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Wicked Lasers Are More Powerful Than You Think

by GeniusRocket • 306,137 views

Client: Wicked Lasers ( Producer: GeniusRocket ( Studio: Rocky Collins Wicked Laser requested a viral style video that would show a captivating,...

Are you ding-dongs wearing CLEAR safety glasses?
fake explosion and fire, first off cars don't explode like that from a small fire and a green laser is not all that powerful, not compared to a 2W 446nm Blue laser and even they cant pop a tyre from that sort of distance
this is so terrible, it looks like it was made with an Adobe product on a MAC, thats how terrible it is
My gals terrible explosion 😒
I owe my dad a new car
Wow totally real I would belief that
Get some fucking safety glasses, kids. Green lasers especially aren't to be fucked with.
+Davey Jones That kid is wearing clear glasses. Clear doesn't block green at all
Point it to your dick
wish they would turn it on and shove up their asses sideways lol
Awesome guys very koool video :D
@damnfuct dude, u need to chill, lol. seriously!
@survivorevil look 0:29 - 0:33 again: The fat guy holds a red laser in his right hand. you can see the red dot after the baloon poping
special glasses to burn your eyes
Mother of god. Did you find this out or did your team of highly trained monkey? Someone, please give this man an award! Fuckface
Does it really do that?? I don't think...but im no scientist
Are they less powerful then laser scalpels? Because my mom is a vet tech and at her vet clinic there was a really powerful laser used as a scalpel.
well the explosion looked damn real thats cool
the doid in the spyder III is blue not green! and also....YOU JUST PICKED UP SAFETY GLASSES FROM YOUR LOCAL HARDWARE STORE! didn't you??!!
I love their reaction to the laser... OMG OMG NEW BOX, then ... disappointment.
wonder if the insurance will cover that?
Haha!! fuck that was just so cool :D haha, great sence of humor !!! really!
@Skaterman3323 Lmao, that is HILARIOUS, i cracked up as soon as I saw that! XD I'll be saying that from now on. XD
danger !!¨ no correct goggle!!!
They were some awesome graphics, Why are retards hating on this video it was jokesss
Hahahahaa, this is good =) Funny video ;) More of these kind of comedy =)
Started off retarded, then became funny as hell. Give the fat kid a haircut with it next time... Those wiley fat kids...
/watch?v=OqfOxm_1BE0 While they're at it, they should do a Troy McLure introduction to the Internet. I don't care if he's dead, just make it happen!
i was actually kinda freaked out when the fire started and then i realised it was fake lol but if that actually happened i would be SHITTING myself
I bought a 500mw green laser awhile back, at night the beam is strong. The thing is damn bright at a target 50-75 ft away. I got the arctic three coming. You have to be careful of anything that reflects light, even clear glass. I've blistered my eyes looking at arc welding and got battery acid in them years ago.I still have perfect vision. So you never can be too careful.
at the begginning fire i thought it was real
This video is great! I hope these guys make a few more! "The adventures of the Laser villians"
@finnbarrhagan IMMAH FIREN MY LAZER CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!
The death Star called and they want their laser back! No but really great vid. JaJa!
You guys are a pair of fruitcakes
Hahaha that was so UNREAL but cool!! LoL
@TheEpiph Of course it can blind you! :D A mere 50mW is enough to cause blindness. I agree with plymouthbiker. You obviously have such low intelligence on Lasers, please stop dicking with them before you blind yourself.
what software do you use for those effects.. there pretty amazing
ending was awesome. good job haha
looks better than light saber o.O
I would wear fucking goggles if i was gonna blow up a car.
George Lucas has issued a "Cease & Desist" order to the company that makes these. Oddly, it was not until I read that that I knew I HAD TO HAVE ONE! The video is funny, but that laser is a full watt!
hhahahahahaha reminds me of cloverfield :')
hahaha I about shit my pants when I saw that explosion hahahaha!!!
that is so fake the real arctic only comes with a blue beam and hat one is green
this is why you shouldnt wear a seatbelt lol
@dan3458 What, are you stupid? It looks like they're wearing "UVEX" style glasses, which have no protection for 532 nm (nevermind a class 4 laser). They clearly aren't the absorption-type (which would appear between RED to YELLOW hue). The other option is dielectric-coated lens (which they still do not appear to be). Even so, I doubt these idiots would shell out $400 USD for a pair. Class 4 lasers can cook your retina. P.S. Go die.
@farmdve 532 nm refers to the wavelength of light that the laser emits, and does not refer to some transistor gate width.
Aweseome Lasers Cobalt 1500 - CERTIFIED 1,500mw and 2,000mw 445nm LASERS. US- distributor, no Customs Hassels - get yours while they're still LEGAL AwesomeLasers - dot - com
If you're dicking around with a laser that can pop a balloon, you might want to wear some *real* safety glasses. If the glasses are clear, they're not blocking anything.
Those are chemical glasses.... UV light can only be partially assuaged by using polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are basically two shades perpendicular to one another, each of which filters a particular frequency of light. And polarized lenses have a distinct shaded pattern, definitely not on those glasses. SolidIncMedia is right in another way too. The only way to defend from such a high powered laser is total reflection.
@GeniusRocket Isn't the Spider III a blue laser not a green?
@voteshow how long did it take you to figure that out
@TheRealBlackRefleX the red light you see is the battery indicator on the spider...
fucck everything about you guys
That was the SIII Krypton. And they don't burn that quickly...
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