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Matt Romney's Schwarzenegger Phone Prank - CONAN on TBS

by Team Coco • 13,849 views

Mitt Romney wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger's endorsement. Mitt Romney's son Matt wanted to torment his father. It was a match made in heaven.

His sons are more likeable than he is.
i prank called my mom as dr.phil she was like who is this? im like dr phil " shes like i dont need no dr. im like ummmm i dont belive thats true at all" it was classic when i told her to start having a gay relationship she hung up im laughing my butt off
In the other videos you can see Matt dialing his dad's number... I wonder if you look closely enough if you could see what the number is.
I want to prank my family one day.
... but point is NO one can write completley proper english.
so we know one thing from this video... mitt romney sure like's to unprotected have sex
congrats on being yet another internet guy who misspelled "you're"
he would love to have some random ass person!
"A box that gives you Arnold's voice" -- also more widely known as a laptop and a soundboard.
At first I wasn't going to watch this romney trash, but then I realized I could come just to TD them :D
exactly, as long as you can communicate your thoughts to another person who cares how you do it.
let's pretend Mitt Romney is like one of us!!
actually he's a spelling nazi. and i'm a semantics nazi.
looks like a family with a good sense of humor..
How DO you use a coma? Also, why would I want to use a coma?
It's "a" comma, and you begin a sentence with a capital letter.
You bitched about spelling, I bitched about grammar.
Are we? You where the first person who tried to correct someone's grammar..
Conan, you should be ashamed of yourself. Very, very ashamed.
It was fake, they just wanted him to seem like he has a sense of humor
conan u should have me on your show
I'm so glad no one votes for their Presidents based on likeability.
The only president cool enough and with a sense of humor we all love and I hope he get elected again is OBAMA!
I hate to thumbs down a Conan video but what a lame video.
Mitt Romney's son. The guy whose nametag says Matt. Matt Romney.
Hey grammar Nazi, you used the wrong version of "YOU'RE."
Matt is mitt's son, the one who pulled the prank.. haha. :)
This is entirely fake, shame on you, Conan! This was actually done numerous time 10+ years ago on some radio show, calling various people and playing Arnie lines from his movies, and then broadcasting live on air how people react. There is no "device", his son is completely pretending, and Mitt Romney's video is most definitely archive footage.
Matt's a good guy. I actually used to work with him in Southern California a few years ago. If I didn't want Ron Paul to become the next president, I would vote for his dad.
romney is mean they have a video of him saying who let the dogs out to a family in africa!
they both suck...obama maybe only barely less so..
matt romney rob paul white horse 2012 partyn
You tell me, you were the first person to critique someone's grammar. You can dish it, but you can't take it.
Sorry internet grammar Nazi! I hope I didn't hurt you're feelings. Please don't give me an F!
I wonder if these guys know about some dark side of Mitt Romney.. cause he always looks like he's forcing a fake smile on his face. One day he's just going to burst.
i just learned atrocious means Horrifyingly wicked
Wow I thought Mitt was a robot but his sons are replicants, that was not funny.
That's because his sons are only half robot, they inherited some human emotions from their mothers genes.
You used the wrong word, idiot; that should be YOU'RE. fucking retard
Obama is half-assing his presidency, but at least he's the lesser of two evils.
So fake, the sad part is romney can't even act like he has a sense of humor
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