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HQ. Andrew Johnston - Semi Final - Britain's Got Talent 2008

by ramaz24 • 1,452,254 views As Seen on FB TO make your day :) andrew johnston Andrew Johnston is through to the final of Britain's Got Talent 208 after another stunning performance in the...

All hail the king! Kid you rule! :D
great !!!!!! Love it ~~~
@ot113 how can you say that? ... oh that's right... jealousy.. good going there, picking on a child.
oh i love this boy! me makes me cry when he sings.
he just needs a lil more charisma.. standing a bit idle.. otherwise absolutely stunning =0
bloody hell this young lad have a really nice voice, he just left me without word good for you laddie!!
@PuChiPereZ13 you dont have one?? ahahahahha =)) me toooo =((
I remember there being some guy in the audience who shouts out poof.
i enjoy the same type of music as him the only difference if i get bullied shit goes down
he's amazing.. he deffinetly knocked out those bullies, they're all just jalous cause he's as good as all them together. :)
It's makes me sad that he's bullied at school and I'm a bit tempted to board a plane to Britain and teach those bullies a lesson myself. >:( Anyways, his voice is absolutely stunning and he definitely deserved to win.
Look at this kid. So freaking amazing and humble. And then we get Justin Bieber......................... What the hell is wrong with this world?????
voice made from God in heaven :))
@sick3333 u jealous bas.tard u wish u had such a voice and stop such ignorant coments if u dont like dont even waste ur time watching and writting
@ElissloveR this is what I was thinking of!!!! you are right!
i can feel the shivers on my spine.. an amazing performance indeed.
Man kid this is great! Work on your rhythmic precision a little bit, but otherwise, this was PERFECT! Great intonation and articulation :)
2 words 2 say - absolutely brilliant
Nevermind, I figured it out: it's the Glasgow Theme from Love Actually. :)
all i can say is .... oh my god AMAZING
@daisychain1231 his website says he is Baritone at the moment and has just completed a concert and singing again in a few weeks. It also says he is at a very prestigious music college being trained so my guess is they will take their time with him and not want to push that fantastic voice, I liked his Xmas hymn he did for his fans. He has grown into a fine looking young lad and very tall, difficult to think he is still only 15yrs old and you are right nobody would recognise him now.
O_O omg.. great voice.. kinda scary.. but the dancing kid shoud have won D:! or they shoud both have splitted the money :D!
This young man brings not a tear, but straight up CRYING to my eyes every time I see him and hear him sing. He is absolutely INCREDIBLE, and I would like to meet him, shake his hand, and thank him for sharing his talent with the world. This young man's voice saved me tonight. I remembered this video, and it saved me from a very hard few weeks emotionally. If you ever see this Andrew...thank you sir, thank you very much.
Oh my god... This man is increible.. You rock man!
Its gonna suck when he gets older and his voice changes since his voice is freakin amazing
I want to hear more from this boy in the future. He is a great singer.
wow.... this kid is incredible. I don't understand why singing like this makes you "gay". Thats just ignorant. For the record, I am a straight male in the Army and in a fraternity. I'm a "Frat boy" Soldier and even I find this moving. Grow the fuck up people
I love british people... nice song
wow 81 people missed the like button keep it up andreww
It's quite easy for the judgmental twits that are sitting behind their computers to insult this brave and talented young man. I suggest that all of you making the rude and ignorant comments about him do one of two things. Either get up on that stage and show us what makes you all so much better than him, or you simply shut the hell up and continue living your pathetic lives safely behind your computers in your mothers basements.
he's just so amazing i cried when i seen his first audition ....he's seriously havin the last laugh now!!! frickin bully's!! andrew ur amaaaazin:)
He looks and sounds like an angel......
@ElissloveR yes, i totally agree with you ~<3 Andrew Johnston
@9191golden yes like libra a lot good kids but andrew still has something that bit more special in his voice he doesn't just sing its something deeper than that
he is so stressed out :) when with such a voice he should feal gratefull for showing people how wonderful his voice is...:D congratz ur voice is divinal ;)
y would u need friends if u have the money 2have a voice like that???
What is the piano song playing at the beginning during his bio?
There aren't many singers who can bring tears to my eyes, but this boy does it instantly.
Wow...This song mad every hair on my body stand up and i had goosebumps...This kid is phenomenal...I did not expect that out of him at alll
This is probably how an angel sounds like.
he won right? anything else then won and i have a serious reason to think british people are wierd hes one of a kind and so extremely gifted id kick the fuck out of his bullies if i got a chanse hes a god amoung flies around them
@Nfsguy32 haha I do the same thing and if you go to another page and then come back to this one I always click thumbs up on it=)
Serious this guy is astonishing! I loved the original piece by eric bt this is just TOO dam GOOD! Aside being bullied in his life about his singing style, bt he stood up and never gave in to the bullies and lived up his dreams! Face it bullies, u just got slapped on ur effin FACE! And to those 83 ppl who disliked his singing, don't be jealous and go start ur own life instead of disgracing urself here! And face the fact, do not judge a book by its cover!
youtube i need help this video has a dislike button remove it it shouldent be there
you got a voice, use it to the best of your ability, kid did a great job, negative comments are those who just could not do better...
I'm not gonna lie, this kid sounds amazing but....... hes such a nerd
@ot113 WOW you are hard!! takes guts to come on to a childs video and deride him eh - pathetic!! Andrew you are a great lad, keep going boy.
Guy or girl, with that voice, you`ve got an advantage in life..
He is a wodner child, I LOVE his singing. I feel sorry for his once his voice starts cracking though.
@daisychain1231 what is the webpage? i want to visit! :)
@jonesperry10 yes he has an even greater voice, and this lad is studying voice at music college, i am a great fan of him and follow him on his site. We are going to hear a lot from this lad in the future. He is 15 and I believe has to be careful now as his voice changes, but what we have heard on his official site he has a great future ahead of him and what a great lad he is, down to earth and modest. Great lad he is, I for one will be buying anything he brings out in the future.
he looks like eric cartman but with talent at singing
@cjabluesman I bet you are one of those man.. I suggest you find something to fill the void in your life because you are a soul less husk..I pity people like you
i've got goosebumps go Andrew! fuck bullies!
i wish he would smile more. there's so much sadness in his eyes. He has such an amazing voice tho!!!!
@puppilove1996 if you want to hear more kids sing like tat type libera
this is just INCREDIBLE!!! his voice is just so AMAZING!!! i feel like crying when I hear him sing.
OMG !!! I just watch other video by him & i really start seach about this guy LOL His voice is awesome , unbelieving an angel singing so sweet !!! But someone note ? His face , i mean his eyes look so sad & beautiful !!! Wish him can make a CD , he's one of true talent <<<333 Love ur singing , so fantasic !!!!
Imagine what his voice will sound like when he's 30.
This young man has a tremelo that defies comprehension at his age.......and amazing pitch doesnt hurt either.
he made cry u are a angle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
super super en lo personal pienso que esye chico es extraterrestre porque nos da en el centro del alma y recuerden amigo ni es el que te hace reier sino es el que te hace llorar... y yo llore
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