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Black Ops 2: New Create A Class "10 Point system" Must watch!

by Gamer's Zone™ • 387,646 views

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I gun 9 attachments sound good rite
Love it make the game more realistic.
Why make a commentary, focusing on something that you don't know is right or not? ..
I hate MW3, MW2, Black ops, and World of War. Cod 4 is best and only good cod.
Look at he uploaders comment...obviously mw2 wasn't the first you misunderstood what he said.
black ops 2 is the same engine as mw3 IW 3.0, so dont say Black Ops 2 is going to better because you have no knowledge on how video games are created
I been playing BF3 for a few months and COD games for a few years.. my point of view, BF3 requires more skills. Both are good games. But BF3 is way better.
dude halo is a shit load easier to play then cod ur just an ignorant piece of shit who plays one game only
I think it great use whatever you want thats what you can do in real life
Hey I believe you misunderstood the system. There will be restrictions, there will also be many requirements. You will need a primary, a secondary, and most likely a lethal and specialized grenade. The rest of the points are up to the users disgretion. Those limits creates only six points left for whatever else. They will probably be limits like you said but the real kicker will be the requirements.
When it comes out they shouldn't have a limit on stuff and see how it turns out
what is the song at the beginning does anyone know?
Guy on bottom you are dumb infinityward can't make zombies only treyarch
oalekss, please do better research before you make information videos such as this one, because once you said mw2 had first creat a class option your credibility went out the window.
Cod is for gamers who have no skill! Play bf3 and actually have to lead your targets and account for bullet drop not none if this shot right at them from across the map and kill them
cod4 mw was 1st 2.create class.still infi.ward.thing not treyarch.........
not shure how to respond to this so i will ony say this salute the gothic fleet
Like the idea if its done right. First thing I thought of was grenade spam. If you think about it you dont really use your secondary that much and I would personally prefer to have 2 extra nades. Instead of being able to carry an abundance of nades, they could add a point to scavenger to enable the pick up of nades. That would be the fairest idea imo.
blacks ops is going to being gay I bet keep it like mw3 and except fpr zombies (:
how do ppl upload ther video so clear
What about things like camo, extra attachments, custom reticle and other things like that??
yeah but you couldn't pick perks or any of the cool things.
Man thats a shitty ass comeback nigga, you fucking suck, can't think up anything esle cause you're fucking stupid. Your momma jokes are made by fat retarede 12 years old like yourself.
Wow this kid is a fucking douchebag, #1 source for black ops 2? Every fucking commentator says that, beside he can't even get his fucking facts right, mw2 the first to have create a class? What a fucking idiot. You know whats Hilarious so many people didn't play call of duty until mw2, that just prove that cod 4 was a amazing masterpiece, and mw2 was a dumped downed piece of shit made for the masses.
Shit nigga, call of duty is easy as fuck to play. Thats why its popular, any motherfucker that says he good at call of duty, isn't saying much cause call of duty easy as fuck and is for little kids and 40 year old virgins! Halo requires more skill then this shit, gurantee your fat ass never played, nor heard of counter strike, cause you aint nothing but a bitch ass nigga. Go cry somewhere else little bitch.
Why did it take you 2 minutes and 30 seconds to finally talk about the Black Ops 2 topic?
CoD 4 was first create a class. MW2 was first customizable killstreaks.
I'd say keep it the same as black ops 1 minus last stand... Add custom camos and more emblem creation options.
It will make it extreamly hard for new players to be able to ever compete with us who have been playing for years I say bad idea
They should me it where you have to have a gun to pick one up
Their just copying Ghost Recon by doing this
Wow ur not very good at the game. sit in one spot and still die like a noob
Wow This Is Fucked Up. Looks Like I'm Only Playing Zombies.. Fuck Treyarch
bahahahahhahaha cod blackops is fucking queer!! gay ass kids game black ops 2 has ps1 graphics bahahahahahahahahahahah quickscoping pfffttt = fags
I agree with almost everything u said. I think it would be cool to try but in theory you could get 10 grenades or u would have 10 so ya
I'm not a virgin, and I do like Call of Duty. Moron.
10 perk no weapons? naked snake?
mw2 didn't do jackshit that Cod4 hadn't done already. Don't ever mention that POS game again, it was literally a parody of the Call of Duty franchise.
No matter what setup they use in BO2 people will hate on it, abuse it, claim it's the best/worst and milk it for youtube views. As much as we curse out the game we will all still play it for hundreds of hours and love to hate it!
just watching the first minute 45, you have no idea what your talking about. im pretty sure create a class was around in cod 2 multiplayer, and was greatly expanded upon in cod 4. this mw2 bullshit shows that you havent even been playing call of duty enough to understand its growth and development.
The biggest, and most important point would be they have to assign values to individual perm's and attachments. If each perk is assigned a value of 1, that would be a MAJOR problem. However, if they assigned the ghost perk "4", flak jacket "3" and slight of hand "2", then that grants order to the system. If people want the 3 best perks, then they can, but then they get no grenades, no tactical equipment, and a gun with no attachment. The different point values for perks allows for grouped choice
what are you talking about lol I posted s new vid aboout all the kill streaks but since im being blocked oh well lol
Man shut the fuck up you stupid fat fag, I'm 18 nigga not 30. Have you ever even seen a pussy? Do you even know what a hymen is? Do you know what the sun is? No, so shut your fat fucking fat and go play you call of duty you fucking loser.
I sounds not good but hopefully its like the first black ops just better weapons, maps, and multiplayer well we will see how it looks.
Who the fuck is going to start off with no guns, only a knife?!
ill like it if u can pick what maps you want to play on like the only maps you like and want to play them and those will be the only maps you play
wow black ops 2 looks just like mw3
Haha what? Halo is easier then cod? Bitch please, like i told that other faggot, cod is uber popular cause its easy as fuck, you shot one bullet you get a kill, especially with that auto aim feature you console fags have. Halo has shields, so getting kills is 50x harder and challenging/strategic then call of duty will ever be. Cod is just running into a room, "shoot at the bad guys." And thats it, in halo you run into a room full of guys, you get your ass handy to you. Your just ignorant.
and u go play ur fucking halo bitch..u fucking 25 year old haggggggggggg.
I will mop all u up Fuck wit my tomahawk nigga
@reconkid2183 I think he means where it got advanced or better, because of the pro perks, multiple camo and gun attachments, multiple equipment and where it all started, the amazing customizable killstreaks.
Goddamn, you're a marblemouthed mumblefuck.
i think the 10 points thing is a good thing because you can make your class to your play style and i opens up more custom games like a nade war with every one heaving 10 nades etc...
jajajajajajaja.ur making me laugh.whos the stupid fat ass kid¿look at wat ur typing!..dude i still play COD4.dont talk while ur head in ur ass.and QS is the thing..just go and ask ur daddy if he lets u play ur halo shit...
cant be right in the mp trailer it showed 10 things 1 primary 2 attachments 1 secondary 1 attachment 3 perks a tactical grenade and lethal that equals 10 items or slots filled therefore meaning 1 point for each slot
Hmmm interesting...until all the hacking douchebags give themselves unlimited points. Mark my words, this will happen.
You take FOREVER to get to the topic. Suck less.
I usely dont drink beer but when do i perfer buds
This is an old video lol and besides you always start by introducing the gameplay etc. Thanks for the feedback though
In the trailer it lets you have 6 perk slots so you can choose all perks and pick up a gun
I highly doubt you've ever been laid. And ya you being a cod fanboy, just proves you're a fucking idiot.
Nice video. I think it would mess up the game. Just keep it simple. Have the uav in a high killstreak and remove perks that promote camping like assassin. Launchers are hardly ever used because of all the assassin and blind eye combo players. To keep this game fast paced they will have to do this. Again, uav should be a high killstreak and remove perks that could help players camp and if they can't then have it where every 3 swipes from a uav will show all enemy players using ghost/assassin.
Well I hope that they don't use the 10 point system. I like the specialist in mw3 and I hope they take that over to bo2. But thanks for the heads up. Guess we will see in November.
but still is the..modern warfare 1 bitch.a prequel of mw2.
It would be so retarded -___- just mw3 bs
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