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Epic Dodgeball Fight!

by charlestrippy • 439,007 views

Have you ever wanted to have a HUGE dodgeball battle before? Check out my Pepsi Refresh Challenge video: Original music by: Thanks to...

i loved this video when i was younger and i never realized it was a charles trippy video untill i became obsessed with ctfxc
That looks like a lot of fun ! Lol
Alli at 0.29 so dope😂👌 like matrix!
Lol Charles in that one shot
Guy flipping @ 0:33 automatically wins the game. ;D
Why is everybody wearing wrestling shoes?
Dude ive been there and its awesome they also let me bring 20 people and play dodge ball on the obstacle course
The split that girl did was hot lol
they should've made "epic dodgeball figh: a love story" and in the en alli gets hit and falls to the gound. Charles runs up to her and cradles her in his arms and asks "are you ok? talk to me!" and alli goes "you hit me in the face you motha fucker!" thumb up if you think it as a good idé
What's the song name? I know there's a link but it doesn't work for me and brings to me to like a plastic surgeons page
0:35 The guy just casually back flipping while throwing the dodgeball!!
I cant stop listening to the music, its that epic!
My friend Chanston thinks the ref chick is Kim Fucking Kardashion. Nooooooooo
lmfao this video is funny watchin stoned CTFXC 4 THE WIN
hey kateroneseven and SMPfilms went there with a justin bieber look alike =D
0:49 on the bottom of the screen :')
I wish Travis and Danny from we the kings were there
Love the photography and music is awesome.
thumbs up for fat girl on the left side at 1:22
everyones just bouncing in place or standing... EXCITING (*SARCASM*) fucking boring.
I'm sure he met him, but the odds are higher that it's Yuki, not Yoshi.
0:49 idk why but I laughed so hard when he came up
yall are married congrats i love you guys i got married today
is this at sky high? Somewhere in mid/southern CA?
ok most epic dodgeball fight i was in was me vs 4 people i had 1/4 of a basketball court i managed to wipe em all out but it took like 30 inutes and i was exhausted
kinda wish some one got hit in the dick
I know this is off topic but what vlog was it that Charles explains where he got his necklace thing.
@paleskinnedbeauty yeah I realized that when I wrote it lol I just forgot to delete it :)
Trippy is the least athletic person on Youtube.
2:33 so that's why Charles needed brain surgery!
It was probably Yuki. I doubt Charles knew Yoshi before he was in the band.
Either this is called Sky High or Great Jump Sports. Difference is that Sky Hgh had a foam pit while Great Jump Sports doesnt..
the ref looks like kim kardashian
i cracked my back while trying to fart
does anyone know what this beat is??
@GManTucc I'm pretty sure it's Sky High in southern California.
If only dodgeball was like at my school
I wish there was a place in the UK to do that :)
We aren't allowed to play dodgeball at my school :(
I just so happen to be watching this one tear later on 7/3/12. Weird
lol charles's weird little catch at the beginning :D
shit this is how dodgeball is in my school but not in a trampoline house
In the video a girl has a ctfxc shirt on
anyone know which software the guy used to make the music o.o?
awww i want to do that it looks soooooooo AWESOME jelous
What is the music in this video? I know the musicians website is linked but there is no reference to what piece this is :<
Except that date hasn't happened yet...kind of a fail
What's the song called and great job!and if ur reading this ...put this music on all of ur next CTFxC films!come check out my channel too!thx -Bby Andy
Charles's and alli's face when they get hit in the head! PRICELESS!
3 of my favorite things:Awesome music,trampolines,and dodgeball. ;D
I had no idea who was who, but when the bandana guy went down I said NOOOOOOOIIII, then i figured out he was the person who owns this channel:P
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