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BABY I'M BORED - @SpokenReasons Feat @JellyJellz_

by Spoken Reasons • 2,889,003 views

Didn't know there was butt pads. Lol.
I just can't fucking deal
😂😂😂why he wave his hands like dat
Wtf you a motherfuck lie
this girl looks like a african american mixed with a asian with a philippin with a mexican 
aldan alleyne Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
i am laughing so hard
Hey. Hey! HEEEEY !!!!!
Billy edu a F2f 4 fab ZJSHEHE
U bought this close to getting us little barbie ass kicked out my house. Well since u wanna be Nicki let me ask u something:is the ass real? Yea? Let me see turn or ass around-snatches fake booty smells it- u a motherfucking lie
Spoken reasons lives in florida
Please make available with mobile devices. Thank you
H A HA HA HA HA SO GOD DAME FUNNY but is the booty real
hahaha his face during the dance was the funniest... the end... u a muthafuqin lie
"im bored,so what get a 9-5 you dont do shit around the house anyway LMFAOO
55 year old granma in Milwaukee Wisconsin likes this video...
The truth was bound to be set free(Nicki's fake ass)! I'm just glad J.B. said it. HE AIN'T SHIT ...YET! Hilarious as hell!
where does spokenreasons live?
5 seconds from getting yo lil Barbie ass kicked out my house
joshua stanley Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
she's a terrible lip syncer
Nicki is a terrible it fits.
let me ask you this....
Wipes ass then licks it Don't Judge Me.... LMAO
holy shit she actually looked like nicki minaj o.o whoa!! 
why didn't she just tell him it was fake?
DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! LMAO!!! I laughed too hard!!!
what did i just watch O_O lol 
Look @ His Face While She Be Twerkingg!!!
you a mother fuckin lie
you bout five seconds from getting ya lil barbie ass kick out of my house LMAO
ive seen you before.... where did i see you....
"Don't Judge Me" Lol; took the words right out of my mouth.
lamoo dead diz nigga funny
Lol! since u wanna be nicki
she lied said  that booty was real
jellyjellz is so adorable...i love her ^___^ 
y is the guy laughing
LOL that is so funny!!!!!!!!!! she is a shame to have a fake booty!
I type "I'm bored" into the search box, and I get this, the "Don't judge me" made me smirk, video was worth it.
the next kevin hart
this nigga licked her ass && said don't judge me lmao .. I love him lol
Dyani Thomas Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
llllloooooollll this is funny
I can't watch this on my phone... make it for mobile view
'You A Motha'Fuckin Lie.' lololol
2:42-2:44 "U A MOTHA FUCKIN LIAH!" xD
Maa she sexy as fuck man lucky ass nigga lol
Did he seriously just lick a fake ass
LMFAO.....bogus t do that to nickie
oh shit thats funny, that shit had me crackin up
since you want to be nikki let me ask you this is the ass.....real?? DTFL of cource he would ask that this is to funny
hahahahahahahahaahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa made my day :D
lmfaoooo why did he smell it though???!!!
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