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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi | Ep.1| We All Tried To Kamehameha when we were young!

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 398,984 views

Who the hell doesnt Love Dragon ball! Lets show your support homies! Official SlyFoxHound & Homies Shirt Store My Twitter:...

i saw this but never watched it as i didnt know the dragon ball z story. now that i know it im desperate to see this and hyped over Xenoverse :D
Why would you play this game? Out of ALL of the Dragon Ball games....
Play Dragonball Z war of z
War of z? Do you mean battle of z
Does Mr.Pickle(Picollo) have le penis?
Piccolo is a namekiean they don't have penises
Ssj3 Goku. Not sure if he can beat majin buu. Gotenks as a ssj could beat him. Goku thought Gotenks could do that and he didn't even know that Gotenks could turn ssj3. Gotenks ssj3 = super buu. Mistic Gohan > super buu Mistic gohan can't beat that big monster from 'Wrath of the dragon'. And yet Goku as a ssj3 can. And because of that people think Goku is stronger than Gohan.
Below you said I never new Frieza was a girl then you said HE is a alien
Frieza is a boy cause cooler said his brother!
Is sly in the creatures while hes doing  this
sly i think you should watch the dragon ball z episodes so it would make sense to you
I never thought Frieza was a girl.
he's an alien! and I know the saiyans have one but Frieza isn't a saiyan.
He thought Bardock was Goku.... WHY, SLY? WHY??
sly know i am slowly dying inside this anime is next to aot to me 
#We All Tried To Kamehameha when we were young
Anyone else cringe when he called dragon ball a cartoon
You should do hero mode for dragon ball z
dbz battle of z intro music is better
You're suppose to lose Sly. That's what happens in the anime. Goku's dad fights Frieza and he loses. Unfortunately.
MY CHILDHOOD~!~!~!~!~!~!~! XP
Cartoon? Goddamn it Sly its An ANIME ( im not really mad)
Personally I think some people in dragonballz is to op bueacuase it's like I'm gonna destroy this world with one move you know what I mean
Play budokai tenkaichi 3 and raging blast 2 there awesome
Dude, in the budokai tenkaichi series, and raging blast series, you can just spam energy attacks and rush attacks, and beat the game, the original budokai series was much better, the budokai games had better controls, better attacks, and had a better value in battling, because you could do so many different combos. Now, ultimate tenkaichi is pretty cool because it focuses on melee attacks, but all the cutscenes and attacks are pretty much the same. This also has awful voice acting. The first budokai and the 3rd one were awesome. The first budokai tenkaichi was awesome, but a bit easy.
Sly the guy from the first battle was bardock gokus dad
Who were the other 2 characters besides goku in the world tournament in the intro?
creatable characters in the game
They were your default characters in Story Mode
this game is dbz kinect with buttons  
No, it's longer and have more game modes, the more improved version, and kinect is based off this dude
I thought friza was a girl
Every one did till they found the horrible truth
i dont like dbz thats y im watching this and my icon is trunks and goten :p
+Bob west They care when its ponies
+thezawesome1  yeah if its hello kitty and ponies
your health is the numbers in the left or right corner!!
lol kid goku made his first kamehameha with 2 right hands if you see thr anime and pause it
Capsule corp! Sigh, Trunks is do hot!
it didnt show goku hitting his head when he was a baby
Son of a bitch it look like this and DBZ kinect are using some of the same cutscenes
no one will hate you for that, its your opinion, everyone has them its impossible to change them.
Sly should commentate over the original show!...
Dragon ball z tenkaichi 3 was the best
"We all tried to Kame-Hame-Ha when we were young" When we were young? I still do XD
my cousin is an otaku and he doesent like dragon ball D:
i hate when they do a ki to somebody nd they jus stay there
Only movies in the DBZ game franchise,Plan to eradicate the saiyans(Raging blast 2)and Short movies in ultimate tenkaichi(during Story mode)
Your a dumbass his a fucking male either troll or a big dumbass.
The health is the numbers next to the dragon all.
sly in dragonball z who would you fuse with pick anybody.
sure this game isnt the greatest dbz game but at least he is playing a dbz game
sly pls do hero mode in dragonball z ultimate tenkaichi u get to make your own guy and play a diffrent story
there is no blood,how lame is that game
I've always loved the fact that Raditz has the same voice as Yusuke Urameshi.
They're examples of custom characters you can make.
This is to anyone who responds. Is this game worth buying or is it something to pass up?
Funny how 2 years later and this is still being viewed.!!
i love dragon ball z my friends got hd editon dbz b1 and b3 and Ultimate Tenkaichi i have DBZ BT3 AND BT2 ON THE Wii
u uuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuu wow sly sly sly SLY!!!!!!!!!!!
Sly you said she while battling freiza, freizas a guy belive it or not and thx for making a dbz series
i tried to go super sayian when i was little
I love the sounds he makes when hitting the capsule. I luv u sly. <3
By the way it is not a scarf in space it's Bardock's headband
l love all dbz games l mean all of them so now l like ultimate too l didnt like it because then l was angry at the game and then l change my mind :)
What's cool is sly isn't trying to be somebpdy else he still likes things from his child hood and you viewers too because I'm pretty sure a lot of you are teens like me that don't diss childhood memories
Sly called DragonBall Z a cartoon....
That Magic Ball or Fire Ball or something that Frieza used to kill Bardock and all other saiyans and their planet then there was Kakarot or such as called Goku. Goku was raised in an Island and he was trained by Master Roshi I think. So that's my Story.
Does anyone know what the time machine does
Frieza is male while it is quite hard to tell the difference any big Dragon ball Z fan knows that Frieza is male. Also I think it would be best not to say someone is more stupid than hell when you attempt to use a word that doesn't actually exist in the English language. "Stupider" is not an actual word.
This ones the thebbest one i used to be a nerd wt this really badly too
This shitty game brings back memories? Wow. You clearly missed out on Raging Blast big time.
I lost my shitwhen he he said I got her!
Dragon ball z raging blast 2 was the best
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