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Minecraft - Fall of Gondolin: Journey into the Mines

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 623,443 views

We return to our hidden city Gondolin after going undercover to learn of the Dark Lord Morgoth's schemes! Join us as we visit the King to tell him the news, and tackle any obstacles we find on the...

you know the main point of amour is to put it on :D
I was screaming at my screen PUT THE ARMOR ON
I remember when I thought the Yogscast had good audio quality.
You said: "Two million million subs!". That makes no sense.
I love how lewis never bothers to put his armor on.
I thought you where raging at first lol I wouldnt say fluffy he just has his jaffa cake supply with him at all times. Long live the Yogscast.
You're right, it isn't the Lord of the Rings. It's just about 3000 years before that whole adventure, in the Silmarillion.
Some climbing later... If Lewis actually climbed the tree, why was.he in creative mode? What a cheater!
Some climbing later.... *Flies over water* Did fumblemore teach you how to fly? :O
pause at 1:14 hes flying while on creative these cheeters
7:55 did anyone else notice lewis said chest chainplate?....
they don't even think to repair the side walk usual simon and lewis
If you haven't paid obvious attention to the words, word text, music and other obvious things, you'd notice the map is CLEARLY a map depicting the unseen Tolkien city of Gondolin and its fall.
simon is my best friend on roblox
(Dont read this comment its for me) Lol
Do you reckon the music is ingame, or that they just edited it in afterwards?
Simon is like a small child . he make me laugh every time .
When Honeydew put on his chain helmet, it looked like he had a mullet xD
Anyone notice that the 'action' music is allmost the same as the theme in masseffect 3?
"Some climbing later" Did any of that "climbing" involve turning into Superman and flying like a cheater?
I love the music at 6:43! What is it?
Do you think that bow looks green
"Honeydew" is dummb 4 killing nature so....... Yo're (BEEP)ed
I think i have only seen them get through a mine cart portion of a map without some mishap once. Dont they know that Honeydew is the true test for any minecart setup, if he can make it through it is perfect.
Thumbs up if The yogscast are your heroes!!!! :D
Thumbs up if you recognized the Shadow of Israphel music at 5:38 :)
Of course! Becasue there's Morgoth, who was before Sauron
Ok I found the square of the folk well , HORRAY!!!
Love it but he shouldve grabbed the chest at 5:35
Barlog *facepalm* Good job on noticing it, good sir!
168 people were blown up by creepers
There's a book they could base it off of which could better tell them the story line plus it would be quicker since the movie is going to be a three parter
@redxlord wat if we dont want 2
Everyone! The creators of this map are making a new LOTR adventure map! Look at the Minecraft Middle Earth channel for more details.
Nope. Its from the Silmarillion, which is a prequel to the main series
the thing i was thinking most of the video "Lewis put on the god damn armor!"
What a wonderfull map of ... mapness
I died laughing at 7:54 when he said chest chainplate
drink it in not inhale it in oh.... *Lewis makes slurping sounds*
That fire devil monster what was in the dwarft mine.
"ah, see, that's what we got the pick for." No Lewis. It isnt. :p
turn off the music i cant hear what ur saying
he missed a chest under the tree
In some song i hear mass effecty style lol
Every time you go on a dark railway, I start to mourn KP all over again... T_T
Simon: ...and I've ruined- Lewis: Christmas
So is idril in a love triangle
why is it that between climbing and retrieving the golden apple Lewis's health armor and experience bar go away, as well as how he broke ladders and a wood block in I hit wtith a sword as he got out of the well thing hmmmmmm?
1:23 you............. are jesus
6:28 There are bad memories of dark minecart tracks. *sob*
I accidentely left my computer on the play list at video 1 at 5:00pm its 12:00am and its on eps.22... :D
Omfg I love you yogscast u are the best I love ur adventure keep it up ily
12:04 Look! it's a Helm Chainmet!
why was he on creative mode?
Music gets really annoying Cant understand what they are saying at some points..
did any1 notice a secret chest at 1:08 ?
I don't think he is... He died from lava. I dunno though.
And im a dwarf paladin on World of Warcraft called Gimléy ;)
Surely you mean Metal Gear Solid? Most of these songs sound like Harry Gregson-Williams' composition.
it says some climbing later and he is in creative flying.......
If you have the right attitude about it the ones where Lewis is not even attempting to hide the fact that he's bored to death with the entire process become hilarious.
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