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by croatmafia999 • 144,715 views


Dude if I could get your routine workout so I can get abs like yours. That would be awsome!
last beeer and i will do this sh1t
what means your muscles are3 growing?? you didnt say
dude i did this and gives the worst pain during the next day its crazy
There is an easier way to get a six pack using your couch 1. Go to ShopRite 2. get a six pack of Coke 3. Sit on your couch and put the coke on your belly and you have a six pack. Just make sure not to drink one, or you will only have a five pack.
ahah i see all these 13 year olds wanting a six pack i dont balme em tho i want one and im thireteen ahah
also is good to have a glass of water after every food you eat
Haha! It looks like the man is struggling with those "pull up sit up" exercises! Wow! I think I'm gonna stick to scrunches! Those scrunches already got me to a 4-pack!
i do 16 minz of abs every other day for the past around 6 weeks and i see no results T_T
does this work and if it does does it work for fat people
hey do u guys know how i can get a 4 pack? not a six pack a FOUR pack. i like 4 packs and a huge chest more then a six pack
just the regular crunches thats it but it just takes a lil longer like eight weeks
If you are fat you shouldn't be worried about getting a six pack...go on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes a day and i guarantee you will lose 5 pounds in 10 days
dude i do the full 4 minuets, lood down at my abbs and ... shit nigga, not abbs!!
no, you know what does work? eating less fat and running marathons.
i m training just two days and i see abbs!thank you man
this barely exercises ur abs..only legs
Yes this is good, but you can't just exercise, you need a good diet also to get visible abs. yeah you do see results by doing this in a really short while, but it is good to have a good diet also. great video.
does this work? and is it 4 mins every day 4 2 weeks or what...??? thx
Lol, I don't eat fat foods sometimes. But I drink pop like crazy. And my body as turned out weird. I have as six pack and man titties. xD
@Idfast you need to run and burn off some of the fat before you start the abb workout
how many times a day do we have to do this? and will it work on youre lower abbs to?
well man just do kinda regular crunches i also suggest you do the crunches with a little weight put some metal disk on the back of your head and lift your self up it helps you put a little presure on the abs so the train more...also dont eat sweets,chocolate,ice-cream and stuff......
wow that accually works i'm like real happy, thanks
i am only 11 i got a six pack :) it get u ladies! ;)
santo973? wheni was 11 i though i had abs, but then i realized it was bones??????
dude thanks it was hard at first but because of you man i could see it:D
That's how they get u to get the other routines u prolly have to go to that website and pay for it
guys, easiest way you an loose weight is just always carry a bottle of water with you! if you do you'll always be wanting to drink from it. i lost like 6 pounds in 3 days.
i used to have 8 packs but the fat toke over
Guys let me tell u somethin bout gettin abbs, ok, first of all, you have to lose your belly fat, how do u know when you are good enough? When you are under 10% body fat, which requires a good diet, once you got that, u strengthen your abb muscles by doing excersizes such as this, then you can get your abbs seen (srri for the wrong spellings)
Brb gonna go "sit" on my couch ;)
im 13 and i only do badminton
it really works !! thanks dude :D
oh i see thanks so much dude i been doing a lot of cardio and crunches and i can see results vert fast. im 13 right now and i really wanna get fit for high scool
@gagavisionx haha your slightly wrong yes it barely exercises your abs but the more muscle your legs have its more likely to have an incredibly result
what do i do if i have some fat but not alot? my limbs are normal but im starting to get a belly
dude ima start doen this today n if i get results im goen to already doing that 6 minutes routine video
i am 13 i wanna 6 pack, i will follow this, is there a special diet i hve to follow, if there is, do i have to do it everyday?? i eat olives for breakfast beforeschool, is that good? thx
im about to try it...but how long till i see some abs!? =p
1:04 LISTEN... he says a few short weeks, not in 4 min, you have to exercise in 4 min... dumbasses
haha im 14 n i allready have a six pack u dont need to do a diets i just 2 hunderd a day 30 at a time thats it!!!!
hahaha i got abbs i can feel em i just gt lik a 2cm layer of fat ova em :(
@vrlfaec Don't work your arse off for good abs, I'm ripped and it wasnt that hard. You've gotta concentrate on two basic things, what your eating and your workout. I ignore all other advice beside Daniel Murray, he's a god when it comes to the gym. Trust me on this one, read this:
fanq sooo much man!!!!!!!!!! iv only been doin dis 4 2dais and ma packz hav intensified
@motoemasta1 Dude type in scooby workshop hell answer all your questions,
Determination..The only thing I lack
can a 13 year old boy do it whits its me
it says it is free but they talk about a subscription on your posted link.
it does work gym equipment sux and membership costs for that but it worx maybe not in 4 minutes but propably in 1 to 2 weeks
Do you do this every day? And wat if u dont have a type of couch like that, wat else can i use? Thnx
this pretty much just gives you a pump, as in pumps blood into your muscles. if you have an large amount of body fat. it will not work unless you incorporate other resistance and cardio training. as well as a well diet.
6 people aren't getting laid with 6 packs tonight.
wow nice leg raise.... not how ur ment to do it.... P90X is the way to go people. AB RIPPER X!!!
I do 200 a day like 100 in the morning and 100 at night..It realy worlks or i turn on the raido or a cd do sit ups tell one of the songs is over nad it Realy works doing situps and eating right :)...Good luck
from the vid i seen him fuckin his belly button ?
DWm y couch does the job ==, really works Thnx Heapz :D
I dont do any thing and i got betta abbs than dude...must be genetics
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