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by Philip DeFranco • 1,276,381 views

In today's show we talk about reading in prison, wildfires in Colorado, a BAMF who saved a baby, a little sexy news for the guys and girls of the Nation, an update on Syria, and the Google I/O...

Where is her IG Twitter tumbler facebook anything
Baby vegan booty = Natasha Scott
100% Real not a scam site runs 100% commissions and your contributions just look at the video and you will see for yourself
I think that this opportunity should be allowed to people who do minor crimes. I don't want a murderer getting time taken off of his sentence because he proved that he could read a book and write a passable essay on it. This is prison for God's sake, not high school!
this implies all criminals never read a book before jail. how do we know that say an accountant who is in jail for tax fraud, didnt read books all the time as a favourite passtime before committing fraud in the 1st place. how does reading in jail change anything. hes still the same guy as before who decided that he would knowingly break the law
Reading, at least when made to think about, essay wise, etc. is a lot about connecting to the characters and themes of the story. I'd imagine a prisoner would end up reading a book involving someone effected by their crime and would have to empathize with the character to be able to write a good essay.
Is she not Eva Marie from WWE Divas? She has bright dyed red hair but maybe when these were taken she had them a different color.
Don't worry people of Colorado, come and be safe in Australia!!!!!
Yes and from players perspective gaming and 1st veiw interactive video
It's been more than a year and instill can't find this girls name
I hope I'm not the only one that thinks the Google glasses can be used as a scouter. Hopefully there's "OVER 9000!!!!!" of you. (And yes the caps and multiple exclamation marks were necessary to accurately represent the overly exaggerated scream.)
Glasses would be good for hands free POV
instead of YOUR shitty music hahaa lold
It's pretty much saying that kids should also get rewarded for merely finishing a essay. I don't!
Oh, I'm not saying it is impossible, I didn't mean to imply that either. What I meant was this will not happen for several years, and when it does it will be ridiculously expensive. At least for the first few years of precription google glasses or whoever is competing, in 'glasses' market, and beat them to the punch. New stuff that is hard to build goes down in price _very_ slowly. Which sucks. I think these are cool. I just wanna play with them, but I doubt I'll ever be able to,for many reasons
I think the prison reading program is a great idea. Reading books will probably do them more good than sitting in a cell for years on end.
Wait... Does phil live in the Bay Area?...
I'm from Brazil and was not even knowing that T-T
Sorry dude, Didn't mean to depress you. Meant to show that even through the dickery of to the universe, there are things that make all that bullshit we all go through, totally worth it.
I pure ordered the Google Nexus, in fact this comment was written on the Google Nexus! :-)
BAD ASS MUTHA FUCKA!!!...was wondering what the meant finally realised.
Thumbs up "thatguyoverthere52's" comment sxephil would be amazing on the radio don't believe us? close your eyes and watch this :p
Google Glass: Welcome to the future lol
they can be affixed to many frame types and when the retail release comes out they will be able to easily be attached to many types of corrective lenses. The Glass unit it self is mostly seen attached to a standard frame. these are prototype units for beta testing.
lol i love your faces and would be satisfied if you died
ok i can imagine future next usa president brazzer's ceo
"After all, pessimists are given pleasant surprises ever once in a while, which is always a good mood inducer. " Very true. Have a good one mate.
Well, if google glass came in my prescription then maybe I would use it lol. It seems like a really kickass product! I'm not usually one to jump into buying new electronics right when they've just been released but this sounds just too cool to resist lol.
Hi, i'm brazilian and the only reason for the politicians doing that is for steal more public money.
Do they only have non violent books?
went to the baby vegan booty gallery you have in your desc, great pictures but in your video you said there were links to much larger galleries.. cant find them
hell yea i would use them glasses for sooooo much things
Can Google Glass read that Saiyan monkey's power level? That's pretty important, being and intergalactic planet-trader and stuff.
I love your variety and you show definitely has a lot of variety (topics) which is why it is so interesting. Good job as usual Phil
"Yeah, that's not going to happen... ever." I think you mean "Yeah, that's not going to happen... yet." someone will work it out.
LoL, the first response I see... Just like I thought...
So, Thanks man I will, and I'll hope. I just refuse to be surprised when shit goes wrong. You're a pretty cool dude, from what I've seen so far so I hope you can keep your optimism intact where I couldn't. I mean, It just didn't work for me, I don't _miss_ optimism but I see the good and the personal peace it gives. Which is totally great if you enjoy optimism, Just not my bag man. After all, pessimists are given pleasant surprises ever once in a while, which is always a good mood inducer.
I shall sit in class and record everything! Then if I fell asleep, I wouldn't be screwed for the exam!
You would come to my hotel room?? Ok whatever
google glasses seem pretty cool. My dad used to complain about when he filmed my events(recitals, graduations, etc.) that he felt like he was missing it in real life. This should solve that problem
I think the glasses could be awesome . Im sure a lot more people will have youtube accounts. Personally I would use it for recording the geeky roleplaying sessions that I want to share I wouldnt have to worry about the camera running out of space or memory. Could also use it to rtecord my airsofting teams games. I would enjoy using it even if not too many people would watch my videos.
It's funny because I'm watching this on a Nexus 7
Make an enormous database of people so that if i forget info i can just search it
I'd love to think so, really I would, but the thing about prescription lenses(and this is the biggest problem) is that every year or so your eyes get worse(or better if you used corrective contacts) and thus wearing your old prescription makes your eyesight degrade EVEN FASTER.Then,Second biggest problem,The display drivers would have to be changed in fine detail settings significantly. That's VERY hard to do on an extremely streamlined device running on a low resource, low power, system. Sadly.
from i heard the camera device is detachable, so maybe it can put on our normal glasses?!
porn might get better. just sayin.
For any small time criminal, yes it's a good thing and I think it's going to help. But for any criminal which murdered, raped och anything like that, no they should not be allowed to have this.
teens react to Phillip de franco brought me here ...
baby vegan booty is of sucker punch action movie :P she is soooooooooo hot
I want the Doctor Who poster!!!!!
I guarantee that a good 50% of jails won't graduate. I live near a "Hood", and I know a few of them can't speak, let alone read. and forget reading the level they have to- I've tried a few books they're using, they're going to say "FUCK THIS" at about the 3rd sentence in.
Then dnt fuking watch his videos! no one is forcing u 2! u dumb bch!
i just wanna say thanks for caring about syria
That is funny because I live in New Mexico and we had numerous fires that were much larger than this, but I fell as much as Arizona had a large fire. New Mexico was barely covered while other states get large coverage.
She doesnt defy science! her bewbs are fake!
I would use the glasses to help me track things. I'm a hunter, so hopefully they'll have some app store type thing so I can buy some apps to help me sight in my gun easier, identify tracks with less room for error, and even get some sort of zoom thing.
I would use the google glasses to record my math teacher when she yells at us for no reason
The person CLEARLY doesn't have 3 zeros between each comma. They said 2,00,00,00. 2 billion would be 2,000,000,000. Sure, they added too many commas but the number of commas have never been what determines the number. Remove their commas and it still equals 2 million. As for the decimal, that would be 2000000.00. The placing of the decimal is what determines the number. 2000000.00 is completely different from 2000000000.00 but 2,000,000.00 and 2,00,00,00.00 are the exact same.
What i want to be able to do with google glasses is be able to determine peoples power levels.
It doesn't really look like something id use.
Likewise, dude. And I mean it, if you like that optimism, it keeps you happy, I really hope you don't loose it.
finally someone likes me face!!
this was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My chubby brother was able to make the most beautiful pole dancer I’ve seen in my life fall for him as he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I’d been happy for him but I want such a pretty young lady to fall for me. I’m seriously jealous. Does that mean I’m a lousy human being?
You know what not looking that much forward to the Google Glasses
subscribed for that doctor who poster in the background
@Nickg1281 and you are a cunt, lets move on :)
can't find her Baby Vegan Booty Gallery:
Baby Vegan Booty = Jocelyn Ross
i learned why that was her nick name. i liked it :D
isnt it wierd how top comments are never related to the video
I think that they need to make the google glass in a way that they can put it on regular glasses because think of the people who actually use glasses, or simply in more normal looking glasses.
they probably have banned books though like "a clockwork orange" which is kind of really uber violent
Was that 60 frames per second or 60 grams per second ... I'm hungry ...
I saw that Baby Vegan's website (or what i assume is her website) and she seems...somewhat troubled...just my opinion.
who else checked out veagan booty chick and imediatly jizzed at the bathtub photo
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