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Sickk McDonalds Rap!!!

by JMORR77777 • 4,710,405 views

Yes! i know what you're thinking there's no such thing as Blasians...There is... I'm Black and Vietnamese. (Mom's Asian, dad's black). Jeez a lot of you guys commenting are so ignorant and simple...

This is what you get when you mix black with Asian. Smart enough to write your own lyrics, cool enough to rap them.
that kid really sucks at beat boxing :/
He's LITTLE. Don't JUDGE the little one
the beatboxer is really bad.
+Dzoni Bg No he tryed so stop complaining
+L.O.L Productions ik that he tried but he sucked :)
Mom:"put it in park,now roll down the widow" son:"mom,I'm Asian"😂😂
Oh my gosh😂✊ that just made my day!!
I woulda been pissed ringing all that in && then all you got was 3 damn cookies and a drink lol
Holy crap first black Asian????
Why go to a business and play games stupid dum nut
Whatever happened to having fun? We are all so serious these days.
Hey im blaindian black and indian my dad is black and my mom is indain :)
Absolutely terrible
Якась хуйня))))Думав покруче буде)))....щи покручені ви всі))
hahaa well done my blasian friend, more plz that waz sooooo good
This is like soooo dumb but nice try though. That little boy in the backroud was so dumb. His beatboxing was rediculouse it was so bad no of fence
This is hilarious.
Mustard and Ketchup on that beat
Awweessoommee I like the part where you say Imma whip yo.....GRASS
why even bother doing it if he dont understand ur order then u explain to 'scratch' that at the end and get 3 fucking cookies after all that god damn 
it was cool and the beat boxer get it mes  up
It was cool but that beat boxer thoe he ruined it
Honest to God this is the first time I've ever seen a black Asian before. (At least knowingly)
Come on! I was even better than him when I was 5!
he funny he was like your breatfast so ill i should get it for free but imma be a costermer and pay me fee
hold up hold up look here all u haters out there this video is great if u want to check someone u need to check ur self first I do not no what yall talkin bout and the dude that says hes gay man oh yea his name was sonny chavez man u gay talkin bout someone else man haters go some where
Lol. He was like. mom I'm Asian
Make a new video without the kid in the back
lmao the beat boxer is bad at beat boxing
ruined by the beatboxer.  Sack him, he'll only bring you down.
Lol...“mom I'm Asian "😂😂😂
the beatboxing ruined it
don't say that you whore slut
He lil kid messed the whole rap up bruhh u no he mad
i wish i could beatbox that good :(
The beatboxer is so bad
Is me or do I see wiz Khalifa lol
Lol this raw.. That's cool asf that you added the fam, fam first.. Always, thumbs up and you should check out my raps
Yep the kid destroyed it. My nephew is better than him.
he has a cool ass mom
"Put it in park first, roll down ur window," "Mom I'm Asian.."
haha nice my little cousins are Blasian I liked it.
joshua sucks at beatboxing
that beatboxer sucks d#*k, the rap is cool though
Crap song kid ruined it
I would've been honking if I was in the car behind him, just to ruin the video :')
This was so entertaining..
My ipod said Error right when he started beatboxing
This rap is the worse that beat is bad very bed too
Tell you one thing, I'll never take a job working at a fast food window EVER!
Black asian Now i can rest in peace
McDonald dose not even have hafe of that stuff that you side.and that little boy was laughing the hole time in std of .what was he donig but i guss you can rap just not about food hahahha lol dont stop raping  
The kid needs to learn how to beatbox
The kids 8 give him a break hey that rhymed!!
Dude,he ruined the song
That boy do not know how to do a beat I do He is ugly for real doe the one who doing the beat
Well the boy is young, this way probably a joke and who cares about looks. You act like you can do better.
U ugly too what r u talking about and learn some grammer
Don't get mad cause you can't rap
The beat-boxer seems like he's laughing most of the time
omg you guysare so rude if your gonna be like that the don't comment or watch the video
The beat is horrible
lmao the kid was dying with the "best" beat boxxing ever XD. nice try
My brother is 9 and i think he is like pro bo offence
worst bbox evr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That beat box is horrible
That kid beatboxing sounds like Lui calibre
I love this rap. The beatboxer is not that good.
poo poo chiii..poo poo chiii.. 
The beatboxer is BAD
He's like nine calm down
he was so gassed at the end lool
Haha u guys suck balls
they're blasian black asian
+Elijah knight how is it rude? He said it in the description.
ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓘⓢ ⓐⓜⓐⓩⓘⓝⓖ
Alright everybody shut ya god damn mouths up and stop making fun of the young kid he's trying to have fun and you damn people and ruining it!!! 
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