29, I converted to christianity
Ok, so if all I have is fluff rhetoric as I'm lacking substance, what is it that you have for the case of your god? The bible? AHHHHH, a book of fuckin' hearsay! Faith? HA! Belief without evidence... Christianity, a worldview consisting of a history which is saturated with oppression, violence, war, pain, misery, enslavement, rape, dysfunction and so on... Yeah, what rational mind can argue with that! You have nothing... Never had anything!
Part 4: It seems Americans always need a religious explanation for everything and are just incapable of accepting that most of Europe is truly secular and people live their lifes without religion and without religious reasons to do stuff. Already at the beginning of WW1, when the American President Woodrow Wilson talked about what Jesus told him to do, the European politicians and press called him a lunatic. Even back then, decades before the Nazis, Western Europe was pretty much over religion.
@meridianfrost I'd say it's even simpler: Religions are prescriptive, they tell you what to do and what not, eg. like when and who to kill. Atheism is descriptive, it describes the fact that theists are unable to justify their beliefs with sound reasoned logic or valid rational arguments. Since atheism is not, and can never be prescriptive any pot kettle argument the theist makes only enhances the fact that the theist hasn't got a clue what atheism is (or he tries to play dirty).
And I'm sick of you atheistic proselytes and zealots acting like yoru feces doesn't stink...maybe YOU should also grow up.
And what of the Inquisition? Christians were (and continue to be) a very brutal people. Some are not, true, but some Muslims are not either. Christians still kill people today who they believe "sin against their god". You're deluded if you think otherwise. And what is this "League of Militant Atheists"? Certainly not an official group. And "unpleasant"? Like telling theists that they are wrong and keeping them from discriminating against others?
I never said the holocaust was a Christian Crusade, simply put those religious statements get so much attention because it PROVES at the very LEAST he isn't Atheist. I never heard of anyone making it into a second crusade. Though I hope you have contemplated the inevitable future where no Rapture or anything of that sort happens, and how the religious will act when their gods never come in a world where Nukes exist :l
I think someone already answered this question, but the answer was withheld by the author. So, this would probably be as well. But the answer to the question is "Gott mit uns" which translates to "God is with us." . Hitler was catholic. You can find many a photo of him with high ranking officials of Catholicism. The other comment that was taken down of mine was merely asking what was the original cause of Hitlers antisemitism?. Answer: Religious views mixed with false ideas of Eugenics.
Chairman Mao, if asked, would probably say they were killed because of their idiotic ideas on economics. It's history that would say they were killed because of his idiotic ideas.
There is no comment by anyone, ever, that sais "I will kill you because I don't believe in God." This actually does not follow at all, this is not reasonable. Perhaps, "I will kill you because you did terrible things and blamed it on your religion." But nobody kills because they don't believe in something.
Neither has anyone said, "I will kill you because I believe in God." On the other hand, people have said, "I will kill you because you believe in God, who I hate. And I can get away with it."
"if I were an atheist, I would not necessarily see any real ultimate reason for doing so." This would make an immoral human being. You're selfish... btw, religion is not about doing what's right or being happy, it's about "knowing" god and obeying him without question.
Is this your best response? You're simply expressing how pathetic you are. Grow up. You're the one who claims the christian worldview, YOU go do some more reading and researching. It's never a bad thing to admit your'e either wrong or don't know.
Thank you for this. There is also a misapplication on the part of many Americans over Hitler's "personal" rather than "political" and "public" writings.
You dismiss the evidence I have given without giving any of your own. If anyone were lying here, I think it would be you. You refuse to see the simplest truth. There is no "undeniable fact" without evidence. Something which you lack. How about you actually start to prove your points instead of trying to insult me?
Actually, your life clouds your judgment and has long-term implications on your thought processes, thus says St. Shermer, patron saint of Skeptics. And if you're a gay person who wants an abortion, go for it...are you or aren't you...if you're not, then it's none of your business either...capiche oh ye of little vocabulary?
Not that these works directly address what we are talking about, but they clearly show that various systems are used by all people, atheists included, to make sense of the world around us. Theists add a positive metaphysical and more ethereal/spiritual level to reality...that doesn't mean denial of this and blanket acceptance of naturalism means you don't have a system...that's how we can give names to philosophical worldviews. university education in natural sciences, philosphy, and biblical studies were all doctrinal. I guess listening or reading more than Zeitgeist would be too much for you. You um, "athies" (?)...I don't know, I can't come up with such a smart name as you to describe all atheists...anyway...Christianity is either all about faithful altruism, or a dick hateful God who sends deniers to hellfire...which is it? I know consistency is hard for you, but I guess you know all from non-hearsay.
of course. In the West, Islam is perceived as totally barbaric and insane. Yet, we forget Christianity was exactly the same - if not worse - for over 1500 years. We forget our history. I love the hypocrisy of Christianity. Yet, I don't like this whole anti-theism business. It associates the belief in God with being a part of a religion. I believe in God - not as some cosmological puppeteer - but do not follow a religion. The distinction should be very clear to avoid further ignorance.
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