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Mac Miller - America (Ft. Casey Veggies & Joey Badass)

by TreeJTV • 3,921,939 views Presents - AMERICA Directed By: Mike Waxx & Mike Carson Edited by: Darnell Williams Animation Director: Nem Perez Animators: Brandon Breaux, Aaron Marsh, Stuart Jon Marsh, Jimi...

Mac miller used to be wack af but this nigga got way better. Joey badass kills it like always as well
very true, but people like it wack now soooooo
Save the best for last
I think you are on the wrong website...
they should have got EARL on this song too . the 4 of them would have murked this 
the best 4 on this beat would have been mac, ab, earl, joey
mac x joey x ua x fbz
Love how this was uploaded on July 4th
Illuminati written all over this
dope how mac miller let the whole beast coast come thru for the vid, at least fbz and pro era. mad chill
La canción se llama "América", pero sólo veo banderas de Estados Unidos en el video. ¿Por qué? / The song is named "America" but only i see flags of USA in the videoclip. Why?
por que para los estados unidenses somos nosotros tercermundistas los latinos,osea somos pobres y E.U.A es el pais mas rico de america !  es la historia que les enseñan aya,un dato curisoso tambien esque , si no eres nacido en estados unidos,no eres americano.. bienvenido a la realidad !
+Fernando Araujo Yo soy de Estados Unidos, y eso no nos ensenan aqui lol. 
joeys style here is so damn good! not liking the b4da$$ flow :(
Your not the only one dude
Where can i find this track. album/mixtape
anyone know how they do these effects in the video? really wanna learn how to do it!
Watched this like like 2 years ago and came back and remembered how hard this nigga Joey wrecked the verse. Had the zombies in it to and P.E. 
it is funny tho as a fan of mac for several years now its strange to see him transition, he all of a sudden is a high roller big time good rapper with "illuminati" shit all over his stuff? when before he was just laid back kid who liked making music.... believe it or not, I can't convince you but its straaaaange .
This is indigo not illuminati
I think it is sad watching the transition mac has gone through since his old songs of the k.i.d.s. album and earlier. It seems like he use to be having a lot of fun and was making music cause it was his passion ("rappin's my passion"). Now it seems like his ambition has turned to something else... It certainly doesn't look like he's enjoying life near as much now as he was before. 
he's finding reasons to rap, he's told his story he's gave you enough him. he wants to give music for the world 
drugs will kill anyone's ambition or excitement.
Such a hyped video to such a chilled song, just my opinion:)
does any one know where i could find effects like this. i like the whole cartoon thing in the background
+CULTRAPPER yes. adobe after effects 
I got some super dope Joey Bada$$ beats on the page! $FREE99 Thus track is ill af doe
Looking for Steez in this vid lol since this was before he died
Bro fuck what anyone says. Mac has bars.
Joey so fucking fine, wtf. 😩
that FBZ camio, now if only they dropped a verse :/
take the fucking triangle and eye off you
Young Veggies killed it !!
Jesus why have I never heard this, sick video too
this guy is the greatist mac is my fav. artist i have been listing to hi when he droped is first album (blue slide park) he has changed alot but is still makeing great music and one day i hape to meet him and smoke a fatty 
Casey V stole a bar from YG. smh. 
The Boy veggies went in
mac miller is good but i dont like him being in the illuminati that shit messes it all up for me
Lmfao,you kids still believe in the illuminati?
Don't let Joey on your tracks hahaha he WILL body everyone involved.
that nigga looks like a younger wiz khalifa ;o
Mac Miller - America (Ft. Casey Veggies & Joey Ba…:
Mac def filmed this in NY
Joey murdered easily
"Bout' to drop hot shit, running out of patients, niggas not sick."
its hard to believe this is the same casey veggies who did the backflip song...
"everybody love him" was later on sampled for Unorthodox. the video is kinda similar. there was a gif of joey with the third eye and i paused the vid to write this right at the gifs beginning moment.. 47shift.
Mac Miller reverse fell off.
Love hip-hop? CLICK. OUR. CHANNEL. You won't regret it....
they went in on this one damn
Dope ass beat. Dope ass lyrics. Dope ass song. 
mac go so fucking hard. Hes dope af with his lyrics low key. Wheres his 2nd verse though? 
2:31 First of all look how many views this video has and imagine how many actual people must have viewed this video. Now why in the fuck do the producers put satanic symbolism in those music videos, why put symbols in music videos at all? What do you think their hand slipped and drew satanic stars and one eye symbols everywhere tens of times? Ask yourself u dumb fuck.
This song is riddled with messages both visual and lyrical.
Joey killed them on this song frfr
я въехал в тему этот поц тусуется с чёрными братками 
millers dope as fuck
 America is colombia peru argentina mexino panama fucking gringos illuminatiss mason culture
jajaja tranquilo mi comentario es simple broma . 
SSUR & Miller. ♥♥
shit joey KILLED this
Mac millers K.I.D.S. days was dope he made more money then any of u will ever make.
thanks for telling that
Joey made this song good Casey was alright though
There aren't words to describe how dope this track
Where can get their clothing?
Diamond supply co and supreme gg
what effect is that with the drawn on animations ?
Major throwback. Didn't even recognize Casey, joey badass, or even fbz In the back two years ago haha
holy shit, mac and joey made a track?
I feel like the people that see triangles and assume Illumnati flipped the fuck out in Math class.
dope af shit goes hard greetz from munich 
YUHHHHHH flatbush comin through
Joey bad ass voice was dope af back then wtf happened to him
Easily one of my favorite Mac songs.
Elevated 3rd eye shit 
I also agree mac miller used to be a little whack. Now he's dope.
Way better rap than Eminem
this song was the best
Why the fuck is this not on spotify for?
Mac miller is that fucking buhl!
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