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Happy Wheels - JET POWERED WHEELCHAIR - Part 9

by TobyGames • 1,591,617 views

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on the labratory play as segway steven
You have to eject when you gut bus extreme.
U should make yo videos longer and the guy with the wheelchair ain't the best
Tobuscus. I love you and all... but your really stupid man. Lol
he is not stupid maybe your just jealous of how smart he is he just wants to be funny
You actually don't die when your head's gone.
You choose the old man too much
I almost choked on my hot coacoa from laughing so much. xP
your that dude on cartoon network
rachael shut up you slut your just dirty whore who cant spell for shit and are jealous because toby isnt a dumbass
That level is meant,for segway...
I Subscribe All Of Your Channels Like +TobyGames +Tobuscus And +TobyTurner
+Culton The Jolteon who cares if i just put sonic fan i would be copycat
shut up rachael your a slut and your just a dumbass who cant speel for shit
u r freaking HILLARIOUS!!!1 X)
How did u get to be on annoying orange?!
hello toby be papered for me to watch every single of you happy wheels videos!!!
you can just turn with pogo pete to move.
Thanks for giving me something to do while I'm stuck with the insomnia. This playlist is great XD
Ancient gymnast war-lord... funniest thing ever
Hahahahahahahahahahaha your video are so funny i Will subscribe and live a like you are awesome you make Laugh all time
i was scratching my nose when he started scratching his nose
Eh he probably knows this but it says "irresponsible dad" when you play on the dad and on the mum it says "irresponsible mom". They have names and its annoying that he didnt know -.-
NO I DONT WANT TO HEAR A FUCKING CAT JOKE!!!! Stupid advertisements...
when he said scratching noses is awesome did you scratch you nose i did
This guy is a comedy star
His head is teatachibel
Go Back The Fuck To School.
How do you get your nickname to appear on your youtube acount
Tu piensa muerte (nooo) 1:18 jejejejeje eso da giro 360 :D
You are funnier than Kevin hart
i think that irresponsible dad is the best but whatever floats your boat!!!!!
HOW come you make this video so funny? Lol! I wish i could meet u but you wount want to come down in colorado because its really cold right now. But anyways your video is awesome and i subscribed and left a like.
i lift i lift i lift yay xD
I've actually been able to get the old man out on his wheelchair and fly him to victory you have to do a back club and jetpack out of the blue box. Hmm TARDIS...
Thank you so much Toby my lil' bro was in tears cause mum didn't know what he wanted but he watched like two mins of this epi and he was soon laughing! You are a life saver!
be good and subscribe to toby lolrealy just have fun !D like toby thank you tank you thank you very much p.s. toby is the bom the good ones not the realy bad ones
My Aunt Only went to one day of high school
Wheely Wonka! Gotta be my favourite name ever!
he said Whaat???? Say that again, honey?? MISSING AIRPLANE..??!
I like the old man voice he does
like if your watching this for memories
He finally used the pogo-stick! That's all I ever wanted!
you should play ultimate payback
Toby, your so bad at this. That's why it's so funny! :-)
I never get tired of his 'old man' voice lol
You realize this video is old, he knows how to play now.
Guys when u play this here is my advice on laboratory 1 neer follow a rovot because it leads to bad luck
I think toby likes wheelchair guy the best do you agree?
this was so funny that i choked on my noodles
He said wat honey MISSING AIROPLANE k Toby?
did you see the epic expoxion fail at 1:28?
You can use lawnmower man hes invincible to mines
Ete you know what kiss my butt you idiot imma dislike u idiot LIKE THIS VIDOE
At 3:27 did anyone else notice the floating foot under the elevator? lol
Did any one noticed the twin towers ;(
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