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Wedding Thriller

by cbu377 • 17,945,031 views

Surprise thriller for the folks at the reception. ******For those looking for the music that was used; It came from the actual Thriller video. you can search for programs to rip the audio from the...

So effing COOL! No props, no elaborate stage...just good clean fun, Wish I had been there!
I put this in my 'Favorites.' Because I love it. Great job, guys.
This was great - but gotta give it to the guy (second from right) - Wow - that guy is a natural!
These fellas are not professional dancers, but so what? I don't speak English as my first language, either. They do an awesome job, people had fun, and awesomeness was beheld through almost 18 MILLION views. Life's too short for everyone to think "There are people who can do this better than I can". Go out, do stuff, try! You might not be as awesome as these guys, but try it, anyway!
if my boyfriend did that, I would LOVE IT!!!
Don't dream baby, boyfriends like ours don t do things like that, it only happens on Youtube!!!!!!!
all those boys got LAID hahahaha.. awesome dance
Now Brad Pitt dances to Thriller for World War Z!
17 million hits well deserved 
Great Idea!  they were def not the most rhythmical group, but the fact that they just came out and danced it out in the middle of the reception was great!  If/When I get married this will be a requirement at my reception (with much better dancers, lol)
I wish I wouldve done this when I got married!!
Awesome! Best thriller wedding dance ever x Great job lads x x x
Just.... No... Just stop.... Horrible....
+bluefrog85 easy big guy like i said talking shit on the internet doesn't make you tough.
I had my wedding and reception at that same place 3-7-09! Millington Civic Center
Luv this surprise.  The gentleman with the red hair was smooth. 
My bestie Ricky and I hve done way better thriller dance than this. The guy in the front moves like he's holding in a fart.
FUNNEY!!! But the guy second to right is quite good I must say! :)
Look, it's Thor dancing. 
That's the best "thriller" I've seen in ages! Kudos! And congrats!!!
The guy on the right next to the center guy did the best job!!!
it's so funny. lololol
Aww...I hope all my groomsmen are gay when I get married. ;)
tallula bell Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Oh my goodness. ...hahahahahahaha
Terror Xperience Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hi ha casaments on els convidats acaben com un autèntic Thriller. Wedding Thriller
TopWeddingSites Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
We just love these Thriller Wedding dances.
TopWeddingQuestions Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
We just love these Thriller Wedding dances.
PopTheQuestions Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
We just love these Thriller Wedding dances.
GRACE TURNER Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I have any questions or any attachments may not be in this message and then we have a few days of a loI am so I am am so I am so I am so I am
That's one of the better wedding dances I've seen. Great job!!
2:01...blondie nailed that move! this was awesome! nice work, fellas!
u can tell they practiced for a year! lmaooooooooo
Nothing like a little Thriller in the church basement! LOVE IT!
nice!!! they kinda look like zombies
Not perfect but a good performance.
I am in tears. This is too cute. Can't wait til my baby girl's wedding in a few weeks. Thanks for sharing.
Im going to get married just so i can do this!
I wanna see this done at a black wedding
this is soo wicked ! must to do in wedding!
Lead guy was kinda lazy but still that was Awesome.
@2:20 Kid running away from zombie Michael Jackson
it means that i like the way they did dis dance...means that i like iiiitttt!!
Iam just reponding to a post on here the one that got on the god subject listen you have no life not eveything is about or against u dumbass
what do you type in Google to get that music that you put because I did a dance just like it but when I type it in it starts differently!
omggggggg this is awesome lmaoooooo
aaaa bless you guys xclnt !!! made me smile
Compared to a lot of other guys dancing at weddings they did realllyyyy good
Still the best wedding rendition I've seen! Great job!
Man yall guys kick ass good job guys
Love it! 'Thor' kinda gave up a little bit towards the end tho :-( then came back with jackos moves! :-)
Hey! You did good and had fun! Hooray~
Devo andare in un ristorantino cosi ;)) che bravo personale che servizio e che intrattenimentooo ahhhaha
Their commitment to the dance is iconic.
Can you post how to dance to it please
Im still watching this and loving every minute of it! You guys are wonderful xxx
I would love to do this in the middle of a major city like New York or London
I'd give it an A for nothing other than using the correct music.
One of my favorite Youtube videos! Awesome! Love It!!!!!!
I am learning this dance in school! Good Work!!
like if you were dancing along
6 years ago, you posted this video and set the standard for wedding videos on youtube. Frickin' awesome guys!
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