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YouTube Challenge - Hey Jimmy Kimmel I Unplugged the TV During the Game

by Jimmy Kimmel Live • 6,941,426 views

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Do this in other countries during the World Cup. The chaos would spark World War III.
+Yokutuban Guy I don't know what you have againt overweight people, but not all football fans are overweight. My family isn't.
+Kamikaze Assassin You live in a different country outside the U.S and your family watches NFL? I wasn't aware that other countries cared about American football.
Wow. People are fucking pathetic. It's a fucking game, not the end of the fucking world. Getting violent over this shit is ridiculous.
+Paul Dragon I feel bad for your Mum already.....not so much yesterday when I was inside her.
Very clever... bet you had to think really hard about that one, +raul_mark, didn't you? The fact is that you are defending this pathetic outrage over a simple game and that makes me think that you're probably a dumb twat that gets violent over petty shit like this too.  Closing this comment thread now. Don't need to see dumbasses trying to be witty on my thread with ridiculous, old, embarrassing "mom jokes/insults."
Unplugging the TV during the Superbowl is fine. Unplugging the TV during Madonna is NOT OKAY. I repeat: NOT OKAY.
Damn Sam, you're stupid as hell. Nobody is even arguing with you and he was obviously joking.
oh my god, albert einstein, is that you ?
You see this Christmas tree here? It's February! xD
+James Feisley That comment is actually amazing! 😂👌
taking the tree down is the mans job. Everyone knows that. Lol sarcasm
This is infinitely more pathetic than shitty brat kids reacting to shitty gifts! These are grown ass people overreacting to a stupid fucking game!
+beesonit Not everyone else...but certainly better than alot of people!
Bingo ashton... Thousands of games of the same people doing the same things over and over and getting paid millions because millions of broke retards are obsessed with watching a bunch of sweaty men play with balls
Look at all the high-and-mighty Europeans posting here. Yeah, I'm sure nobody gets this worked up over a soccer game.
Right? They think they're so high and mighty, meanwhile they do the same shit as us. They just act like a bunch of hypocrites. You don't see America's doing shit like that to try and bring themselves up... American's are proud of who they are and don't put other countries down as a way to express it.
I got an idea for a challenge! Hey Jimmy Kimmel! I forgot to make my family dinner!
I live in the US... I regret ever moving here...
+Emma Thw Where are you from annoying ass brits or smelly ass Mexicans?
+Celine Foster Neither, but you seem to be a racist, close minded bitch so I'm not sure I'd want to tell you.
christ, football nutjobs are so fucking retarded
so are fucking gay soccer fans
And soccer nutjobs aren't? Fuck off. I barely watch american football but I'd be pissed too if someone turned my shit off while the most intense play is happening. And please stop acting like you wouldn't.
How do these men think it's acceptable to speak to their partner like that?! The second one is so shitty. It's a game!
+SPXandFRX Cool. Not exactly like I've never seen that sort of thing before neither, though. Ignore Tony. Best not to feed the trolls.
Is hitting men is to men -_- they always want to be the victim
I don't understand why people from other countries are trying to act so morally superior and say "Oh those dumb Americans and their football" as if soccer or hockey (etc) is not a big deal in your country and people there wouldn't react the same way in a similar situation. Get off your high horse, you pretentious fucks.
Because fuck them that's why
+Bucboy1001 lol, Americans are far more tame than others in the sports fanaticism. When's the last time swat was called out to a sporting event here? Now go and look up the police being mobilized in Brazil v Germany last year. Or you could look up the famous English hooligans. Or the people that throw bananas at black European soccer players. Oh yes, we're the crazy ones... lol
rugby is for real men....fucking pussies with there padding and stupid rules...
+Karl A Put your shirt back on please. You're not senator Chris Lee
+john41996 shut up football faggot
And men want to act like everyone else is stupid.
That one guy.,. With the Christmas tree.... What the hell man? And I was genuinely worried for the safety of many of the people throughout this, my gosh.
+Austin Beeler aiyaiyaiy, the suggestion is to record it WHILE you watch the game. THEN, if someone does that you'll still have the recording and wouldn't have missed the whole thing.
Everyone's saying that people are pathetic for freaking out over a game. Well, I remember when the series finale of Breaking Bad was on, and a friend stopped by our house right in the middle of the most intense part of the episode. He just waltzed in and was like; "Yo, whattup?" and sat down and wouldn't stop fucking talking. I wanted to scream and cry. You just don't do certain shit. YOU DON'T FUCK WITH BREAKING BAD.
But did you drink his coffee afterwards :D
you should had gotten some Lilith of the Valley and gave it to him. lol. (in my sarcastic voice) +xenowhore 
Wow. This is messed up. People flipping stuff, throwing hits and pushing people. This is why I don't get into certain interests like sports for example. Just this small video shows how easy it can be for people here go to the extremes of even killing others over the most unimportant things.
This is why America will shortly fall into ruins, lol
you know Europeans have riots over sports...
You mean like the European economy? hahahahaahahahahahhahahh Fuck your life! You probably make 33 Euros a day hahahaha
This is embarrassing for me as an American...
There was a riot in Portugal when my brother was there and the train system was shut down and all/most businesses closed in the area he was at. Oh and did I mention it was over a soccer game? ya not just an American thing.
What the fuck if wrong with people? I understand frustration, but beating someoene because of that??
+Luke47895 I am 100% in agreement with that. Nobody unplugs GoT!
Why the fuck do people like football? It's a dumb ass sport with guys pushing each other until one gets the ball to the other side
it's rly just a matter of perspective. Try this [insert any sport] is just [insert number of players] trying to [insert method of achieving victory] 
I don't get the fascination, either...but my honey loves it and I let him have his man moments so he doesn't fuck up my woman moments. :P
futbol doesn't have fat Americans tackling each other
what the fuck is "futbol"?
I could see Canadians doing this if you turned off the Stanley cup final lol
Better than Europeans rioting and killing after a soccer game
Dumb ass soccer fans saying it's just a game yet soccer fans start riots when their team looses.
Super Bowl is a big thing 1 for marketers 2 for company's 3 campaign holders 4 players get paid bigger 5 team gets logo on games etc. It is a big deal for business stuff and just for fun so if you girls are gonna be like "O ma gawd it's just a game like wtffffffff" take a look back
LOL. I know the feeling. I would kill if anyone do that to me when I watch a NBA playoff, Rugby or Cricket T20!
Id be mad if my team was in the Super Bowl and someone did this, but the last time they were in a super bowl i wasnt even born yet, and being a Redskins fan it doesn't seem like thatll come soon... but otherwise i dont care about the SuperBowl, I'd probably just look at the person and be like "...umm... whyd you do that?".
Half of these seem like fake reactions.
Turn off the porn while your roommate is masturbating. You'll never see a guy work so hard to get the electricity back on so fast. +Jimmy Kimmel Live 
for some reason I picture that in my head god damn it made me laugh so hard!!!!
If this was fifa you would want somebody to unplug the tv
I'm a troll...and even I wouldn't dare do that challenge.
A bunch of whiny, violent sheeple, screaming because you turned off the tv while they were watching a bunch of equally whiny millionaires run up and down a field chasing a pigskin egg. If it's not comedy It's certainly a tragedy.
1:41 When an overly nice guy sounds mad.
F you Jimmy Kimmel , you are an A ss Hole !
should have hit the fuse box, would have been way better
"Crucial parts of the game"... the last ones to a Madonna halftime concert lol
you should see me when someone turns off the TV in the middle of a curling or synchronized swimming match- the utter pandemonium...
Half of these people are fat rednecks who are wannabes and if they can't watch the game they CRI EVERYTIEM
OMG! Soooo FUNNY! I was dying of laughing too much!
Lol ikr they are grown men and woman that should know better😜but I give it a thumbs down👎
Can we all just agree that most contact sports are dangerous? Rugby=Dangerous American football=Dangerous Football=Pussy-tastic Like it or not pretty much every sport has some element of danger... Except football, all that happens is people trip over and act like they've broken their arm. But seriously football isn't that bad.
wow i ts just a game people can be......
At least they watched most part of it. I didn't managed to watch it because it was school time in my region... (I'm not American...)
"See that Christmas tree? It is February."
This is probably one of the main reasons why I don't really use a TV any more. I prefer reading books and using my iPad to take short breaks from it (which feels a lot healthier than watching TV 24/7).📚
why hasnt he done that the last couple years
did someone just make a fart noise at 0:15???
That last lady chaired her husband!! :D
Its so funny but so bad that they actually got mad and went  to violence.
Don't screw with Americans and their football.
These people think they will never see that moment again. We have the internet people.
You put the chirstmas tree back where it belongs you stupid bitch!
i dont even want to know how mad they would if the news was on or if obama made an important announcement! people would get killed
That isn't nearly as important to people as entertainment. We're big, dumb pigs.
+Shiba Doge the comment was supposed to be sarcastic :P well i dont know about that but i think it would be safe to say that these people are :P
The NHL playoffs are coming up! Jimmy should do this for all the canadians.
If someone unplugged the Tv while i am playing COD,i will plug the wire in ur ass
MegamiSama88 quit cussing this isnt a cussing challenge
Anybody else just waiting for the 2015 edition? Something tells me the reactions will be better to unplugging especially towards the end of the game...
I'm not a big fan of football but do this during the winning of the Stanly Cup, oh hell no it's on like Donky Kong.
+MegamiSama88 Shut up bitch...
Voluntarily turned my TV off after the last play of the Sea Hawks! Just kidding hahaha! 
I wonder what the response would've been if the last clip showed a dude beating a girl with a chair instead of visa versa?
the problem is, plugging the TV back in does not simply turn the tv back on.  most of the time the cable as to go through a process of coming back up which can take several minutes.
how many of these turned into domestic violence later that night
nobody did that to black guys :)))
Hey jimmy Kimmel scare kids at night 😮
the wife in all black got some titties
Football sucks anyways Hockey for life (Canadian)
That right there is funny $@%#!!!!!!
My dad did that to me and my family and my friends and we were all Sooo angry 😡😡😡
Yea... next on Sick, Sad World..... sports fans!
You don't fuck with football!
Why does these girls wear pads?
Its just game... why u heff to be mad?
But people got hurt :(
Football, America's drug.
Lol the one where the guys had the CHRISTMAS TREE UP IN FEBURARY!!!
I'm doin that to my dad come super bowl 49
+Republic Of Garchomps you're a pickle man. if we're just saying the first random thing that comes to our minds.
+john papple ..... He's saying you're jealous..... It's an internet thing, you don't need to understand it.
for people commenting people are pathetic and throwing profanities because they're furious saying everyone is being violent. LITERALLY ONE person was "violent" and that was the last lady, everyone else is no different than the stuff you do with your friends, a buddy punching his friend in the arm, or two roommates wrestling.. get over it.
Yea..but if its the world cup it's a totally different story.
she loves her some Madonna
This is what a reaction mean 😁
3:10.... look how many beer bottles...
For everyone saying this is pathetic, the super bowl is like a national holiday to us in america whether we actually watch foot ball or not. We hang out, drink, and have cook outs.
The one at 3:18 was he really hitting him? 
yep. This is america for you. Were not all like this though. dont worry 
+IPunchTrees Ha atleast we don't have riots over sports XD lookin at you Europe
Stupid auto correct what I said was "get rekt"
I was at a super bowl party and everyone was flipping out over that and next time it happens I'll unplug it
ppl thinks its the end of the world it a game
It's annoying to have it turned off. I don't watch nfl, I watch college ball(100x better) and inwould freak out too.
2:15 DAAAAAMNNN! I like this girl, she get's shit done!
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