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HEADKANDY Hair Extensions Review

by Nicole Guerriero • 265,366 views I have the 24-26 inch FULL head in Melted Chocolate =) FTC Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me and I am not being sponsored for this video. All thoughts,...

Like if you are watching this in 2014 :D
If you pay that much you at least deserve to have a quality product at the very least. Worst experience with these hair extensions. Layuri hair extensions is a better choice. They have better quality at fair price. 
I bought Layuri Hair Extensions they are so soft, silky and manageable. So proud of how it looks.
Your background has came ALONG WAY GURL
I LOVE HEADKANDY! ive bought 2 lots so far and they last forever!
thanks so much for this review ive heard so many great reviews of headkandy and also body bling hair extensions i am defenetly giving them a try
hope you didnt try body bling! I had the WORST experience with them and their customer service. She bad mouthed me on ebay after I emailed her my gripes before leaving a review about how horrible this hair was!
I have a Hard Time blending them with my real Hair. What to do???
my hair is short, like shoulder length and it's not too thick and not too thin.. somewhere in the middle. what extensions would you recommend for me? bellami or SKR extensions? thank you
do they have sales near xmas time?
It is dirty looks now but i dont see the 24-26 in ?????
@CountryGirlSwag96 my FL shed all the time too, it is absolutely disgusting and the fried in under a month even though i use protectant.
omg your hair looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i really want to order some now! :( :(
Do you have a stripper pole in your room? LOL
I heard a review though that the hair sheds A LOT within a week
Can someone tell me if these particular extension matt? Ive expierenced this with the luxy hair. Does the curl stay in without matting is what I'd like to know. Thanks!
its a "Nicole Guerriero Marathon" kind of day for me! Love to see you have grown n succeeded in life!
Do a hair tutorial like this please :))
why is there a pole in the backround
you have a pole in your room!! lol
uggghhhh love ur hair...i want some now lol
Defo noticed the stripper pole xD
If the extensions that are remy hair from Sally's, they are called Euronext :)
I'm from Germany. I can out of Germany order it from this page? sry for my really bad english ;p
Thumbs up if you're going back in 2013 to check out her first videos!!! :D
I was wondering how do you curl your head kandy extensions and the curl stays in... I have a set... and thanks to your review... I am truly truly truly happy with them...
right no one get headkandy hair extensions because when u wash them first time it gets horrible and messy knotty there the WORST TRUST ME!GET OTHER ONES LIKE FOXYLOCKSHAIREXTENSIONS THERE THE BEST
Between headkandy & hello georgous which is better?
Wish I would have seen this before I bought hair extensions. You get double the amount of hair for just a small amount more.
I have a set of 20-22" headkandy extensions and really like them. My only issue with them is the triple weft in that its really heavy and without a massive amount of back combing it slips at the sides. They are super thick and the colour match is spot on (I have butterscotch blonde). Great review! M x
You are so Gorgeous and thankyou for the review! i have been thinking about what hair extensions were the best to buy(:
I love my HeadKandy extensions! they are tha bomb!! and yes I fuck wit my hair just like everyone else! Love ya Nicole!! xoxo
ummmm.... sooo,..... HAHAH u crack me up you were TOOcute back then
what would you think its better headkandy or hello gorous hair extensions
i couldn't find 26 inch hair extensions anywhere. Im disappointed now..
Hello Nicole, I would like to know what so far is the best clip-in extension you ever use and how long it take until it's use. Thank you! Jesse.
in your other video, your hair was opposite with the ombre colors (x
I bought HEADKANDY and they SUCK...totally thin... not at all like Nicoles! sells 160g thick hair extensions they are 20inch and amazing quality, they are only £69.99! we also sell false eyelashes and konad nail art, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me! Thanks sami <3 xxx
Your hair looks so amazing, but man I bet it took forever to curl all of that! :O
So which brand do you prefer head kandy or hello gorgeous?
Hey i have a cousin that wants hair extensions like yours for her prom. but we are having trouble getting through the website. can you please please please contact me back when yo get a chance? Thank you ! (:
I'm going to order these extensions Tommorow. I sent in the picture of my color and they advised that melted choclate was my best match. Ive always wanted extensions but didn't want to super damage my hair so clip ins it is! I just hope I clip them in right:( I have layered hair shoulder length so yeaaaaa....Nicole makes it look easy!
I can't seem to send you an email but I wanted to ask how much they cost?
did your headkany extensions ever matt up?
@CountryGirlSwag96 Foxylocks has horrible customer service!! I bought some extenstions from them and notified them right away that they were matted and had knots in them, i even sent pictures and all they said was next time your order from us 5% off! Why the hell would i order from them again!!! i threw them out within a week it was horrible!!
I bought Headkandy extensions and wasnt happy with them at all. They had hot PINK strings, white hairs, and small sticky fuzz balls. I contacted them but have yet to hear back from customer service.
they dont have a variety anymore..
Anyone else notice the stripper pole in the back? Hahahah
hey, love your video....great review..Do you have a review on Celebrity Strands hair extensions...what do you think of them? I heard a lot of good things from my friends but i can't find any videos about them...what do you think? Can u do a review on their extensions please
This is a great video!! But it takes a lot to do it yourself!! The best tape in extensions BEST tape in extensions are Glam Seamless! Virgin and unprocessed hair! Free shipping too. Love them,
If your loosing your hair, extensions may not be the best idea since the clips will pull at your natural hair, It could cause you to loose some.
I KNOW this video is old, but I just wanted to ask. Would the tracks show if I have baby fine hair? I really want to purchase these extensions, but I'm scared that it won't work for my kind of hair. As I am losing most of my hair. Thank you so much I love you Nicole! #creeper <<<<----LMAO
i really want to try these, but i'm worried that they're going to fall out when i'm at a party or something. getting drunk and having your hair half clipped in and half falling out, would be terrible!does that happen at all with the clip ins? i had extensions put in at the salon with the keratin,but between the keratin holding the extnsions and my scalp, it got sooo matted after a month!anyone have any advice??
can you do an update on headkandy ?
yeah this really helped thank you and your really pretty btw. also LOL snap 'focus on me!' haha.. x
Whaaaaaat?! 200$? Oh no! :( im broke
I noticed this video is a little old but I was curious, would you still recommend these?
how long did it take for themm to arrive?
did you ever order them off foxy locks? i want to buy some from there but im not suree .
cant decide on head kandy or hello gorgeous
I wonder how old she was here, this is like 3 yrs old :)
your hair is super cute! and i would love to see how you do it!!!
do you have a tutorial on this hair style?! ITS GORGEOUS!
PLEASE ANSWER where are they located i usually try avoid online shops from out of the US. Do they shed? Do they expand?
its way cheaper if you just make your own.. the clips are on ebay u get 50 for an dollar and the hair is pretty much cheaper without the clips
fml your so god damn beautiful :(
love your hair. I just bought Hair Diamonds for my extensions for $3.99 at buyhairdiamonds(.)com You should add them in your extensions and do a video!
Did head candy change to dirty look?
How long does it take you to curl all of your hair with the extensions in?
Def was just thinking the same thing Kuni :)
hello girls, how can i contact u ??
Hahahah!! Duudee!! A stripper poll
do u still fill the same about these? have you tried bellami extensions?...
If anyone can let me know about foxy locks I'd really appreciate it
Did you ever get the foxy locks extensions?
which extensions do u like better headkandy or hair secret
glam time hair extensions are thee best! i have owned a set of glam time hair extensions for the past 3 years! and not once have they shedded
@Crazed4you1210 Actually when I bought them they were in stock! But it took FOREVER!!! to get them! If your impatient I wouldn't recommend! But they are really soft.
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