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Airplane Beauty

by bubzbeauty • 2,096,919 views

Hello buttercups, I'd like to think I fly quite often, especially long haul flights. In fact, I'm scheduled to fly quite a lot this year starting next week. I love traveling but I hate flying. The...

bubz should make a bobby pin of her own and call it "bubbi pin" ^-^ that would be awesome 1:20
And a bb cream called bubbi Cream
A lady did the sheet-mask thing and the plane was dark, so I mistook her for a ghost and screamed...
Haha lol 😹😹😹😹😹
Wear the sheet-mask and he airplane crew will think you're a terrorist!
Please, may you never fly sitting next to me, you will drive me crazy... 
I pretty much like your bubbi multi brush, but it seems it is not available to buy right now. When will it be available? Thx
who else thinks that this girl NEEDS to be a model...?
Bubz, what brand and shade is that tinted lip balm you used? It looks really pretty c:
+Veronica Romero i know it is the nivea lip shine in cherry :)
I'm also an exo fan, and my bias is also Sehun.  That was really funny.  I wasn't expecting that in the comments section. :)
Your body may thank you for drinking water, but not the person sitting in the aisle seat😆
I remember watching this when you posted it and thinking "hmm I won't ever be able to use these tips since I never fly" and now I'm flying off to Hawaii next week for a mission trip and watching this again! Thanks bubz! 
Have fun,Im going to Poland next month,and again have fun _
Whenever I travel on business/first class, I always receive a kit of facial creams, hand moisturisers and lip balms XD Now I know why it's needed. 
Um is it gonna irritate my skin/eyes if I use mascara
It shouldn't unless you are allergic to anything in the mascara. :)
can I be your boy friend? 
Airplane Beauty. Great.
Anyone else watching in 2015??
That was very helpful...the sheet mask however could land me in trouble but will create a good story to tell my peeps waiting at the airport :D 
Hi guys! I've just uploaded a video about "how to get rid of pimples", I give you some tips, please check it out :D
love you 😘😘😍
Thank you!! :D This will be very helpful for me this summer since I am probably going to fly to China all the way from Canada (Montreal). Since it's going to be my first flight ever (lol) I wanted to know tips and tricks before going. :D
you look kind of difrent form the bubzbeauty pic when you have no makeup
is it okay to wear bb cream for a 14 hour flight ?
No it will clog ur pores
Of course! You're flawless flaunt it! BB cream is good p
I love the song 😋 IU- Good Day 💞
i prefer michelle phan's tutorial no offence
you put a lot of makeup when your on the plane lol
Are you Cantonese or Mandarin?
You sound american and Scottish
The sm as me such a coincidence rit chinese/irish!!!
It's actually Northern Irish
arn't u not allowed to bring bottled water on a plane? i thought there was a certain amount of liquid ur allowed to bring   0.o
It's okay to bring water you bought at the airport, after going through the security check ^^
Could you travel to Sweden?
I'm flying to Japan today bubz!! So excited! ^^ now I know not to wear too much makeup lol
In air plane they give water iam saying cause I have travel too many time
Hi! Is it allowed to bring bb cushion like Laneige or iope into your hand carry bag? :)
Background music I think it is Hillsong- MIghty to save is she CHristian?
"Lets pretending we flying? Yeah? Cool!" Lol 😂
What accent does she has i can't tell!
OMG IVE GOT THAT CUP virtual high-five teehee ;3
Aren't you not allowed liquid on a plane?
It can't be larger than 200 ml or something like that. If its under you should be fine
I love that you use kpop instrumentals as your background music. IU( thought I'm not sure what the song is called)
I love the way you say powder lol
Ur dog in the background was being hilarious
I have never been on a plane :(
Your first time might be scary but it's so fun :)
@damania, Chubbi is a Pomeranian
that second song was good day bye IU
And Wei Lee totally got her small boob thing a month after Bubz
Too bad ur not aloud 2 bring ur dogs :( I wish we could bring animals to the airport
where can i get Korean/Japanese cosmetics in the uk?
Are you christian? Coz ur music was mighty to save by hillsong.. loveit!
I don't have the gut to put on a sheet mask on my face during flight (=w=;
I wonder if you need to apply sunscreen on the airplane.. I heard the UV ray gets super strong up there! Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Just saying where are we going to do all this in the plane ????
While sitting in your seat? Just have your make up and everything with you plus a mirror and do it. Just make sure you have it in your TSA approved bag (all liquids under 100 ml/3.4 oz) No one is really gonna care about a girl doing her make up and hair before she gets off a long flight. 
Another well executed video bubz!
Hi, I was wondering what that mask was called? And where I could purchase it?
it's called the Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack :)
Where I stay, we're only allowed to bring 100ml of liquid (around 3 oz?). So as much as possible I use double duty stuff. I even use either eyeliner or mascara to fill in my brows. Is it just me? ^^"
Too bad ur not aloud 2 bring ur dogs :( I wish we could bring animals to the airport
It's baby lips dr rescue @Overdose of EXO
Aqua tinted moisturiser
Michelle Phan totally got this from her
Oh can you do an update one cause I heard that you will go to UK SOON from your vlog so can you please please do one or an what's in my suitcase or travel bag
I love this video, very cute and thanks for the great ideas!
This was helpful, thank you.
I'm taking a trip to Europe in two weeks, so this is super helpful!! Thanks a ton!:)
How did you bring the Lioele Sleeping Mask with you? I could only find the product in a 120ml tube :(
decant it into a pot or container
@StrawberryFaithx3 : XD LOL
 I will take a bus to Italy (It will take 8 hours). So I think those tips come in handy! I think it will work for Bus Rides as well :D
what eye cream is that
What was the quad she used at the end?
Ikr i love doing braids
Tooooo chinese she talks bad
No its an irish accent
And she grew up in Ireland, but moved to Hong Kong a few years ago.
OMG she is soooo cute
Thanks so much! I'll be flying from LA to Sweden this summer so this is very helpful. :D
this video was definitely the most helpful out of all of the airplane tutorials ive watched ;)
gosh. u make it look so easy and the results are amazing! superlove!
Yeah ! IU marshmallow / Mighty to save ! ^-^
Can you do an updated one? And what's inside your bag on flights please (: ?
ooohhh so agree!!!! that´s my philosophy!!! carry less... bring more!
Woah, imagine if there was an actual Air Bubz, and you were provided a complimentary goodie-bag filled with one-time-use sized samples of all the products she used (except the face mask cause you kind need the whole sheet for that) :O
Yeah ! IU marshmallow / Mighty to save ! ^-^
Omg the song is IU's "You and I"!!!!
The music just came up when I just read this! =)
whqt dog breed is chubbi
Chubbi is a pomeriam. 
I love ur puppy in the back
Try rubbing deodorant on mosquito bites.
Do you think you could list this all out for me?
Thank you! This helps a lot 
omg I always use sheet masks! You buy them from The Face Shop, in case anyone is wondering
How come you don't sell the retractable brush anymore?
What is the background music??!
look at domo in the background when he was younger :D
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