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[FUNNY] MW3 Trolling Tuesdays #1 by Whiteboy7thst by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 1,589,187 views

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I miss his manly gypsy powered screams
I have an xbox so yeah, anything would be nice.
I would like an artificial penis so my girlfriend will actually like sex time
How could I be a goat whiteboy
Are you still active?
PSN PLZ I luv u whiteboy plz
How could I be a good
Plz bring this back :)
His right hand moves a lot in the beginning of the video
2:06 Backed up on diabetes :P
Add me on ps3truekiller543210
Microsoft Points Please :)
Psn points joking lol
Psn code and this was funny
Microsoft card plz dude
People, you do realise this was over a year ago? You ain't getting no microsoft points!
Your to funny bro Microsoft points please
Please? That cracks me up
At 2 min the screen gos dark
Uuuuuuummmm aih wunt a Microsoft card plese I wuld like it even thogh u don't seel tham aneemore
It was made in July 2012 u won't get Microsoft points
Just to tell all you guys commenting now in 2013 almost 2014 I already got the code for this vide _________________
3:07,what do you expect him to do?Shut up and run in there,bitch.
damn Funny,I subscribed to all ur vids!Keep up the good work.
already? how long was this before the game came out?
(face palm) he spelt >spelt< you fail at trying to get top comment read then comment and don't try to correct someone when your grammar was bad
Pls make this kinda vids pls i beg you !!
If I play pan I should add me xXTANKOFTHE928Xx
Good to know your target audience is 10 to 12 year olds ...
check out my channel and subscribe
I would like psn code gammer tag is STG_BUN_WHISKERS PLEASE 8=====D (•Y•)
This video was posted 3 days after his and my birth day
Iwanna Buy The Camos And Emblems But Is Microsoft Points, wish You Gave Out Psn Cards :( .
Microsoft points!! Troll those ittle people!!!!
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