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7 Harry Potter Movies In 7 Minutes

by TheFineBros • 3,318,796 views

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The reason why Voldemort doesn't have a nose is because snakes don't have noses.
Dobby went to see Hermione and Ron in the books.
They use the time turner in that movie and not again because in the fourth book Hermione mentions that the ministry had recently destroyed all the time turners claiming they are extremely dangerous. (which is true)
+Cat? Fish? Totoro. They actually got destroyed by Harry and the others when they were in the ministry in the order of Phoenix 
Ergh. Read my reply to that girl back a while please.
While i was watching the movies I couldn't help but thinking "wow they did a bad job with details that explained stuff" and i remember thinking if you had not read the books that it would be really confusing for you... This is proof of that. I recommend reading the books before watching the movies and then you will enjoy it a lot more.
Harry Potter, murderer at 11. Lol
It's not "You're a wizard Harry" it's "YER a wizard Harry"
+MrShadowOfGaming No just harry, u r a wizard!
And Voldemort had a Nose in the first Movie but not in the 4th because ok ill give You a minute to think about it NOW! because In the 1st Movie he was in someone else's body.
This will explain everything to non-Potterheads
Ermagerd, Darvid Ternnarnt ( goblet of fire)
LOVED IT! I'm a Potterhead so this was like music to my ears, thanks guys ;)
WOW!!! They know Harry Potter really well!!!
In order of the Phoenix the Harry's group pushes over shells with all the time turners
"long story short ......." 5 hours later "done" another guy says " how long would it take if u made it the longest way possible" the guy who was telling the story "24 years probably" the other guy " i knew u talked a lot _
Actually Dumbledore said that Voldemort split his soul seven times, or at least the memory implied it. SPOILER In the 8th and last movie Harry finds out he was the seventh unintended Horcux, that nobody knew about. Everyone thought Nagini was the last one when all the others were destroyed.
they also never use the time turner again because heroine hands in hers
Also, he doesn't have a nose because he is just a really tiny fragment of the soul that was mainly snake-like properties.
ron and hermione knew about Dobby because he was in books 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 so he was probibly shown off screen
+TallMist Thank You! I've been reading through the comments and no one understands except you!
im just here like i have never read or seen the movies before
And the information on horcruxes wasn't in the school library, it was stolen from the headmaster's office.
In the movie, Tom Riddle said in Slughorn's memory that he got the information from the Restricted Section of the library, which, as we saw in the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, isn't that hard to get into.
Honestly, I JUST noticed. Tom Marvolo Riddle - I Am Lord Voldemort
Yet, it's very noticeable in HP2...
when you mention at the Deathly Hallows Part 1 you said"This movie was for kids" Not true. Deathly Hallows is 12s
Roxie Webb Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
7 Harry Potter Movies In 7 Minutes:
seriously their mouth should still be getting them now
In the books at least, Hermione hands the time turner to McGonogall and it gets destroyed. After that, the remaining ones get destroyed. That's why. 
Charlotte Loreau Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
7 Harry Potter Movies In 7 Minutes :
😂 I love Harry potter!!! Great job you guys!!!
Sirius fell into the veil of death not into just some random veil.
In the book it explains that Hermione hands the Time Turner back in because it is too hectic not telling anybody what she is doing and not letting anybody see her.
wouldnt this technically make harry murderer at age not even one?
Dobby was in the second movie and the 4th movie and the 6 and 7 movie part 1
They talk really fast, I understand they were trying to do it in under 7 minutes, but I couldn't keep up... Captions were useless fyi...
Omg you guys are hilarious!! :'D
Harry Potter is not that inappropriate, the way they described it you would thing Harry Potter was like rated PG 13. ;) 
harry potter lord voldomort
The Order of the Phoenix was the worse
# it's the philosopher's stone
Literally everything they didn't understand is explained in the books 
cho chang ends up making out with Harry and then she cries, it's awkward. LOL XD
Dah, they don't use the time travel in the other books/movies because hermione gives the time travel back to professor McGonagall
Dear Fine brothers It's not about the duration of the video. It's about the spoilers Talk slower please Thanks
We have no idea lol
Быстро говорите народ. Круто
thanks youtub for the 0.5 speed adjuster
"Creepy potions teacher" is exactly how I put it.
I have mixed feelings about this... On one hand it's hilarious, but as a potterhead, I am cringing at the amount of things they are confused about, that are explained in the books. And yes, I know that its just supposed to be the movies in 7 minutes not the books.
i went to the real set of harry potter promise PROMISE we had butter beer
I read the whole Harry potter series in 2nd grade In 1 month
they breathe? haha cool ^^
hahahha this is so funny.. Love it!! great job
I love Harry Potter so much, we're going on an English Trip to Harry Potter world in a few months!! :))
Not everything the book explain more /:
+Riker Wilson he's the poltergeist of Hogwarts that Argus filch absolutely despise of and Argus is a squib(muggle born to wizard parents) and takes nearly every chance he can to get him expelled
Teens react to five nights at Freddy's!
I understood half of that. 😊
I love harry potter and Daniel Radcliffe
+John Smith A long, long time ago :D 
This is nothing compared to mmp's harry potter. Look up harry potter minecraft parody. The boy who crammed 7 movies into 1 minute.
You for got hedwig :(
Hedwig dies in deathly hollows part1
They talk so fast without messing up wow i can not do that
How do you guys memories and talk so fast? :0
Sorry bad Harry potter pun
Have them react to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3!
List some spells Underneath mine! Stupefy!
The time-turners got destroyed that's why!
+Ajay Bhopal they got blown up when Harry had that fight with the deatheaters in the m.o.m. in the order of the Phoenix
That is cool y'all can talk fast
I can hear the squeaking in Benny's Voice, this was sped up!
Sirius didn't just fall into that portal thing Bellatrix Lastrange Said "Avada Kedavera" and then he fell into it!
My theory is in the first movie. voldemort's human ghost (whatever, horcrux) was living off of quirrel's body, while in, the fourth movie he was using part of the horcrux in in his snake, nagini
its a book series that ended  so no eighth movie Y^Y
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