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Salt and Ice CREAM Challenge!!!!!

by LukeIsNotSexy • 35,180 views


"DON'T TEXT ME YOU WANKERS" ~ Famous words of Luke <3
i still have a scar from when i did the salt and ice challenge, it's like 3 weeks later :/
"OH GOD! Luke has fallen..... DINOSAUR!" I love you both. <3
Whats Next? The Salt and Ice Cream Sandwich Challenge?
when you put the onesies on I about died. X)
0:12 is hilarious luke just mind rapes every body watching! lol
Luke when he wore the tiger outfit-3 HE REPLIED ME ON TWITTER
Where have you been all my life??
I tryed the salt and ice-cream challenge it hurt :/
That's why I thought of Doctor Who the whole time watching this vids xD
Lol, u guys r soo cute and silly
just got people on younow to do it... hilarious!!
ummmmm i dont know what to say but WHY THEY SO STUPED
hehe I have them tiger pyjamas<3
hahaha DINOSAUR !! lol lukes so cute with his tiger sweater
no it sounds very creepy lol i didnt mean to reply to you i thought i was just making a comment
You probably already answered it to someone. But who's that outro voice ?
YOU GUYS ARE RETARDED but funny¡!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then the teenagers were 4 again.
I'd honestly feel better about it, if it wasn't there. I know top comments mean a lot to some people, but if you could remove it - I'd (and others, I'm sure) really appreciate it! Thanks, xoxo
Ur friend looks like the Dr...
Oli: "I swear if you get this on my carpet, I'm going to kill you" Luke: "That's what she said"
"I swear if you get this on my carpet i'm gonna kill you" "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" ... "Can you just swallow it and shut up?" "THAT'S WHAT HE SAID" ------------------------ Luke you are too funny omg
I love the dress up near the end XD
I have just relalised how hot Ollie is;o
This quickly turned from a salt and ice cream challenge to a furry party.
Where do you get the dinosaur onsie?!
"Stop texting me you wankers!" lol...
wtf i don't find this funny at all
Luke is seriously the only younger person that I`ve ever found attractive, ever. Although perhaps not so much in this video... no, yes you still are.
Oh luke, so many questions but all i can say is that i sooo want to do this now....
Wtf that's what she said hahahahah
omg! their like the british version of smosh! I mean look at their hair! thumbs up if u agree!
Olly has Elf skin, like from the Lord of The Rings....Just saying :D
OMG Luke looks so funny oil is getting pissed at the beinging..
This is just one big "that's what she said."
it taste horrible!!! i tried it!!
have you done a little farty? HAHAHAH
Dear Luke, through 3 minutes and 4 seconds you didn't even look into the lens.
i have 3 scars from the salt and ice challenge XD
1:58 "Should we do something else"?, uuuh, kinky :D
the people have spoke and THE PEOPLE WANT ONESIES!!
did luke say dont text me you wanker#??????????
luke's laugh when he has ice cream in his mouth - i wish everybody had that laugh. the world would be so much sillier if everybody had that laugh
I love when Luke trys to wipe ice cream/salt for the first time that Oli sticks his tongue out in defence! :D 0:49
thats what todlers doo when they eat
Hey Luke! I'm making a salt and ice cream challenge video today for day #2 of my youtube challenge week! i'll be posting a response! hope you watch it now man!
thx 4 sending me this vid.. ur really funny. ill def keep watchin u. xoxo
Luke- "Basicly it is like the salt and ice challenge EHHH!!!" Ollie-"-_-" Made my day.
Salty icecream sounds like a name that you would use for vaginal jucies...
Wait... why would she say "Can you just swallow it and shut up" 0.0 Wtf r u doin!
Does anybody know where they got their onsies? Their wicked.
and u wonder why your dad thinks your gay?....
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