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Abs 6 Pack Level 1 Ultimate Fitness Workout

by ConikiTV • 4,194 views

GET 6 PACK ABS FOR FREE Follow Con"s daily workouts and & Niki's Hot Sexy Bikini Body Workout routines, healthy recipes, the world famous rapid fat loss and detox diet....

@hp2011m You are welcome, glad to have been of service. regards Con & NIki
OK, now we understand. You must be able to do Level 1 for the prescribed duration and for the number of sets before progressing onto level 2 and 3 etc. Build strength and endurance in all your supporting muscles in order to progress all the way by doing each level as prescribed. Watch each video before attempting so you can do the exercises properly. Regards Con & Niki
I took your advice and gave up fat for one week and it worked the weight fell off me now i have a small waist with a strong core i am worried tht i started a higher lvl ages ago will this affect me if i start afresh? thanks guys :)
sorry about that haha i want to start this ab training in your introduction video you said don't start at higher level but i have been doing higher level training will this affect me if i start doing this from level 1?
Thank you so much it is great that you take the time to answer peoples questions you really are giving something back and i apreciate that :)
Please be more specific in your question as we are not totally confident that we understand what you are asking exactly. Regards Con & Niki
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