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"And I Am Telling You" Long Beach Pride 2010 by 11 yr-old Savannah Robinson

by Savannah Robinson • 35,082 views

On the main stage at 2010 Long Beach Pride.... This video got Savannah noticed by Ellen DeGeneres and Good Day LA

I get the chills everytime
wow you are an amazing singer. i just saw you on Ellen and you are wonderful young lady!!!! keep up the great work, keep striving towards your dreams. All things are possible and dont let anyone tell you other wise. God bless
You are younger than me and you're my role model. :P I LOVE YOUR VOICE. i'm a singer myself, i wish i could hit high notes like you. Biggg Voice! <3 one of my favorite videos on youtube. KEEP SINGING!
ellen brought me here and amazing I seee :))
I would really like to hear u sing commitment by leann rimes. U do have a great voice
wow this is truly amazing, great Job!
@lovinyuxo Thank you soo much for your comment! I appreciate the support! <3 Savannah <3
OMG!!! This gave me chills!!! You are so talented!!!! You have a beautiful voice!!!!!
Just saw you perform on Ellen you are simply amazing reach for the stars and your dream keep doin what your doing..amazing
you were amazing on Ellen <3 you're going to go far!
you need to be singin with beyoncee or something gurl you are amazinggg
I swear if you don't have a band behind you in the next year there is truly something wrong with this world..... Your amazing!!!!!!!! =D
You have an amazing voice!!! We love it! We look forward to seeing you perform again soon!
I listen to this over and over. Love you my girl, you are just amazing!
I just watched your peformance on "Ellen". You brought tears to my eyes! Absolutely amazing voice! You have many, many bright things coming your way, young lady! Stay on the right track and you will go far! I hope to see many great things from you!'re amazing girl!!! What a voice!!!! xoxoxo
Ellen brought me here :), Oh and she's really really great!
@eloisebloomfield1 LOL...and you are ridiculously SWEET~ Thanks soo much for such a nice comment. I love Beyonce!!!! Love, Savannah
@elegantfacepc LOL...I love this!! Thank you!!! <3 Savannah <3
@karzen398 Thank you soo much!! Stay tuned...big things are on the horizon! <3 Savannah <3
@amiejudd3 Wow...thank you! I was soo nervous! LOL. Thank you for your support! It truly makes a difference!!! <3 Savannah <3
You will make it far, its fun to follow kids on Youtube and watch them grow physically and with their voice.
Savannah, I feel so honored to have seen this in person! You're amazing!! You stopped us all in our tracks with your brilliant singing. You're going to have a very bright future!
@earthblues92 I may be getting the opportunity to sing with her...She has an amazing voice. I'm excited! Thank you!! <3 Savannah <3
I bet you'll be on the Ellen show soon :D keep it up! love your voice :)
sounds like the next Teena Marie. Amazing........
Savannah I'm almost speechless. Amazing, Unbelievable.GIRL, YOU ROCK !!.
@bdivab mom does that stuff! Thanks soo much for your comment and support! <3 Savannah <3
i think you saaaaang better than bianca ryan and charice combined! :D
@ragdump Thanks so much for your comment. I really liked her version of this song too!! I appreciate your support. Thanks again! <3 Savannah <3
@PyraLynne Thank you soo much! Stay tuned..big things on the horizon! <3 Savannah <3
@cameleonlb WoW...Well, Thank YOU!!! love, Savannah!
@TheMisszosia16 Thanks, friend! I like your singing too!! Where do you live?
WOW! Where do you get a voice like that at your age, Amazing!!!! Check out some of my videos and sub :)
Omg this is pure talent!!!! If I had this voice I would never stop singing!!!!!(; -3333 you Gould make a record deal it was beyond a one time thing this can take you to college or something!!! Make a record deal right now it your own cd or something!!! You gave me goose bumps!;)- that never happens!!;) loved it!!!;) -3333
@tps607 Thanks sooo much!!! I really appreciate your support! <3 Savannah
@wcsmack Thank you soo much! I really appreciate your comments and support! Thanks again!!!!!! <3 Savannah <3
crowd-drawing,crowd-pleasing angel!
her singing gives me the chills she is so good to be so young
Girl, I am in awe of ur talent. You can very well be my next vocal obsession since Charice :)
AMAZING!!!! You have an a beautiful voice!! You go girl!!! I hope you get sign to a record deal right now!!! God Bless You : )
OMG Savannah your incredible! You gave me goosebumps!
@Pdogg1985 awww..thanks so much!! I appreciate your spending some of your time on me. Thank you. <3 Savannah <3
Hey itz caludiafrom westwood i miss u alot i new u would be famouse i rember u singing respect u made me sniffle lova ya great job!! Miss ya lindsay misses u toooo !!!!!!!! Goodluck with everything :)
@ASKCHANTILLY ..awww..thanks! I think you are soo cool! Thanks for everything that you have done for me. I'm soo glad and happy to call you my friend. Love you, Savannah
Ellen brought me here, too!! and I have to say ur just amazing!! u have such a beautiful voice!!! =)
@lovelybyfar WOW! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Your support is sooo appreciated! <3 Savannah <3
Wow...This child is on her way to stardom!! Absolutely Amazing!!!!!
Which is why you should listen to ALL kinds of music and experiment with learning to sing different styles.This is specially important if your considering going on American Idol in the future,where you would be faced with different challenges every week and therefor you would need a ton of flexibility. Plus,when you have worked with a ton of different styles,at a certain age you find your OWN style,wich will be a blend of what you like most.Good luck.
You did an amazing job. I love you you sang very well.
@pinkladypantha WOW!!! You are soo sweet! Thank you soo much for taking the time to write to me and say such wonderful things. I really appreciate your taking some of your time for me. Thank you again! <3 Savannah
Ive worked all over the world with the best female singers in the world but Ive never seen anyone sing like that with such soul and strength phrasing tone everything was PERFECT you sounded like you and not like anyone else I am waiting to buy your album after you finish college.. GOD BLESS YOU and may your talent shine across the world. best wishes from australia xxx
Un-freaking-believable. She is a POWER HOUSE.
.....There is a signer.... or Lord... You brought a bunch of deaf people to a concert.... Dear God.....
@patsy5946 WOW....Thanks sooo much! I had soo much fun and met soo many amazing people! What a great day it was! <3 Savannah <3
OUSTANDING! ;-) I'm an instant fan!
Nice! This time we could see you, too!
Great job every distraction all around you no fear great job.
Wow I'm She's so amazing!
miss!!!! i had to stand up and yell at my computer betta sang that song chil'!! =you have a fantastic singing voice..i mean awesome much control at such a young age
I would come to America (an 8 hour flight from England) just to see you.... Amazing!!
WOOOOOOW!!!! GIIIIRL OMG! I can't even curse coz you are so young! but MY GOSH! the was BRILLIANT!!!!!! girl you are AMAZING! i dont know why you aint famous yet (unless i am behind time) but im about to post you on my facebook and tell everyone to repost, this is talent not to be wasted! dont you ever dare stop singing girl! you have a gift millions would die for! im subbin, befriending, sharing th lot lol :) ♥xXXx♥
@4099aj Thank you! Stay tuned...exciting things on the horizon! <3 Savannah <3
i think this girl she needs to try out for american idol when she gets to that age of 15 for sure she has a amazing voice
Ellen says you great and I think so too
I'm a big fan of Bianca Ryan that song helped her win America's Got Talent and a one million dollar first prize your version is just as good
You are so amazing! You blew me away! Good luck in all you do and God bless.
@Liyahlovesmommy Awww...thank you soo much! I can feel the love. Thank you for your love and support. It makes a difference. <3 Savannah <3
I just got chills, and i listen to heavy metal.
@RachelMendozaNeal Awww..that is very sweet to say> Thank you ! Well, Nice to meet you Rachel! I'm Savannah. <3 Savannah
Omg you are so great! Amazing! Love your voice! :-)
Girl, not only are you a PHENOMENAL singer, the fact that you sang at a Pride Festival shows how truly awesome you and your family are. Good luck to you Sarah (from South Carolina)
Hi Savanna! You are really very good,a natural talent.Don't forget that you need to take care of your voice with constant singing lessons so you won't lose it with time,also there's a chance that you might have a change of voice due to age,which usually will happen later if it hasn't already and that needs to be handled.Congratulations on your talent,I am a singer too. Experience has taught me that what makes you grow as a singer,more than anything,is the variety of styles that you can handle.
This girl is amazing. She is going to be a huge Star!
@itspunkinbitch Done! Thanks for the nice comment! I really appreciate your support!!! <3 Savannah
@ChildStarsOfToday WOW! Thanks soo much for such an awesome compliment!~ I am so happy that you like it. I have always LOVED this song!! I'm glad you like it too!~ <3 Savannah <3
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